A day after a federal election was announced Stephen Harper had some strong comments about Alberta’s NDP government.

“The first action is they’re unable to present a budget, they’ve risen the taxes –  it’s a disaster, it’s a disaster, honestly, it’s been rejected by the populations,” he said in a French-language speech in Montreal.

A political science expert said it was simply Harper’s attempt to attack the federal NDP.

“The win of the NDP in Alberta has made the NDP federally look a little bit more credible as an alternative and he wants to offset that,” Lori Williams from Mount Royal University in Calgary explained.

“If he can undermine that success – or the early record of the NDP in Alberta – then he is hoping to raise questions about whether they would be credible as a national party.” However, many Albertans think it is Harper who needs to be rejected.

“I think after 10 years in power perhaps he’s the guy who should be thrown under the bus,” Calgarian John Moreau said, adding the Rachel Notley’s NDP government needed to be given a chance.
Something that Paul Gemmel said he agreed with.

“They haven’t really had an opportunity to demonstrate what they are going to do.”
Gemmel said he felt it was a campaign ploy by Harper.
“I am sure he is concerned about the NDP federally and so he is going to discredit whoever he can.”

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