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Tuesday, September 26, 2006 

Former Governor Jesse Ventura Joins Kinky Friedman Campaign

Country and western singer and candidate for Governor of Texas, Kinky Friedman, is currently in second place according to recent polls. And if that news is not good enough, former Minnesota Governor and wrestler, Jesse Ventura has thrown in with the 'Kinky In 2006' Team!

From out of nowhere, and with very limited funds and using only the internet, extensive touring and other creative campaign strategies, the 'Kinky Team' is causing a stir in Texas politics. Kinky's opponents are getting nervous and mud is starting to fly in the Lone Star State! Kinky's folks recently put out the following special statement:

Kinky Friedman Campaign Statement
"While Rick Perry was cheerleading in college and Chris Bell was being potty trained, Kinky Friedman was picketing segregated restaurants in Austin to integrate them. Now that Kinky’s in second place and a serious threat to the two-party system, Perry and Bell have paid political assassins to dig back as far as 30 years through fictional books, comedy shows and satirical song lyrics, desperately seeking to paint Kinky as a racist. Republicans and Democrats have created an entire industry-- called Opposition Research-- whose sole purpose is to tarnish and destroy people’s reputations. This is why regular citizens don't run for office. If you do, and you start to threaten the system as Kinky has, you’re going to be attacked."

Candidate Friedman describes himself as "sorta democratic Republican or you might say kinda republican Democrat." However you describe Kinky's politics, the word 'colourful' has to be part of the description.

Contacosta Times
Kinky Friedman in 2006

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Anonymous - just before I drop your post here - look at the quote you are concerned with - Kinky never said that, read carefully, those are Robert Young's words, not Kinky's.

Just check your source first - I am just a tad unsure about attributing something to Kinky that I think he did not say - let me know.

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