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Thursday, September 11, 2008 

"Elizabeth May lowers the boom on bothersome blogger" - Kevin Libin

Kevin Libin - National Post

Is this the same Kevin Libin who worked for Western Standard--which tanked and National Post--which is tanking?

So, he's about as valid as any other right-winger like Adler and Coren. And, that's not saying much for any one of them.

As a blogger, I would rather write posts about the news and not make the news. It is clear that the right has jumped on this story for the 'fee speech' element. May's staffer got fair warning that I would blog about their legal threat if he didn't pull his fangs back in ... he didn't and I blogged. Unfortunately, I am now making news ... and I am not terribly comfortable with that.

Let this (and the Tory Sparrow story) be a lesson to all over zealous political hacks working the campaign.

After the Sparrow story I posted advice on parties thinking carefully about what e-mails they send out.I suspect the Green party should have read it.

Hang in there LD, give'm hell and not one inch. Not one fucking inch!

Abusing the legal system in a pathetic attempt to silence discussion is the lowest form of political hatchery and must not be tolerated. It's the same tactics used by Walmart, GAP and good old Kathy Lee Gifford.

The important thing for the parties to realize is that in this modern era, the average citizen can report the smallest detail, which can have a major impact. We no longer have to rely on the main stream media for all of our information.

But for every one that the blogosphere gets right, there are hundreds (Trig/Palin-gate par example) that are blatantly wrong.

But leftdog, you cant blame "the right" for jumping on the story. Here is THE LEADER of a (newly) national political party making a huge error, even if she misspoke. Look at how little press it has garnered. (One small article hardly qualifies you as a major story). The unsanctioned one liner email from a BACKROOM strategist in the Conservative camp has caused a huge ruckus, and dominated the night's news. You tell me who is jumping on what.

This is much ado about nothing, in my humble opinion, and just grist for the mill.

All of the leadership candidates will say stupid things, be accused of saying things they didn't, or even say things we don't understand at all.

This over-attention paid only serves to distract from what really matters: What are the party leaders going to do to improve the lives of Canadians at home and abroad?

This is just what the parties want. Please, lets not give it to them.

I think I'm starting to understand how this all got started. The title of a thread at rabble appears to be the first that misquotes May as having said she thinks Canadians are stupid, which a listener can make an honest mistake and hear if not listening very closely. The fact she spoke so bloody fast makes it easy to hear "I" and not "they". I hope this all ends with the fangs being pulled back. As a GPC member, I have made a suggestion internally that Bennett do just that.

A clumsy statement + an honest mistake + a tense campaign with people reacting without sober second thought in an environment where nasty personal attacks are the tone set by our despicable Prime Minister, and you see how we get to a place like this.

Buckdog - you have my sympathy, as well as my apology for the heavy-handedness of Bennett's response. It looks to me like an over-reaction on his part and I sincerely hope you are issued an apology (but please understand, I do not speak for the GPC myself).

Good luck to you and all of us who are in common cause to put this nasty CPC gang back on the opposition benches come October 15th.

I disagree that this is much ado about nothing, unless what is meant is that May is making a big deal about nothing.

Criticizing what she did is important, as is bringing out what she did, threatening a blogger with legal action. If that is how she and her party intend to deal with people who criticize her, voters should know.

Wasn't it Russel who recently said at the CONadscam committee that such actions undermine democracy and our political system?

I'm disgusted at the Greens' threat. It's a story that should be told.

Brian @7:41, Sept. 11: "Abusing the legal system in a pathetic attempt to silence discussion ..."
... is one thing Elizabeth May and Steve Harper have in common.
And certainly not the only thing.

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