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Thursday, June 11, 2009 

How The Right Is Desperately Trying To Blame Obama For Bush's Mess

"But one of the ironies of the early Obama administration is that the Republicans and their many allies in the U.S. news media have succeeded in shifting much of the blame for the ocean of red ink onto Barack Obama, leading the new President to scale back programs and to scramble politically. A recent Gallup poll found 51 percent disapproving of Obama’s handling of federal spending.

That GOP success is a reflection of the Right’s massive investment in media over the past several decades and the audacity of Republicans to tick off talking points regardless of reality. A steady propaganda barrage, especially when it’s ineffectively countered, can create perceptions that influence the electorate and thus constrain political options.

If Americans think Obama is responsible for the massive deficits, they will be less willing to support his recommendations for addressing a host of pressing problems, from the environment to health care to the economy."

Robert Parry
Consortium News

Fave you seen this?


I wonder if we might have a similar chart for Canada.

Or this?


Looks like almost all the stimulus out so far might be for the auto companies, by the Conservatives' own figures.

You must be high- pretty good weed up there, eh?

Have you ever even crossed the border? The American press leans almost completely to the left, with the exception of Fox News. One really has to be delusional to believe otherwise, "Buckdog"- everyone here knows it.

And Obama brewed-up an $800B "stimulus" package and passed an all time record budget. His plans for the next decade include QUADRUPLING the national debt.

Of course, it's all "Bush's fault", right?


Man are you ever deluded! If you think that the American MSM is 'Left' - well that tells us exactly how far to the Right you are!! I have been to the states many, many times.

Bush oversaw the destruction of the global financial system because of you Right Wing assholes and your 'unfettered free market' crap.

STFU with your Right wing nonsesense! Blaming Obama is not going to cut it (except for your nutcases who believe that the earth is only 8000 years old).

A bit off topic, I apologize.

I think the American right isn't 'right-leaning enough'. McCain lost because he wasn't true to his base, and Harper may follow suit. People like Limbaugh and Palin identify with a lot of Republican base, I think, and they could enjoy a re-energized support from the solid right. Perhaps McCain would have done far worse without Palin. I hope to see her return in 2012.

I don't see the advantage in two (or more) parties clamoring for the centre. The lack of differentiation confuses and exhausts the voter choosing between 2 shades of gray.

The right can lead the way by clearly setting themselves as a distinct alternative, leaving the mushy middle to other parties. Pursing the mushy middle takes its toll on ideological goals of conservatism, and I believe Bush, McCain and Harper are all evidence of this.

In fact, give him time and Obama may not stand up for ideological goals of the left, e.g. what's up with Gitmo. He may act more practically and pragmatically than as ideologically left.

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