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Thursday, November 12, 2009 

Someone Remind Prince Charles That It Is Time For Him To Go Home ....

"After 10 days of travelling across nine time zones in four provinces, 12 cities, finally to Ottawa, Prince Charles says it was "enough to make me lose my marbles."

"I have to say that I do rather look to my wife for some reassurance that this is indeed Ottawa and today is indeed Thursday -- or is it Wednesday?" It was in fact Wednesday evening at a state dinner at Rideau Hall, hosted by Gov. Gen. Michaëlle Jean, and attended by Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his wife Laureen."

Ottawa Citizen

Prince Charles has been here for 10 days trying to get Canadians to warm up to him and the idea the he will one day be called our 'king'. All in all, I would say that his goal has been somewhat of a disaster and it is time for this painful 'royal visit' to end.

Don't hurry back ..... we don't need a future king.

In fact, the simplest way out of this embarrassing Royal quagmire is fairly straight forward. When the current Queen Elizabeth goes on to the great hereafter, the 'Crown' that is referred to in the Canadian Constitution and our legal system should remain VACANT. The Crown will still 'exist' in the terminology of this nation but no 'person' shall take the roll. The Crown will be vacant but represented by our Governor General.

To hell with monarchy ... it is time for this nation to grow up! I mean, really, do you want that mug on all of our money???

CBC has a special on tonight ... After Elizabeth II - The Monarchy In Trouble ... here's the trailer ....

"In the late 19th century, a myth of Canada was created by anglophone monarchists that linked us to a worldwide empire on which the sun never sets. This wasn't simply a ploy by English Canadians to put francophones and new immigrants in their place, but like the railway running a mari usque ad mare ("from sea to sea"), it was meant to separate us from the Americans."

I read an interesting column on monarchy.Above is a quote from the column. You can read the rest here:


Interesting concept - to declare the throne vacant on the death of the current monarch.

Not sure it's actually doable. Not sure I like the idea of making the de facto head of state entirely a creature of the Prime Minister.

But a very creative means of addressing the problem - how ever unimportant the problem.

Malcolm, thanks. A vacant throne or crown is not without precedent. The French, the Spanish and I think also the Russian royal tradition had periods where the Crown was vacant. Any case where a Regent acted on behalf of an underage monarch is a case in point.

I am told that this could be doable in our situation. Upon the passing of the current Monarch (long may she live), Canada will consider OUR Crown to be vacant. With Charles becoming the King of the United Kingdom, all references to Canada will not be included and our CROWN will continue to exist but it will be vacant of an actual monarch.

Canadians will then elect a Governor General (with all of the current responsibilities BUT NO MORE) and we can all get about our affairs without an actual monarch.

The Crown then continues to exist in our Constitution and legal affairs.

This can be done.

I want to thank you for taking part in these discussions with me. I acknowledge that I have been irreverent and somewhat aggressive with you. Sorry for that.

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