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Wednesday, January 09, 2008 

Renegade Former CIA Agent - Philip Agee Dies In Cuba

"Philip Agee, a former CIA agent who became a bitter critic of Washington's Cuba policy, has died in Cuba at the age of 72. Agee quit the CIA in 1969 after 12 years in which he mainly worked in Latin America. He was later denounced as a traitor by George Bush Sr and was threatened with death by his former colleagues.

His famous 1975 book, Inside the Company: CIA Diary, cited alleged CIA misdeeds against leftwingers in the region and included a 22-page list of people he claimed were agency operatives.

Radio Havana, said Agee had been in hospital since last month, where he died following several operations for perforated ulcers. [...]

In comments published last year, Agee defended his decision to expose the CIA: "It was a time in the 70s when the worst imaginable horrors were going on in Latin America.

"Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Guatemala, El Salvador - they were military dictatorships with death squads, all with the backing of the CIA and the US government. That was what motivated me to name all the names and work with journalists who were interested in knowing just who the CIA were in their countries."

The Guardian

-Associated Press
-Pensa Latina

from wikipedia (about the Mitrokhin archive which exposed many KGB actions):

"Disinformation campaign against the United States

Christopher Andrew described the following active measures against the United States:[18]

* Discrediting the CIA using historian Philip Agee.[20]"

Whatever lavida. The same article you reference also states that Andrew's book had inaccruacies regarding Agee and that his books were

Miles Copeland, Jr., a former CIA station chief in Cairo, said the book was "as complete an account of spy work as is likely to be published anywhere" [11] and it is "an authentic account of how an ordinary American or British 'case officer' operates . . . All of it . . . is presented with deadly accuracy."[12]"

In short, he was right. Too bad he appeared to overlook left-wing authoritarianism when recognizing US state capitalism.

Sorry to hear that. Phiilp Agee had cojones that's for sure to expose the rotten gang of thugs, dope peddlers, tortures, assassins and Nazis he once worked for. But I would also second Mike's opinion, that he also was a bit naive when it came to left-wing authoritarianism...

I've got his book, but have yet to read it. R.I.P.

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