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Thursday, September 07, 2006 

Harper Asks Jason Kenney To Meet with Dalai Lama

Prime Minster Stephen Harper is dispatching his parliamentary secretary, Jason Kenney to Vancouver this weekend to officially welcome and meet the Dalai Lama!

Mr. Kenney's recent 'foot in mouth' affliction (in terms of articulating Canada's positon on global affairs) does not make him the best representative for Canadians.

Clearly the Federal Conservative government has every intention of using the visit to poke a sharp diplomatic stick into the side of the People's Republic of China. That is the only reason possible for Kenney's dispatch to do the diplomatic chore with His Holiness. (Does the PM's Office staff sit up late into the night just dreaming up their wingnut approach to foreign affairs??)

National Post

And we finish off with a bizarre little item by Paul Jackson of the Calgary Sun who simply gushes with pride in the 'moral government' of PMSH. According to Mr. Jackson, it looks like Canada is getting ready to curtail trade and enter a new era of non co-operation with approximately one quarter of the human race who live in China.

Calgary Sun

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Actually, Buckdog, a diplomatic stick in the PRC's ribs would be recognizing (again) the ROC, or if PM Harper were to meet w/ the Dalai Lama directly.

Having his Parliamentary Secretary do it is a nice face-saving exercise for all concerned.


It is not so much Kenney's parliamentary secretary positon, this will be the 2nd time that Kenney (the individual) has been used to agitate the PRC.

The Leg Sec to the Minister of Foreign affairs could be another possible representative - but NOT Kenney!

His bungling over Lebanon and let's be frank , his less then forthcoming excuse concerning the illegal terrorist group he addressed, indicates that his judgement is NOT good. He is a hardcore ideologue and is too unpredictable for Harper to even consider in Cabinet.

Harper bungled this - (a lot of that lately).

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