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Monday, November 09, 2009 

Any Liberal Strategy To 'Poach' New Democratic Support Will Spell Disaster For Iggy

Progressive Bloggers

If Nik Nanos is to be believed, the Liberal Party of Canada should find ways to try and poach support from the New Democratic Party.

Liberal Party fortunes have not gone well lately and everyone seems to understand why - except for Liberals themselves. But before I elaborate on that, I need to caution Libs on the potential disaster that awaits them should they think that the New Democratic Party will be easy pickings.

First and foremost is your leader. Anyone who thinks that Ignatieff is in touch with political reality merely needs to remember his plan a few weeks ago to topple the Conservatives and thrust the nation into an unwanted election. To say that Iggy got 'bit in the ass' by that one would be an understatement. He WAS savaged! Morale in Liberal ranks plunged and has barely recovered.

For weeks, Liberal bloggers attacked and bad mouthed the New Democratic Party as part of a misguided communications strategy from someone in Liberal Inc.'s central office. New Democratic bloggers had no choice but to retaliate and for a couple of weeks, the blog aggregator, 'Progressive Bloggers' was a very volatile and acrimonious place where both Liberal and New Democratic bloggers normally mingle and congregate.

Most Liberals that I know have nothing but contempt for organized labour. One of the main differences between Libs and Dippers is their vision for how unions and organized labour fit into the Canadian economy and society. The New Democratic Party has a close relationship with the Canadian Labour Congress and other than shenanigans from the likes of Buzz Hargrove, the relationship is strong.

By and large, Liberal party members (as is demonstrated by their blogging corps) display open contempt for organized Labour. Who in their right mind thinks that the right leaning Mr. Ignatieff is going to have or hold any sway with the needs and aspirations of organized labour.

New Democrats are well aware of the Liberal historical formula for winning elections: 'Campaign like New Democrats and govern like Conservatives.' Liberal Party policy on marijuana law reform is a classic example of the two faced approach they use for difficult issues. During election campaigns, they promise that they will reform the law to those who want reform, yet in power, they delay and avoid actual reform to appease those who oppose reform.

Canada grew tired of the Liberals. The scandal ridden Adscam fiasco has not been forgotten by Canadians and the Liberal Party has been relegated to continue standing in the corner for awhile yet.

I will finish by telling you why Liberal Party fortunes have not gone well (and what everyone seems to understand except for Liberals themselves) ... Liberals have a misguided sense of entitlement. In the core of their political being they believe that they deserve to be the government. It is arrogance. Canadians don't like it. Liberals haven't figured that out yet.

Go after soft right wing vote, Liberals. Ideologically and philosophically, you are more closely related to soft Tory vote.

Coming after New Democrats will be disastrous for you. If you don't believe me ... just wait and you will see!

Have a nice day!

Can you exemplify poaching of NDP with a few examples?

I'm not sure I know of any.

Can you supply something for us?

I think the cannibas reform issue is a good recent example. The majority of Canadians want reform. That has been proven statistically for years. There is also a Marijuana Party and a group in the NDP who are active to reform the laws.

Liberals have historically dangled the carrot of reform in front of these groups, arguing that why waste your vote on any other party to make reforms. Since they were the 'natural governing party' they insisted that they, and they alone where positioned to reform the law. Many that wanted reform fell for this ploy ... voted Liberal ... and got nothing in return.

That is one example ... there are more.

Policy points aside, I would think it would be better if the Liberals go after soft Conservative supporters. For every vote gained for the Liberals, the Conservatives lose one. By going after NDP voters, the Liberals won't reduce the support for the Conservatives.

Day care. There is a carrot that keeps progressive mules moving. Kyoto was another carrot, but I think Liberal credibility on that issue is pretty much shot.


Here are a couple more reasons why NDP voters won't vote for an Ignatieff Government. Ignatieff was against the Coalition Government between the New Democrats and Liberals. Also, he puts big oil and the tar sands ahead of people and the environment.


Skinny Dipper, you have something there. The Conservatives haven't budged in the polls in the last few years. They remain a steady 36-40 percent, and the Liberals will never get anywhere unless they lower the Cons poll numbers and the only place those voters have to go is the Christian Heretige party, or the Liberals.

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