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Sunday, July 30, 2006 

War fever wins elections, or, Lebanon: the prelude to Armageddon?

"Americans, steeped in deep ignorance and prejudice about the Mideast, are now being misled by the administration and its media allies that Lebanon is a new front in the so-called war on terrorism. As I recently learned doing radio shows across the U.S., a great many Americans cannot distinguish between Hezbollah, al-Qaida, Taliban, the PLO, Hamas, etc. All are terrorists. Listeners even called in to ask if the fighting in Lebanon was the prelude to Armageddon."

An interesting take on the Republican agenda, and some interesting ideas about the manipulative nature of right-wing politics.

"Attacking Hezbollah also serves as the long-predicted (by this column) "November surprise" to boost sagging Republican fortunes in U.S. mid-term elections."

Read the column here

Interesting,until I read the actual story written by none other than that looney toon Eric Margolis,what does he know about anything?One of your heros I suppose.

CNN did a feature last night on how the fundamentalist movement in the USA is sounding the armageddon trumpet. One particular religious leader (Rev. Hagee) said that it is a 'sin' to not support Israel in these 'end times' and that Jesus is on the train and heading down here any day now! This is the kind of nonsense that is fueling George Bush and Stephen Harper's foreign policy.

QUOTE "... a great many Americans cannot distinguish between Hezbollah, al-Qaida, Taliban, the PLO, Hamas, etc. ..." /QUOTE

Funny, all of the above mentioned organisations are terrorist organisations. They deliberately target civilians, where civilians congregate, places like discos, and movie theatres, and pizza parlours. All of them post proudly to the internet when they kill civilians and make claims like "... no Israeli anywhere should feel safe...".

Not to take sides, but trying to label these terrorist organisations as anything other then is a despicable tactic, and ignores one of the root problems when attempting to deal with terrorism.

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