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Monday, October 13, 2008 

Buckdog's Election Prognostication

So ... here's the scoop ... predicted results are in comparison to the results of the 2006 Election:

-Harper and the Conservatives will win a reduced minority government. He will lose a few seats (most likely in Quebec but a few scattered here and there).

-The Liberals will lose a few seats also, but will retain Official Opposition ... which they will perform dismally once again.

-The New Democrats will win a few more seats (mostly in British Columbia - but also in southern Ontario).

-The Bloc will pick up a couple of seats from the Conservatives in Quebec.

-The Green Party will be 'a mile wide and an inch deep' and will not win a single seat anywhere in the nation.

9:51 PM - Election Eve 2007
Regina, Saskatchewan

A re-elected Harper government will have a hard time putting together a cabinet that has any weight or gravity.

Nearly every cabinet member from Quebec will be gone and the departure of the likes of Finley and Lunn will reduce the cabinet to a very short-in-experience staff.

A weak cabinet and controlling leader will lead to a new election in one year unless the Libs and New Democrats form an alliance like they did in Ontario in the '80s.

Harper's controlling nature will be his downfall and if it doesn't come today (E-Day) it will come after two parties have leadership races to get rid of their political heads.

Harper will go back to Alberta and Dion will become a cabinet member once he's replaced.

But E-Day is our day to purge the Conservatives and thin their ranks now and help precipitate their downfall.

It's only an X in a circle but how mightily it can work. Just ask Kim Campbell.

I think Jack has run the best campaign. The problem will be our first past the post system. I expect they will pick up 10 to 15 seats yet with only a few percentage points behind the Liberals will have less than half the seats they get.

Worse is the Bloc with as much as 2 million fewer votes they will have more seats than the NDP.



I am looking for someone who lives in Atlantic Canada - Quebec - Ontario to help me tonight.

Since the polls will close and votes will be counted hours before we here in the West finish voting .... I am looking for anyone who is willing to email me information on results from your area as well as in the East.

I will treat ALL emails received in TOTAL CONFIDENCE and will not share your names etc.

You can reach me at the following email ... and I look forward to hearing from you!



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