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Tuesday, August 01, 2006 

Canada's INSANE Policy on Lebanese Ceasefire

Let me paraphrase what our Conservative government's official position is on a ceasefire in Lebanon:
The killing must continue in Lebanon until the killing can be ended with a long term ceasefire.
Read more for yourself and tell me this is not INSANE!!
The Star Story

Paraphrasing? Is that the new word for slander now days?

What exactly is wrong with demanding a lasting peace? Is it the fact, that for a lasting peace, it would be required for the terrorist organisation that is Hezbollah must disarm?

That would seem to be a reasonable condition, considering Hezbollah is NOT the Lebanese government. Is NOT the Lebanese military.

Despite having a popular political backing, Hezbollah is still a terrorist organisation just like the IRA is. Our governments responses to date have been fair, and just as should be expected of a democracy... Especially in light of the fact that it is the response shared by damn near the whole planet.

I stand by what I said. Canada's official policy on a ceasefire is insane. Your position parrots Harper and McKays - 'keep killing people until the killing can be stopped for a more acceptable period of time'. Shame on the Conservatives!

Slander is the new initiative of the left eh? It is ok to be outraged by the killing. I know I am, however slandering is idiotic on any public forum as it leads to lawsuits.

My position parrots the PMO, because it is the correct position. Your idiotic attempt to change the meaning of what has been said is not an attempt at meaningful discourse, or an exploration of ways to end the killing. It is one of the things that will perpetuate the killing.

It is clear that you do not have a stomache for world politics, and the greater world at large. Perhaps you could discuss the problems with house training puppies in a more meaningful way.

I don't have a stomach for right wing politics that tolerates ongoing bloodshed and massacre of babies. You have tossed the word 'slander' around twice now and all I can say is BRING IT ON! I would be able to get much more public and media attention focused on how insane Harpers foreign policy positions have become. You seem to be okay with Israeli and Palestinian and Lebanese bloodshed to make your right wing political points. Shame!

Is this what you call "kicking right wing butt"? I am witness to the self involved flailings of someone who does not have a clue about what they are talking about. Not a single clue.

Try, to just once, take the idiot glasses off, re-read the article in from a dispassionate prospective, and try and take a way from it the message which you so plainly ignored the first time.

ALL parties must be willing to negotiate. Canada recognises this, surely you recognise this. However, there seems to be this need for the left to lay blame on only one party, where as I will lay it at all feet, including our own.

You are asking for mealy mouthed, weak propositions to come forth from the UN and the greater world body which would not stop the blood shed for even an instant.

Yes, the Israelis need to be put in check (and they are most assuredly guilty of war crimes), but so do Hezbollah and Hamas (who have cornered the market on war crimes for the last quarter of a century).

For too long the world has allowed the later to to move unchecked, that now, we have terrorist organisations claiming country status.

What do you think happens when a child is allowed to torture a bear for too long?

Oh ya, I forgot to mention. I voted CPC in the last election... And I will do so again in the next election. It is refreshing to see a party that keeps promises made.

Leftdog, if you "don't have a stomach" for bloodshed and massacre of babies, why have you been totally silent on teh 1500 mothers and babies killed by hamas and hezbollah over the past 10 years with explosives?

All this time and not a single post.

I am glad that you are glad you voted for the Conservative party of Canada. I happen to live in Saskatchewan where we had a Conservative party government a while back. 16 of the Conservative Cabinet Ministers and Members of the Legislative Assembly were convicted of fraud and breach of trust. They did not balance one provincial budget in the 9 years they were government. I am glad you are so proud of your politcal party's criminal legacy and past. Ultimately , I do not expect much better from Stephen Harpo's bunch.

Leftdog: "Holy cow, I better throw up a couple new posts that pretty much say nothing becuase I am getting owned in my last post!"

Jeff, by the way, since you claim Harpo is keeping his promises - remind him what he and his 12 freeloading Saskatchewan Conervative MP's promised with regard to equalization. During the election they told Alberta and Saskatchewan we did not have to add the non renewable resources into the fomula - Harper has now reneged on the promise - so - so much for your promise breaking PM!

Thanks for that thought provoking tidbit.

Ok Leftdog... You now have a right wing extremist in this thread. Lol, can you tell the difference?

(Probably not, but I thought I would put it out there)

Jeff - yes I can tell the difference. I understand what you are saying, I just don't agree - the other fellow, well, I know who that is and he is a bit 'out there'. Even though I have issues with our Saskatchewan version of the Conservative party, I do welcome your opinion here. While we may not agree, as Canadians, I assume we respect the others right to differ.
It can get a bit harsh here from time to time, but throw in your 2 cents as you see fit.

