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Thursday, December 13, 2007 

Saskatchewan To Abandon Wheat Sheaf Logo

Saskatchewan's new right wing government has announced that they want to abandon the traditional logo of the province and are now seeking something new that better reflects Saskatchewan in the 21st Century. A new logo will be found by some unknown process in 2008.

Buckdog would love to offer a suggestion that best suits the mindset of our new Saskatchewan Party government!

-Regina Leader Post
... CBC has more ...

I hate the Sask Party. Yeah, I am taking this personally.

I feel manure is a more suitable image.

Remaking it over in their own image. A poodle with a dollar sign shaved into its side.

I was around for the 'Devine Rule' years. Apparently, a lot of people weren't.

Trust neocons to abandon a beautiful, minimalist and visually distinctive graphic design tied to the heraldic Arms of the province; symbolic positive imagery of a bountiful wealth. Likely poopoohing it as too agricultural. They going after the license plates too?

Niles I agree. Lets just get rid of the Wheat on the Riders Logo too. Wheat is what this province was founded on. Wheat is the symbol of community, hard work, and our heritage. Yes, agriculture is no longer the number one industry, but it is the industry that is at the heart of our people. If we forget about where we came from, we forget about how we got here. I wonder why the Sask Party is now ashamed of our history.

Gormley thinks that the Wheat Sheaf makes Toronto think negatively of us. Are people in Wisconsin afraid of how New Yorkers think obout cheese? This is silly logic. And not even Gormley can spin this one.

I want the new people that come to this province to know how this province was founded. It does not mean that I am backwards and hick. Since when has Gormley and the Sask Party been paranoid about appearing hick to the rest of the country.

Yes leftdog because all change is evil ;)

I personally will miss the wheat sheaf since it does reflect my family's and my history in this Province but its time for a change that reflects today.

Not all change is bad huff and not all change is GOOD! This icon should not be abandoned!

Why do right wingers ALWAYS sound like they might be 11 years old???

For them this is a partisan issue. We'll see how their rural base reacts when the government removes a potent symbol directly connected to them

While I'll agree that the NDP didn't really do anything to stop the mass exodus from rural communities during the Calvert/Romanow years, no government really has, left or right.

If the Sask Party is really into "modernizing" Saskatchewan, that means adopting a neo-liberal agenda like the rest of the provinces, Alberta being the prime example. Sure, you might see booms in some Sask communities with oil nearby. But you can look at Fort McMurray in Alberta to see what that's like, and if it's worth the change. They care even less for rural communities in the bigger picture.

"better reflects Saskatchewan"????

Leave the wheat alone !!

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