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Friday, February 20, 2009 

Saskatchewan's Premier Brad Wall Would Be Well Advised to IGNORE The Fraser Institute

Canada's Right wing think tank, The Fraser Institute, has been exposed as a phony front for climate change denial and radical free-market advocacy, funded by BIG corporate interests.

Yesterday, the Fraser Institute handed Wall's Saskatchewan Party government a report that encourages:
-the sale of all Crown Corporations
-freezing of the minimum wage
-harmonizing the PST with the GST
-joining the flawed 'Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement' already signed by British Columbia and Alberta.

How typical of these rightwing ideologues! Sell public corporations that deliver some of the lowest utility rates in the nation AND which return a profit to the Treasury! How typical to demand freezing the wages of those who earn the LEAST in our economy!

As George Bush leaves the world stage and Stephen Harper's fortunes sour in Ottawa, it is evident that the radical free market ideology of the Fraser Institute is yesterdays news. Brad Wall and the Saskatchewan Party are well aware of what citizens in this province think about privatization. They would be wise to take the Fraser Institute Report, and drop all copies into the nearest blue recycling bins.

-Regina Leader-Post

-Fraser Institute DENYS Climate Change - Global Warming

-Harperstein - The Unholy Alliance Of Stephen Harper and the Fraser Institute

-Fraser Institute Charges $11,000 Per Head To Meet Stephen Harper

-The Fraser Institute - Canada's Disgrace

Sell public corporations that deliver some of the lowest utility rates in the nation AND which return a profit to the Treasury!

Sadly, Harper with Ignatieff's help is moving ahead with this on the federal level.

True indeed. Last week Jane Taber had a piece in which she remarked on A group of Fraser Institute people applauding Ignatieff after he spoke to them:

"Earlier that afternoon, he met with a group from the right-wing Fraser Institute - including former Alberta premier Ralph Klein - who applauded after he spoke to them."

Taber reported that one of Ignatieff's aides was surprised that the "left-leaning" Liberal leader would be applauded by the right-wing group.

The real solution to the conundrum is that Ignatieff isn't left-leaning: it's no surprise the Fraserians would applaud Ignatieff, since he's cut from the same cloth.

As for Wall, I'm worried about how desperate he'll be to maintain a surplus in next month's budget now that he's started to draw down the 'rainy-day' fund.

Fraser Institute nonsense is treated like gospel by these types, so they have to be watched closely.

I understand their role in the political debate, but I do kind of feel bad for all the people who work there. They seem to work so hard, yet the conclusion for every study is the same. It's almost as if they could turn things over to a computer and take longer vacations instead. Just punch in a policy issue and let the computer spit out a report advocating privatization, deregulation, and tax cuts. Spend more time on the beach drinking mocktails or whatever. Et voila.

I cannot believe that educated people have for so long tolerated a less than living wage for the many people who serve them daily. Menial work? Don't get me going. Imagine if there was a strike by public washroom attendants or hospital hygeine workers or hotel maids.

you're getting too worked up. Watch this and relax a bit. After all, we right-wingers will always rule the world, regardless of your rantings!lol

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