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Wednesday, June 19, 2013 

Sask Premier Brad Wall 'Displays Double Standard' ... Criticised By All Other Sask Political Party Leaders

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Premier Brad Wall has really stepped into a big mess with his criticism of Federal Liberal Leader, Justin Trudeau. All leaders of Saskatchewan political parties have now made that perfectly clear:

Sask New Democrats

"Wall has criticized federal Liberal party leader Trudeau for accepting hefty payments for speaking at charity events, but provincial NDP Opposition Leader Cam Broten says the premier should look “inwardly.”
“The premier is so passionate about highlighting some of the mistakes that have been made at the national level, while at the same time, he’s overlooked that practice within his own caucus,” Broten said.
It was revealed Monday that one of Wall’s Sask. Party MLAs, Gene Makowsky, returned — after Wall blasted Trudeau — more than $2,000 in fees the former CFL player had received for attending charity events.
Broten said NDP MLAs don’t accept such payments, describing that as “common sense. “There’s also the issue of the premier receiving a salary from the Sask. Party for doing things like speaking at leader’s dinners,” Broten said.”

Sask Green Party

"Saskatchewan Green Party Leader Victor Lau said Makowsky’s situation shows the government may need a clearer code of ethics.“It was kind of funny that one of his own ended up also being caught up in this rhetoric,” Lau said, adding that while he also questions politicians taking money from charities, perhaps Wall should have avoided the national debate."

P.C. Party of Sask

"Rick Swenson of the provincial P.C. Party said he agrees with Wall about Trudeau, but added, “I’m always a little bit suspicious of Mr. Wall’s motivations. He loves the camera and any time that he can catch national attention.”

Sask Liberal Party

In a statement on its website, the provincial Liberal party called Wall’s “smear on Trudeau baseless and petty.”
“Wall’s comments read like they’d been pulled straight from Conservative Party talking points (and) it appears that Wall is now more interested in an entrance into federal politics as a Conservative than actually governing our province,” the statement continued."

-Regina Leader-Post

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