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Saturday, October 20, 2007 

Saskatchewan Party Determined to ‘Criminalize’ Their Opponents

“In the years following their 1991 political defeat as government in Saskatchewan, 14 Conservative Members of the Legislature and two caucus workers were convicted of fraud and breach of trust for illegally diverting hundreds of thousands of dollars from government allowances in a phony expense-claim scam. During inquiry into the scandal, many innocent party members were placed under heavy scrutiny. Jack Wolfe committed suicide when faced with the agony of possibly being scrutinized for wrongdoing himself, or having the testify against his former colleagues. The party was destroyed by this scandal, winning only five seats in the 1995 election, behind both the NDP and the Liberals.”

From the day that the old P.C. Party morphed into the Saskatchewan Party, there has been sensitivity about the fraud of the 1980's and the New Democrats have never tired of reminding voters of where the Saskatchewan Party has its roots.

In the lead up to the 2007 election, the Saskatchewan Party has desperately sought some way to cast a light of ‘criminal’ behavior onto their opponents.

This last spring, the Sask Party raised a 16 year old NDP Caucus personnel matter wherein an employee in 1992 had inflated expense claims to the tune of $6000 but no criminal charges were laid in Canada in order to extradite her to the United States where she faced more serious charges. The Sask Party has demanded further police investigations of this matter and have gone to great length to try and damage the reputation of a sitting NDP Cabinet minister who was Caucus Chair at the time in 1992.

However, the Saskatchewan Party got egg on their own face when it was made public that they had stolen Regina City Police records of the original 1992 investigation in their possession. The police investigation into how the Sask Party came to be in possession of stolen police reports is still underway.

Now the Saskatchewan Party has found a difference in the way that tickets purchased for a political leader’s dinner are reported to the Chief Electoral Officer. The New Democrats and the Saskatchewan Party do it slightly differently, but the Electoral Officer accepts both methods of reporting year end financial activities of each party.

So now the Saskatchewan party is determined to convince the public that the reporting method of the New Democrats is ‘criminal’.

Don't forget, the Saskatchewan Party also tried to convince the public that the NDP was placing subliminal messages into television ads in an attempt to connect the Sask Party with 'porn'!

Voters are tiring of the Saskatchewan Party’s nonsense. This will backfire and blow up in their faces. Just wait!!

-Regina Leader Post

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