Jeff said:

"What exactly is wrong with demanding a lasting peace?"

The people of that region have not been able to find a lasting peace, peace of any kind, for over half a century.

Do you really believe they will find it in the next few days?

All anybody can hope for is a cessation of hostilities, an end to the killing and that is it. So the sooner that comes about the better.

Now why anybody would want to wait to bring that about is beyond me.

As well, when a cease fire is finally agreed to it will only last as long as it is considered in the the interests of both parties. Once it is not it will end. Fifty years of history in the Middle East has clearly demonstrated that and it is not going to change any time soon.

One must have more hope Ottlib. The case of the middle east will require armed intervention. Questions is, when will the world demand that?

Maj HVK trained me as a soldier, and I will be there to honour his service in the coming weeks when the time comes. His life is worth something. I will remember and honour him.

The UN and UN Security Council however I will not honour. That organisation is responsible for more death on this planet then any single country, by the simple act of standing by (Rawanda, Sudan, Bosnia pre-NATO, the list goes on).

A day of peace, where all human beings will get along, may yet come to be... Until such time, we must be vigilant, and demand more of our governments.

Conversations like this (as much as I may disagree with the OP) serve to strengthen our own people, and build on that vigilance.

Leftdog, I may not always agree with you, and that is a pretty big olive branch you offered... I accept with thanks, with this bit o hope... You and I may not be as different as you think... I am usually discribed as being left of centre. Some subjects do bring me closer to right then others (like foreign policy, defense and law and order), however other subjects drive me deep into left territory (education, health care (even though I argue this one needs to be studied and fixed ASAP), environment and law and order (I'll explain the duplicity later if you like)).

Cheers, and peace all.

I know it's off topic, but what did you post at the CTF blog that maclean deleted. I'd love to see what got his goat.

They posted something about a new Staff person in Ontario - I made an observation they didn't like. Essentially I asked if their entire operation is handled by staffers? Are there no elected 'officials' of the CTF? Is there no 'President'? Is there no 'Treasurer'? Is there no 'Vice President'? No 'Chair of the
Board'? They are an extremely secretive group. On top of it all, they are nasty, confrontational and 'in your face'.

phil, perhaps if over the last 10 - 12 years the USA and Israel would have lifted their TOTAL objection to the recreation of the small state of Palestine, perhaps this whole mess could have been resolved. The fact that over a million people in the region have spend decades in refugee camps just might be part of the problem, not? There will be no peace in the region until the Palestinian people can have a state to once again call their own. But that is NOT the topic here. The topic here is that our PM, Stephen Harper is as blind to history and sensibility as you and most other conservative types are. Shame.

philltaj said, "The problem is Mr.Dog, is that our generation today has embraced relativism, and does not believe in good vs evil."

GOOD vs EVIL!! What sheer nonsense! This is the type of crap that the christian right has spewed into the political spectrum over the last few years and mostly since Bush took power. It is nonsense. It is simplistic to the point of being dangerous. 'Good vs Evil' . Use your natural capacity for reason and slap yourself in the head!

And one last thing - your 'good vs evil' ideological nonsense is the exact reason why you and other conservative, republican right wingers can justify the disproportionate use of force in Lebanon that is killing far too many civilians.

Since Israel is always 'good' in your mind, and arabs as well as palestinians are quite often 'evil' - the killing is 'justified'. Nonsense!

The number of Lebanese displaced by this military action is currently estimated between 500,000 persons and 800,000 persons and you are okay with that because, well, good has to fight evil. Nonsense!

Hey puppy, did you see this?


Interim Liberal leader Bill Graham, for example, said the Prime Minister has made a "great error" by taking a position on the Middle East crisis that could detract from Ottawa's ability to mediate future conflicts, while Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe said Mr. Harper has "destroyed 50 years of Canadian diplomacy."

But experts who track Canada's foreign policy in the region say they are in need of a history lesson -- Canada has rarely been neutral in its approach to conflict there.

"If you backtrack on [our] record, it clearly illustrates that it is anything but neutral," said Frank Harvey, a political scientist and director of foreign policy studies at Dalhousie University in Halifax.

When someone's ideology and world view allows them to demonize an entire 'people' and consider them to be 'evil', then your beliefs can be manipulated to justify things such as genocide.

Be very careful with your 'good vs evil' nonsense.

Nice to see all you folks coming thru here from: WiBand, Occidental Petroleum in Calgary, gov.nb in Frederickton and gov.ab in Edmonton! I hope you are enjoying buckdog! We must really be making all you conservatives nervous!! hahahaha

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