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Saturday, May 03, 2008 

War Mongering Tory Cabinet Minister Proves That Harper Government Only Interested In War Not Peace

KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN -- Members of the Canadian military who have been encouraging low- and mid-level Taliban to talk with Afghan authorities were out of line, Defence Minister Peter MacKay said yesterday.

A Toronto newspaper quoted Lt.-Col. Gordon Corbould, the new battle group commander, and Sgt. Tim Seeley, a civilian-military co-operation officer for Canada's Provincial Reconstruction Team, on Thursday as saying that channels were being opened to moderate Taliban.

Other officials in Kandahar, who spoke privately, backed up the military's assessment, calling it creative thinking.

But they were sternly corrected by the minister.

"They certainly don't speak for the government of Canada," MacKay said from Halifax. He repeated the Conservatives' hardline stand that Canada does not negotiate directly with terrorists.

Ottawa Sun

When Prime Minister Stephen Harper and all of his Ministers go to church tomorrow, mouthing words of 'peace' and the love of gawd ... I hope that all of the other church goers realize what a phony bunch of war mongers they are sharing pews with!

'War is good for business and NO ONE is going to screw with what's good for business'
Motto of the Harper Cabinet!

Photo courtesy CBC ...

One can only wonder if military officials at any level would say that without the CDS's approval and if so has their poster boy finally crossed the line and is that why he is leaving.

The Afghan government not only approves talking to the Taliban but has offered them govt. posts if they lay down their arms (and accept the presence of occupation forces). Whatever talks are going on are no doubt sanctioned by the Afghan authorities otherwise there would be trouble as has happened previously. MacKay must just be emphasising that he is boss or something. Does MacKay also think that the Afghan govt. should not talk with the Taliban?
Interesting that the U.S. is talking with the Nepalese Maoists
after they won the most seats in the recent elections. The Maoists are considered terrorists by the U.S.

It's a sad situation with Peter.
He once had a promising career and was a high flyer. Now he's sputtering out like a spent meteor.

Harper and his undercutting of cabinet is partly to blame for that.

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