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Sunday, December 14, 2008 

Wishing 'Happy Holidays' To All Of The Christianists Over At smalldeadanimals!

I find the contrived outrage of the extreme Right wing to be quite entertaining from time to time ... especially at Christmas! Amongst the most virulent liberal haters and Islamophobes, there is a belief that a conspiracy exists to obliterate the celebration of Christmas. To them, the greetings of 'happy holidays' or 'seasons greetings' sends them into fits and contortions.

You see, to a committed christianist, wishing someone 'happy holidays' is seen as a compromise to Muslims, Jews and those who do not celebrate the Christian feast of Jesus's birth.

To them, the mere mention of 'season's greetings' brings on a rant and tirade that is truly entertaining to witness. Here is a sample of what I am referring to, taken directly from this years seasonal rant at smalldeadanimals:

"...more evidence that the liberal movement (sic) to destroy our Christian culture."

" ...the fact that the West has decided to deep six its Christian soul."

"Getting sick of Christmas being replaced with "holiday" at my workplace. It is actually offensive to me when people twist themselves into pretzels to avoid saying the word Christmas."

"I was pretty miserable with the Salvation Army last year. They began using the term Happy Holidays whenever you dropped change in their bucket."

"When people say Happy Holidays to me I tell them I don't have any stinking holidays. When they wish Season Greeting, I ask them do they say the same in the fall season or summer season? Then I wish them a Merry Christmas."

The outrage is contrived and fits into the agenda of those rightwingers who insist on living lives of perpetual indignation.

You see, there are a number of 'holidays' from the end of November until January. There is the American Thanksgiving, Jewish Hanukkah on Dec. 22nd, Christmas Day, Canada's Boxing Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Where I live in Western Canada, there is also the Julian calendar's 'Orthodox Christmas' celebrated by many Ukrainian and Greek citizens.

In order to capture ALL of these various holidays, it is not unusual for many people and businesses to merely wish 'Happy Holidays'! This is not intended to be an insult to Christians .. it is merely a quick way to wish the best to everyone who is celebrating a variety of holidays that fall over a few weeks time.

'Christianists, (and I am referring to the fundamentalist, overly political, right wing extremists ... not Christians in general) use this contrived controversy to advance the attack on their political enemies. It is pitiful and petty.

Anyway, to make a long story short ... I want to take this time to wish ALL READERS and fans of smalldeadanimals, Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays to you All!!

If you really want to piss them off say "Happy Greetings" or "Seasons' Holidays".

You forgot Bathtub Fun Day, December 5th.

Maybe I should wish them a Merry Bonspiel and a Happy Snow Angel and see what reaction that provokes!

lol...always fun to tick off the nut jobs at SDA. Keep up the good work Buckdog

Happy solstice.

Nothing pisses off a Fundie like a little a little paganism

Even funnier I find that they are upset about "Happy Holidays" but not about the fact that "christ's birthday" (I put that in quotes because there is no Christ / God etc.) has been turned into a celebration of consumerism.

Way to bark up the wrong tree.

"Getting sick of Christmas being replaced with "holiday" at my workplace. It is actually offensive to me when people twist themselves into pretzels to avoid saying the word Christmas."

Well, I'm sorry you feel that way, but I hardly see how you have the right to criticize someone else "twisting themselves into pretzels." Is it really any skin off your back that someone else causes himself grief?

With posts like these it becomes painfully obvious that the fundies' agenda has nothing to do with freedom. In fact, it's the opposite: they want to make everyone behave according to THEIR rules.

"they want to make everyone behave according to THEIR rules."
BINGO! .. exactly! This is the essential aspect that is the most scary about the fundamentalist christianists is that they would IMPOSE their religion and lifestyles on the rest of us!


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