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Monday, December 01, 2008 

More Conservative LIES! The Fall In The TSX Had NOTHING To Do With Harper's Political Troubles!

Financial Markets - December 1, 2008

Conservatives lie. We all know it. They are so desperate, todays Big Tory Lie has been totally disproven, but because it's all that they have left ... they just keep sputtering!

Wait... I recall Liberal pundits and politicians suggesting the rise of the TSX on friday was due to speculation of a coalition govt. too.

That, like this followed the states' lead.

You're making our point for us though: Canada doesn't need a stimulus because we're completely at the mercy of the american economy. But, if you insist I suppose we can do the same things that failed in every other country that has tried them...

Ditch you lying Leader ... and we'll talk.

Good one!

ha....spin, spin, spin Jordan...I heard Gormely going on at length today with this meme...SDAers are having a nervous breakdown, and the blog owner is throwing out threats....watching them meltdown is quite a bit of fun.

The Big Lie Technique has always been used by the far right. Combined with demonization of individuals and and words like "liberal" "socialist" "feminist" etc. There is no substance to their arguments and no logic either, thus they have to stoop to lies, denial and trickery.

"Canada doesn't need a stimulus because we're completely at the mercy of the american economy" -- Jordan Alcock

If that is really how the Tories think of Canada's economy, then good riddance to this government. But I think this is not a fair characterization. You're not the spokesman you think you are, Jordan with the "we".

The depths of Harper's dishonesty is mind boggling!

"the same things that failed in every other country that has tried them"



A beautiful take down of James Moore the Minister of Heritage last night as I jumped in the truck to buy munchies.

Pretty much proves the point about the big lie, and the liars who tell em.

To Paraphrase:
James: The markets have spoken on what they think of the coalition, it's down 1000s of points.
Intelligent Interviewer: You think the Dow Jones is reacting to Canada's political problems?
-Pregnant pause-
James: If we look at the TSX...
II: The TSX isn't following the international trend for the past week?
James: Just get a financial guy on and interview him and he'll tell you it's all about the dirty liberals! You know, an economist like... who likes.... Harper!

We need more intelligent interviewers in the world.

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