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Monday, December 29, 2008 

GAZA - 'A Plague On Both Their Houses'

Morgan Strong is a former professor of Middle Eastern History at S.U.N.Y. He is a consultant with '60 Minutes'. Just prior to the current outbreak of troubles in the area, he wrote an insightful glimpse of life in Gaza . His first hand experience in the region leaves him condemning both Israel and the Hamas administration who are inextricably entangled in a mutual death wish.

" ... things happened that created great alarm to the Israelis. For one, Gaza became the hub of a stolen-car industry. High-priced automobiles were stolen in Israel and sold, or chopped up for parts, in Gaza."

"Israel had, and has, a drug problem among its population though we do not hear much about that in the United States. The Palestine Authority thugs frequently exchanged drugs in return for weapons with the Israeli soldiers who guarded them."

"Israel does not want Gaza to exist as it is. Israel cannot afford to allow Gaza to exist. It must remove the population from Gaza (1.4 million), by whatever means it can and occupy that territory."

"The Palestinian Authority after years of corrupt management of Gaza lost its right to govern the place to the radical Islamic fundamentalist Hamas movement."

"And Israel is now making their precarious existence unbearable. They are deliberately starving them, among other injustice and outrages. What Israel is doing might be called genocide, but there is great reluctance to name Israel as the perpetrator of genocide."

Consortium News

Is it possible that maybe - just maybe - creating the state of Israel was a huge mistake? And wrong to begin with, since it was based on a racist idea that a 5,000-year-old piece of fantasy meant certain people were entitled to land they weren't living on, even if it meant kicking other people off that land?

You think Israel would have launched an isolated air strike or commando raid in retaliation for the rocket attacks, instead they are bombing gaza back to the stone age.

Ohh I cant wait till the oil runs out and we let that part of the world blow themselves to oblivion. Well not really, but there is no solution to this problem short of the destruction of either Israel or Palestine. The conflict has sucked every diplomatic effort thrown at it and spat them all back out before resuming the orgy of bloodshed.

Might is right?
Bombing a university is inexcusable.

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