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Saturday, October 04, 2008 

Bob Rae In Saskatchewan Helping Harper Win Seats!

I would not be the first person to call Liberal convert, Bob Rae an idiot. Here's why:
"SASKATOON -- Liberal strategy needs to shift focus to the NDP in the campaign's final days, according to Ontario Liberal Bob Rae, who spent an hour pumping up Saskatoon Grits Friday."
Regina Leader-Post

Saskatchewan has 14 Federal ridings. The Conservatives hold 13 and the Liberal's Ralph Goodale holds 1. In this election, the Libs are a distant third in at least 12 of the 14 seats and perhaps a close third or second in one northern seat.

Rae's idiotic plea to Saskatchewan Liberals to attack the NDP may make sense to partisan extremists like Cherniak ... but I can tell you that Saskatchewan Conservatives and Mr. Harper are thanking Bob Rae for contributing to the Tory effort.


A bit more on the Saskatchewan scene ....

You know I hear talk about after the election, the libs and NDP become one left party and the leader that could do it is Bob Rae.
After Bob's performance during this election, no NDPer would contemplate Rae as any good will has now turned to hatred.
P.S. were there more than 40 people there? I hear the crowds are thin for the mini-leaders of Dion's side show - yap a barn burner - "In the last 10 days, we've really got to focus on what are the real choices. And I honestly believe the NDP is not a viable choice anymore," Rae said after rallying about 40 supporters.
Liberal Bob sounds desperate.

I guess now we're going to start seeing the Liberals start groveling for NDP votes. The Liberals should be ashamed of themselves, as they are more responsible for the proliferation of strategic voting in this country than anybody else. This is more evidence that we need a new electoral system. As such, I am refusing to vote until there is a meaningful national discussion about electoral reform. I urge everyone who is sick and tired of this undemocratic process to join me. You can join the Facebook group 'UNVOTE FOR CHANGE'.

I find it funny how often people think that the NDP and the Liberals get along well enough to support one another, when in reality no two parties have fought more than the Liberals and the NDP. Historically they have been arch enemies. This is especially true in in Saskatchewan.
The NDP/CCF and Conservatives get along better. Tommy Douglas and John Diefenbaker co-operated on many, many projects, most notable would be universal medicare . Diefenbaker was a long time support of the idea and commisioned Emmett Hall's report on medicare. Tommy also formed a life long friendship with former PC PM R.B. Bennett.
Of course, Bob Rae, being from Ontario, probably never thinks of Saskatchewan, except during federal elections.

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