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Friday, December 14, 2007 

2007 Blogging Dipper Awards - Best Partisan Blog: Buckdog!

This blog, Buckdog, has been selected as the Best Partisan Blog in the 2007 Blogging Dipper Awards! I'm pretty happy about that! I have been a member of the New Democrat Party for many, many years and I make no apologies to anyone!

The full list of winners in the 2007 Blogging Dipper Awards are:

-Accidental Deliberations, Best Overall Blog

-Politics'n'Poetry, Best Feminist Blog

-La Revue Gauche, Best Labour Blog

-Buckdog, Best Partisan Blog

-Paulitics, Best Radical Blog

I want to congratulate all of my fellow Blogging Dippers who have won recognition for their hard work!

2007 Unofficial Blogging Dipper Awards!

Congrautlations! You deserve it!

Thanks Tyler ... I appreciate that. I can hardly wait for our Annual Provincial Convention this spring - I am bringing forward some resolutions that need to be debated on the floor of the Convention! Should be interesting!!

We are having ours this spring as well (In June). It was supposed to be in October/November of this year, but it got delayed because of a possible provincial election.

I'm betting that the Alberta election will be called on the Throne Speech. Our finance minister right now is a lame duck, and I don't think they will want to wait until the budget.

You got my vote leftdog, because of that cute dog face. CONGRATS, grrrh!

Whooee! I'm tippin' my hat and noddin' towards the west, Doggie. Good goin'!

Thanks a bunch Jan and Jimbobby!

Hey, lookit! I won, too! WTF?!?

And congrats to you, you old dog!

Hey berlynn ... not bad for a couple of stubble jumpers 'eh????

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