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Saturday, June 01, 2013 

CTV's Don Martin BLASTS Conservative Senator Mike Duffy As a FAKER .....

Progressive Bloggers  

Don Martin took to his show on CTV News Channel Friday and delivered a withering critique of Senator Mike Duffy’s conduct in Ottawa — a segment that may have proved too hot for the network.

The Power Play host repeatedly called Duffy a “faker” and took him to task for his scandal-ridden tenure in the Senate and his previous work as a journalist covering the capital. Martin also called Duffy a “fake friend” in the “Last Word” segment.

Martin cited a 2009 TV appearance by Duffy as a turning point.
Appearing on CBC’s Power and Politics, a tuxedo-clad Duffy had been asked onto the program to respond to an NDP report alleging — what else? — excessive expense claims by the senator. Rather than address NDP MP Peter Stoffer’s concerns, however, Duffy spent most of his time calling him a “faker” who didn’t adequately support the military.
Martin turned the tables on Duffy in his Friday broadcast, laying out some of the charges of impropriety that have dogged the senator:

"But in the last year, Mike Duffy has become the all-Canadian poster boy for political fakery. Auditors have proven him to be a fake Prince Edward Islander, pretending to represent a province he considers too dangerous for his fragile heart. Expense claims show he falsely claimed to work as a senator in 2011 when campaigning as a Conservative shill, filing improper receipts for doing both simultaneously. And when his bogus housing subsidies were exposed, he faked being so broke that a relative stranger named Nigel Wright, who was the prime minister’s chief of staff, had to bail him out."
But for the obviously personal aspect of Martin’s essay, it’s hard to see what new information the segment added to the discussion of the senate expenses scandal or the man at the heart of it. Nevertheless, it was cut from the program’s rebroadcast later on Friday and seemed to mysteriously disappear from the CTV website as well.

My, my, my - isn't it great to see how delicious Conservatives find Conservatives when it's time to eat their dead? From Harper to Tkachuk to Lebreton, the list goes on forever, they're all taking a big bite out of Old Duff.

I'm hearing that the backstory is that they're petrified he could expose their own perfidy which explains why they're going to far out of their way to discredit him.

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