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Friday, October 20, 2006 

Harper Government CHEATS

Let's not pull any punches here. Let's just call it for what it is.

Stephen Harper and his Conservative government are CHEATING in the Canadian Wheat Board elections for new directors. Shall I say it again, for anyone who did not yet get the point, ...... by removing 16,000 eligible farmers from the voters list, STEPHEN HARPER AND HIS CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT ARE CHEATING IN AN ELECTION. Period.

Why are they cheating? They are cheating because the ideological changes they want to make to the Canadian Wheat Board WILL NOT PASS A DEMOCRATIC VOTE OF FARMERS. So if Harper can't win, he will CHEAT!

So much for Conservative Party morals. So much for Conservative Party ethics.

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I'm curious. The government has said that it want's to make the government appointed board members elected, which I think is reasonable.

But how exactly have they justified removing these farmers from the voters list? They must have provided some sort of justification (whether it's legitimate or not is another question). Do you know what it is Buck?

In 2005 and again 2006, in North east Sask and in North west Manitoba there was massive rainfall and thousands of farmers did not plant a wheat crop. Most made it thru the year on crop insurance.

Chuck Strahl, Ag Minister has made a ruling that if a farmer has not delivered a load of 'wheat' during the last 15 months, then they are ineligilbe to vote.

The thousands of farmers who were flooded out have now been disqualified.

Wheat farmers rotate their crops so that they do not deplete the nitrogen in their soil. Many leave some land 'fallow' for a year or plant canola or crops other than wheat.

Any farmer who did not grow 'wheat' in the last 15 months has now been disqualified.

These are mostly smaller farmers.

The total number disenfranchised under Conservative Government calculated cheating mechanisms is over 16,000.

(at least the large american grain companies will be happy).

Hearhear - you made a comment on my October 18th post - without being rude to you, you are operating with a lot of misconceptions.

Only western farmers who sell grain thru the CWB have a permit book traditionally vote in wheat board elections.

Hog farmers, potatoe farmers, dairy farmers - none of them are part of this issue.

We are dealing with farmers who hold permit books and who grow wheat and barley.

Please read the articles that I have attached to my posts to get up to speed on the issue.

The Harper government (as defended by my fellow Saskatchewanian, Lance) believe that it is okay to put a lot of hurdles and barriers up to thin out the number of voters in the Director elections.

This is DISHONEST. It is the type of thing you could expect from Robert Mugabe - not the Government of Canada.


Lance - I put harsh words up directed at you after I read your post here - but I have taken them down to TONE them down.

My Comments ARE NOT BOGUS - 16,000 farmers have been taken off the list and hurdles and barriers have been put up to make it difficult for them to vote.

You are being an apologist for cheaters. Strahl and Harper are purposely placing barriers and roadblocks in front of farmers and that is WRONG. It is not 'funny' nor 'political mischief' - it is cheating. It is done in total disregard for democratic process because Harper cannot win fairly.

I am quite angry at your comments. Your casual acceptance of this dishonesty is reprehensible.

As I said to Hearhere it is the kind of crap that we see Robert Mugabe do in Africa to rig the vote. You are okay with that and that pisses me off.

(so believe it or not this post is MUCH more gentle then the original post I responded to you with).

You continue to be an apologist for Tory jiggery pokery and electoral roadblocks and barriers. I guess you are merely defending your guys but if for one second you analysed what they are doing - it is undemocratic. It is wrong.

Things are starting to reach a critical mass for Harper's government.

They will be gone soon.

Posted: October 21, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern:

"Support for Canada's eight-month-old Conservative minority government slipped significantly in the opinion polls last week, chiefly because it was rapidly losing ground in Quebec.

A poll conducted by The Strategic Group showed the Liberals and Conservatives tied at 32 percent nationally. In the January election, the Conservatives took 36 percent of the vote and the Liberals 30 percent. In the poll, the New Democratic Party was shown holding steady at 17 percent.

But the shocking change occurred to Tory fortunes in Quebec. In January, they took 25 percent of the Quebec vote. In May their polled support rose to 30 percent. It is now down to 16 percent.

Allan Gregg, president of The Strategic Group, attributed the Tory decline to three issues: Prime Minister Stephen Harper's determination to sustain and/or expand Canada's role in Afghanistan, his government's refusal to endorse the Kyoto environmental accord, and his decision to hold another parliamentary vote on gay marriage."

Bye bye Steve, Jason, Rob, Stockwell, Peter, Monty, etc, etc.

I don't think you understand Lance, there are farmers who are trying to register but are not allowed. It has nothing to do with a lack of willingness to vote. As for leftdog's prediction regarding the Harper government, I agree. Their days are numbered.

That is basically irrelevant, but, five directors are being elected to the board - elections end Dec. 1.

My post is about dirty Tory electoral practices. That is the issue. In spite of weak Conservative arguments that tend to try and smokescreen what is happening.

a)CWB elections are underway.
b)in the dying days of the campaign, the Federal Tories completely change the voting and enumeration criteria (right out of the blue, a NEW way of conducting elections from the manner they have been conducted in for years).
c)the Tory jiggery pokery is intended to warp, distort or otherwise prevent the winners to be individuals who do not embrace the Conservative Party's desired right wing / 'free market' ideological changes.

It is called .......CHEATING!

It will have ......CONSEQUENCES!

Lance, your minimization of Tory cheating is classic! I would have thought that ONLY the professional liars and 'Cheat Monkeys' in Harper's Privy Council Office could have reduced an issue of this importance down to: "You're angry because a non-expiring registration card is no longer valid"

No I am angry because the Conservative Government with support from the mindless right are cheating in an election and you are spinning it as you just did.

Lance, it is sorta like witnessing an emerging dictatorship in its embryonic form. But you know what? .....Canadians are going to stomp it out before it gets a chance to fester and infect us too badly.

My father retired from farming in 1981, and still receives a check from the wheat board once a year, usually about 2 bucks. THESE are the people that were removed from the vote. There is no way that you farm and not take any product in in two years, and as lance said, if you want to be re-instated, they will.....

No no no ... you are talking about the 'Wheat Pool' not the 'Wheat Board'. The 'Pools' continue with member equity sometimes for decades after a farmer retires.

If you have a valid membership - regardless of when the last time you farmed - you should have a fair vote.

It's like cutting a citizen from the voters list in an upcoming federal election because they didn't vote in the last election.

Guess they should have thought ahead and planted wheat instead of canola, or nothing even if it meant a shitty yield. Who has that foresight? No one, and that's the point.

I completely support Leftdogs argument.

Dazzlindino - Then I suppose your dad should abstain from voting. That would be the only responsible thing to do. Or he should really vote on how he has experienced the Wheat Board.

The fact is that there are small farmers who do leave their fields fallow for a year and rely on other work or different crops for that year. The worst part is that these are usually small family farms.

Many farmers do not go into specialized farming, concentrating on only wheat, canola, flax... whatever. Many rotate their fields and their crops for a variety of reasons.

My grandfather farms in Northern Saskatchewan and I know he does that. I'm not positive if he is excluded from the vote, but he shouldn't be. He's a dedicated farmer who puts wheat in the ground when it will grow and doesn't when the condidtions are not right. It's called farming and everyone who does it should be entitled to a vote. Period.

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