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Thursday, September 28, 2006 

China Concerned Over Chill in Relations With Ottawa

The People’s Republic of China is expressing puzzlement over a chill that has settled over their relations with the Government of Canada. Those who watch Prime Minister Harper and his parliamentary secretary, Jason Kenney, have no doubts about why this chill has entered the relationship between the two nations.

Mr. Harper and Mr. Kenney are hard core, right wing, 'red hating' Reformers from Alberta who are still fighting the Cold War. They do not like the Chinese economy and transacting business with that nation is threatened as long as we have ideologues like Harper and Kenney in control of Ottawa.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce recently expressed serious concerns over the noticeable chill and are also concerned that ideology is getting in the way of billions of dollars of trade between the two nations.

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[sarcasm] Cause ideology is waaaay more important that trade [/sarcasm]

Gotta say, I don't mind taking a harder line on China.

Not that Harper and Co.'s reasons are "pure", but China are amonst the worst violaters of human rights on the planet. This "chill" just doesn't bother me, to be honest. It's a little worrying if it seriously effects trade, but frankly, trading more with other countries, and less with China is just fine with me.

Richard Nixon ( big Republican that he was) went to China, met Mao and started trading with the Chinese. Historical commentators say he believed it was either trade with them or face the inevitability of war with them.

Trade with China over the 30 some years since then has resulted in massive liberalization of China into a nation that Mao would hardly recognize today.

Archaic right wing views of ending trade with China are ridiculous.

Harper is a Reformer - when will Conservatives come to see that?

The liberalization has mainly been in the economic sphere. Ask anybody who tries to protest in Tian An Men Square.

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