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Sunday, May 06, 2007 

Iraqi Politicians To Take Two Months Vacation

While the conflict in Iraq rages on, Iraq's New Government has decided that they will recess and take the months of July and August off as vacation.

It really does seem to me that when you are in the middle of a war, when thousands of your citizens are dying from sectarian conflict, perhaps, just perhaps, there are a few things that you might want to attend to.

I think that perhaps this little vacation, might be a bad decision.


H/T to Pissedonpolitics


I saw that on CNN last week. Hilarious. (Well, not funny at all really, but you know what I mean.)

I wonder if they have a BBQ circuit in Iraq...

Reminds me of when W refused to leave Crawford while new Orleans drowned.

Right! I forgot about his little vacation!

If the Iraki parliament has adjourned for as long as two months, I would want to see what they did about the infamous oil deal "agreed" to by the executive with the Americans that essentially guarantees foreign control of their oil on a permanent basis. It needs to be signed and sealed by the legislative body, and if they have not done it that would signify an intent in several quarters to challenge the American forces even more forcefully than has been done so far. The Brits thought it was a done deal, and so their interest in seeing to the benefits to be provided to their one oil company all tidied up, were ready to leave. Things will get sticky if they leave and it is not a done deal because the AMericans will try to get something through the Parl. somehow, and more than likely the Brit interests will get sidelined in the result. A final slap in the face to Blair and a final failure of the foreign policy that has been based on nothing more than a paper assurance in a place were enverything is now up for grabs. Ånd as for the Americans, well this is what Abu Graib was all about, was'nt it. Going, going....

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