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Tuesday, October 20, 2009 

'Majority Of Stimulus Money Has Gone To Conservative Ridings' - Halifax Chronicle Herald

Not only are the Conservatives being rightly criticized for excessive partisan advertising with the stimulus program, it is now evident that Tory held ridings are getting the lions share of the tax money:

"OTTAWA — Conservative ridings across Canada received more than their fair share of big-money stimulus projects paid for by taxpayers, a joint newspaper investigation into the Harper government’s Economic Action Plan shows.

The numbers, drawn from the federal government’s own website, bolster opposition allegations of pork-barrelling in the multibillion-dollar stimulus package, a charge the Tories deny.

The Chronicle Herald-Ottawa Citizen investigation shows that 57 per cent of projects with more than $1 million in federal funding have gone to Conservative ridings. The party holds 46 per cent of the seats in the House of Commons.

Blue ridings therefore have received 23 per cent more million-dollar-plus projects than if the projects had been evenly divided among all ridings."

"Carving Up The Pork"
The Halifax Chronicle Herald

... and of the available stimulus funds for 'recreation' such as rinks and stadiums, Conservative held Ridings get 2/3rds of the cash:

"Funds from a federal stimulus program designed to put hockey rinks and other recreation projects in communities across the country appear to be have been awarded disproportionately to Conservative ridings, an investigation shows.

Tory ridings have landed 66 per cent of all projects so far announced under the Harper government's Recreation Infrastructure Canada program, also known as RinC.

The Conservatives have only 46 per cent of the seats in the House of Commons, so Conservative ridings appear to have landed 41 per cent more projects than had they been distributed evenly."

The Halifax Chronicle Herald

Here in the US, right-wing politicians, who vehemently opposed the stimulus, are personally handing out stimulus money, while misinforming their comnstituents that they had won the money through their effective representation.

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