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Tuesday, October 14, 2008 

and just for the record ... Dion LIES Too!

Stephane Dion has spent a lot of time pointing out the lies that Stephen Harper has been telling during the campaign. Dion is correct - Harper lies.

However, just to set the record straight, Mr. Dion has been telling some whoppers about the New Democrats! Stephane Dion has been urging New Democrats to vote Liberal to 'stop Harper'. Yet, more than once this campaign, the Liberal leader has claimed that he would not co-operate with the NDP in the House of Commons to stop Harper.

We shouldn't be surprised. Dion orchestrated his caucus to abstain from far too many votes during the last parliament, that let Harper do whatever he wanted.

I need to remind readers that a plank in the New Democratic campaign pledges to reverse a planned $50-billion corporate tax cut because the NDP wants to address the concerns of average families, not corporations.

But just listen to how Dion LIES about cancelling the PLANNED tax cut to big business: "I can’t govern with somebody who wants to raise the taxes by $50 billion," said Mr. Dion."
The Halifax Chronicle Herarld

AT NO TIME have the New Democrats said that they would RAISE corporate taxes by $50 Billion! What we have said is that we are not going to implement Harper's scheduled corporate welfare scheme for Big Business.

Mr. Dion's pants are on fire. He is going to be burned in just a few short hours!

By that argument, the conservatives haven't taxed income trusts yet either.

By that argument, they didn't raise the income tax by half a percentage point when they got in.

Plans exist in this reality. Business people make decisions based on what indicators they have, and that includes announced plans by politicians. Maybe the 50 billion isn't in the bank yet, but you can bet that a lot of businesses have looked at that and have adjusted operations with the knowledge that it's coming.

Saying that "Well, technically it hasn't taken place yet so we're not cancelling a thing" is conservative-like weaselling. I'm sorry you feel the need to go there.

Similarly, for the last several days, Dion has been running radio ads in key ridings claiming Layton would raise taxes on small business -- when of course Layton has specifically committed to keep the small business rate stable.

A plain, manipulative lie.

The problem -- and it's a huge one if Canadians are interested in a sustainable economy -- is that Layton would raise most of the billions in new spending by jacking up corporate taxes. The NDP proposes to raise the 19.5-per-cent corporate tax rate to 22.12 per cent -- which was the rate in 2007. The Harper government is lowering the rate to 19.5 this year and plans to reduce it to 15 per cent by 2012.


It's irrelevant anyway. Jack will be forth in the HoC...again.

James ... you just told the same fib that I am holding Dion accountable for! Where do you get this idea that Layton will raise corporate taxes? Cancelling a planned tax (that is not yet implemented) is NOT 'raising' taxes.

Liberals Lie ... (because they are scared)!

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