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Thursday, June 14, 2012 

Die Hard Liberal Bloggers Try To Convince You To Wait For At Least 7 More Years (Maybe 11) In Hopes Of Grit Revival Under Justin Trudeau

The good news is that progressive Canadians are not going to fall for this last gasp, desperate plea by 'Liberals' who I fear would rather have Conservatives in power than New Democrats. 'Liberal / Tory .. same old story'.

-One Liberal
(Although I may be misjudging my fellow blogger, Jeff Jedras, whose further comments point out that I am assuming he has a preference for the Conservatives over the NDP ... , something that he has not said. Fair ball. I've revised the post title to reflect this).
 -Another Liberal  
(I am assuming he has a preference for the Conservatives over the NDP ... , something that he has not said either way)

Cartoon by kind permission of
Graeme MacKay
at mackaycartoons.net

I fully expect the Cons will lose the next election - they won't form a majority, which means Harper is done. I also expect that the Libs will be 2nd or 3rd on their road to recovery, so the most likely scenario (3 years out) is some kind of NDP minority with the support of Libs (or perhaps a Lib minority with the support of NDP). Harper won his majority at the peak of his popularity only by using questionable tactics, and even then only by the skin of his teeth. The Cons Moneyballed the election, and I can't see how they do it again.

I said nothing about enduring the Conservatives; I just said the Liberals aren't going to win any time soon. If you want to correct me on that prediction and forecast a Liberal victory in 2015, feel free.

But there is another party. Who's to say the NDP doesn't win the next election? You're being too pessimistic on your own party, who I believe is leading some polls right now. Chin up, good fellow!

And I also said nothing about wanting the Conservatives to be in power, or prefering them to the NDP, in my post that you link to. You're entitled to your own opinions, but I'd rather you not invent mine. I trust you'll make a correction.

Thanks for the comment. So.... - I like to think that New Dems and Libs ARE making some cooperative progress by reading what you say. There is clearly some inference, on your part, that a New Democrat minority government or even a New Democrat majority gov't in 2015 would meet with a modicum of approval MOSTLY because it would turf the bloody Cons out?

My first preference, of course, would be for a Liberal government, and that's certainly how I would vote at this point. I would certainly hope an NDP government would be better than the Cons. They'd certainly have to try hard to be worse.

First the differance between the Liberals and the Conservatives is like the differance between GWB and Obama, and on the big questions, no daylight.

However, I curse both the NDP and the Liberals if they can not find a way to stop vote splitting the Cons to power.
My suggestion, merge, win a majority bring in proportional rep, abolish the senate and split.

Because of Harper's Northern Foundation Party, from 1989. I expect Harper to make it law....no other political party, will be permitted in Canada. As was done by another dictator, of yester-year.

Harper hates everything Canadian, including the citizens. Harper is wiping out, Democracy, Human Rights and our Civil Rights and Liberties. This reminds me of Communist China and North Korea.

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