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Sunday, September 10, 2006 

Liberals Playing Both Sides of Street on Afghanistan

For the last couple of days, I have witnessed Liberals attacking New Democrats on the Progressive Bloggers homepage over a convention policy resolution on Afghanistan.

They should be reminded that it is public record that there are a number of Liberals, including some leadership hopefuls, who share the belief that Canada needs to rethink our mission in Afghanistan and move towards bringing the troops home.

Certain Liberal bloggers are ignoring their own lack of unified policy while they attack the New Democratic position. Where I come from, that is called trying to play both sides of the street. It is lacking in ethics.

Let me demonstrate a blatant case of Liberal gutter snipery:
Liberal Hit and Run Blog

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To be fair, I can't think of one Liberal candidate who has gone as far as Layton. If you want to superficially gloss over a soundbite or two, then maybe you can find a similarity, but an honest assessment shows little actual agreement. Pondering a if and when is a far cry from saying get out immediately

"To be fair", Liberal's are all over the map yet some Lib bloggers have felt it necessary to go very hard against the NDP for articulating what MANY Canadians believe.

"Liberal's are all over the map"

Just like Canadians in general. The horror.

Liberals don't comprehend the concept of political 'leadership' - fear of picking the wrong positon - pure and simple. Fence sitting - wobbly politics.


I don't want to get in a pissing match, but what is wrong with honest debate? Afghanistan is a complicated problem, the more ideas the better in my mind. If you wish to characterize it as "wishy-washy" fine, but I'm willing to bet you find marginal support in the general population for the NDP position. I agree with alot of what Layton says, but he has clearly jumped the gun, with little thought of consequences. You can debate whether we should be there, but the fact is we are and untangling ourselves from this mess isn't easy or quick- as Layton's simplistic remedy argues.

I just wanted to briefly respond here to the comment you left at my blog earlier today.

I have to say I was a bit taken aback when I first read it. The post was meant to kid Jack Layton about his guitar playing (that's the reason for the small photo), point out that we're not in a dire Vietnam-like situation, and share a great song (in my opinion) that I actually thought many NDP members would enjoy, particularly given their strong belief that bringing our troops home is the right thing to do. I don't know if I would call that "sniping".

As for the Liberal Party: In a post a couple of days ago I said it is time to rethink the mission and I encouraged Liberals to lead the country in this effort.

I am extremely sympathetic to the call for our troops end their mission asap, but my belief is, and I think it's reasonable one, that it would premature to so. I'll have some more at PDO later in the week.

Peter - those of us support the NDP policy are clearly doing a bit of push back today from the blistering attacks we have been subjected to on the Prog BLogs for the last day or so.

No harm intended.

I think the timing of your post coincided with one from 'Lord someoneortheothers Papers' which has our ire and dander up.

Steve V - Leadership in politics is essential. Push at your people to define their policy and let's see where that falls.

In the meanwhile, the attacks on the NDP by some Lib bloggers simply could not be ignored hence you are seeing some push back today.

So your defence of the New Democrat retreat motion is that another party is dividied? This seems logical. Not.

Then again, it was just as logical for you to send me an e-mail attacking me personally for my post while you run an entire blog from behind a pseudonym.

Rock on in your quest for whatever it is you are supporting. I just wish New Democrats would state what their policy actually is: a return to 1930s isolationism. It would be full of moral self-righteousness but not much else.

Sir, the point was that you delivered a scathing condemnation of Newfoundland and Labrador NDP leader, Lorraine Michael for suppporting the resolution at last weekends convention WHILE some Liberals also support that policy and other Liberals don't. The fact that the Liberal party is without policy was my secondary concern. My primary concern was the hit and run attack on Ms. Michael.

Even though I use comment moderation, no comment is possible on your site - hence I sent an email. Here is the text of the email I sent you yesterday am because there is no option of responding on your site:
After reading your blog posting entitled, 'Dipocrits' I attempted
to post a response as is common in the blogging world.

What's this - the author has posted a drive by slam and has NOT the
courage to flick on the option for his readers to respond!

You sir, stand accused of the practice of gutter snipe politics.
Just like a sniper, without courage, shooting at your opponents
without the common civility to allow retort.

My roots are from a farm in Saskatchewan. We have another more
suitable saying for your political practices in blogging. Old boys
around here call it Chickenshit'. Appropriate.

My comments on the local NDP leader were hardly hit and run since I am well-known in the local community and post to a blog which contains both my picture and my proper name.

The same cannot be said for your e-mail or your blog.

The position taken by Liberals or Conservatives was most decidely not my point. The position of the Liberal Party, the Greens or the CPC-ML is irrelevent since the remarks directly specifically at what i consider to be the incomplete and largely hypocritical position being taken by the New Democrats.

I should make it clear that my comments also refered to positions taken on international affairs some 20 years ago by those who describe themselves as coming from the political left in Canada.

At that time, it was fashionable in some circles to condemn events in Latin America but not merely to excuse but actually justify the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.

As for the chickenshit aspect, I would suggest that when you post openly and publicly online, as opposed to hiding behind a pseudonym, you might be in a position to criticise others with some substance. Until then , your comments in this regard, like your comments on my post are merely convenient ways to avoid the core of my original post.

They are, as the phrase goes, hypocritical.

With respect, your comments were one sided in that no retort is possible on your blogsite.

Fair ball - it is your site, you set the rules and no one else may respond to your postings, that is your right. On this site, we are engaged.

You are bang on with the Lib fencesitting chickenshit.

That is how they governed for 13 years. Afghanistan:
They parade out their lefties as the polls say it is unpopular, keeping the righties on the back burner. If it appears the Allies are putting the run on the Taliban, and the situation looks a bit brighter, out come the righties, with MSM in tow, and voila, the Liberals are the 'real' Canadians who sent our brave troops into to fight for human rights.
It is like the Union's moto....nobody moves, nobody gets hurt.
Don't take a position you can not flip flop on later. (principled)

I think the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in politics, was Jacko making his 'speech' today, on the anniversary of 9/11. Beyond a lack of class.
I am ashamed of him.

It is unfair and incorrect to state people cannot reply to posts on my blog.

They can: via e-mail.

many do, including critical comments.

However, e-mail seems to require that people are considerably more thoughtful and eloquent in their remarks than you were. They also typically don't hide behind the chickenshit of a pseudonym.

i can appreciate why you hide out and then snipe at others; as in the comments on the post I made, you don't have anything of substance to offer except irrelevent partisan comments.

You should know that one of the reasons I stopped accepting comments on the blog was because:

a. there were few comments; and,
b. the ones that did come were entirely partisan, raised irrelevent side issues and were typically anonymous or pseudonymous.

In most parts of the world other than Saskatchewan, that is the epitome of chickenshit, bullshit and well, just plain old fashioned horseshit.

But I do thank you for the boost to my hits. maybe a few people will consider the intense, deep seated hyspocrisy in the New Democrat position on Afghanistan.

It is their policy and one they must defend no matter how much some people might wish to refocus the debate from an obvious New Democrat weakness.


Island Liberal Bully Boy Stunned that a New Democrat Would Actually Dare to Stand Up To His Abuse and Crap!

And by the way, such language! What would Sir Robert say....

And another thing, I can duke it out with the best of 'em boyo, but you are so affronted that you see it necessary to attack everyone in my home province..(?) a tad sensitive, aren't we?

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