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Tuesday, May 28, 2013 

PM Stephen Harper May Have Met His Waterloo In Question Period .....

(Please forgive and endure the brief commercial prior to QP ...)

Watch Harper's body language and especially watch Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's reaction to the grilling of the Prime Minister in Question Period today. 

CBC -Harper Faces Sharp Questions Over Duffy-Wright / Senate Scandal 

 Progressive Bloggers

A few more days of that and Harper may be yearning for retirement in calgary.

I watched the video the 1st time, observing mostly Harper. The 2nd time I watched, I kept my eye on Flaherty. He looks pained, stressed and not at all comfortable. The only time he glances over at the PM is when the question comes up as to whether the Duffy/Senate scandal was discussed at Cabinet.

There is trouble in Toryland ...

Today I perceived that Mr. Harper and the whole of the government side appeared to be reeling, not quite sure what has happened and seemingly powerless to grasp that they are well and truly IN DEEP this time. They seem positively blindsided. In an administration as arrogant and corrupt as this one there has to be an eventual tipping point, one where rank and file Canadians are roused from their political slumber. Voters from coast to coast to coast are paying attention, and the Cons just hate that. They prefer the voters to sleep.

A couple of things leap to mind while watching this most enjoyable exchange.

First, I am for once quite glad that Mr. Mulcair has an intimidating forceful side. He put it to very good use today in QP. Rat a tat tat tat he cornered the PM with one damning question after another. In Thomas Mulcair I saw a Prime Minister in waiting. He demonstrated that he is up to the job, can do the job, and ought to be given the chance to do the job. It was, as the youngsters say, epic.

Second, it is abundantly and embarrassingly clear that Mr. Trudeau is not ready for prime time. His was very weak sauce compared to the spectacular performance of the Leader of the Opposition.

I did not get any sense that Mr. Flaherty looked more constipated than usual. All good Cons get that way in time.

My MacBook hates Flash video so I'll watch again after the bottom of it cools down.

Brilliant, long overdue grilling from Mr Mulcair, and he stepped up to the plate and did us all proud. He is in it to win it and harper is clearly a bold faced liar.

Not sure if Flaherty even cares;
he's so used to Harper's lies.

The pained look might be related to his ongoing health issues.

FINALLY, an effective opposition! Pity it took until now. If Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition had behaved this way starting in 2006 when the Cons had a minority, we might not have arrived at our current bedraggled state.

Course, hindsight is 20-20 and all that ...

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