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Tuesday, December 22, 2009 

A 'Christmas Challenge' - Convince One Family Member Or Friend To NOT Vote Conservative Next Election

Over the next few days, most of us will spend a fair bit of time with family members and friends as we take a couple of days off during the Christmas / New Year Season.

Here's a challenge to all progressive thinkers. Over the holidays, find one family member or friend who either votes for the Conservatives or is leaning that way. In a friendly, non-threatening manner, slowly start talking to them about all of the idiotic things that Harper and the Conservatives have been doing.

-Point out to them that the Conservatives have labeled most of Canada's main religious denominations as being 'anti-Semitic'.
-Point out to them that the Conservatives are covering up something related to the torture of detainees in Afghanistan.
-Point out to them that Harper is not respecting the Will of a democratically elected Parliament and insists on doing whatever the hell he wants.
-Point out to them that Canada has moved from earning the world's respect as a peace-keeping nation to one that doesn't care about global climate change.
-Point out to them that 'Big Oil' OWNS the Conservatives and will do whatever it has to to advance their corporate interests.
-Point out to them that Harper has chalked up the largest deficits in Canadian history ... so much for 'fiscal conservatism'.
-Point out that even though George Bush is (thankfully) gone from the public scene, his biggest fan in Canada was Stephen Harper.
-Point out some of the nasty things Harper is on record to have said about Canada. He really HATES this nation as it currently exists.
-Point out that Harper has only won the votes of 37% of Canadians. 63% did NOT vote for him. He is a bully, but in reality, he only has a minority government.
-Point out that the the ones in power are NOT old style Conservatives, the power is in the hands of the old REFORM Party - Harper, Kenney, Day, Anders, Polievre, etc.

Be friendly, don't lecture and listen to the concerns of your target. Help your listener to find one of the other political parties to support. Even if you do not support that particular party, if you can get a Conservative voter to move to anyone else, you will have successfully contributed to the upcoming defeat of Stephen Harper.

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