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Thursday, May 08, 2008 

Maxime Bernier's Girlfriend Tied To Underworld - Why Is He Still At The Cabinet Table?


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"OTTAWA - After his diplomatic faux pas in Afghanistan which revealed Canadian meddling into Afghan internal politics, Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier is hogging the headlines again.

This time over a former girlfriend who has been linked to a biker gang. Bernier's ex was Julie Couillard, a former model and aspiring actress, who had relationships with two men linked with the Hells Angels biker gang.

One of them was Gilles Giguere, an underworld figure, who was suspected together with two other men of involvement in a murder and extortion plot on Hells Angel head Maurice (Moms) Boucher. Couillard was arrested with Giguere in a pre-dawn raid, but was eventually released."

-Canadian Press

Quebec has a different level of toleration for such connections than the rest of the country. Look at Habs fans willingness to turn a blind eye to Theodore when his father and brother were charged with loan sharking. Besides when you have a weak Quebec caucus, who would you replace Bernier with? Verner?

Call me a pig, but I have a lot more respect for old Max now that I have seen a picture.


All kidding aside, I want to see how the Cons spin this one...

You have to wonder what a Cabinet minister must do to get turfed out by Harper? Every day that Bernier remains in cabinet, shows how weak and unprincipled Harper actually is.

This is another example of the conservatives' choice of bad candidates for office.
One needs to look back almost 25 years ago to the Bob Coates affair.

Remember Bob Coates? Minister of Defence who went to a strip club in Germany? And he was forced to resign over it.

And around the same time John Fraser and tainted tuna?
What about Roch Lasalle and influence peddling?
Sinclair Stevens, anyone?
Really, where do they dig up these people?

I simply can't believe how Harper is dealing with this! For him to defend Bernier and say that it is no one's business who a Senior Canadian Cabinet Minister dates is ridiculous!

A minister of foreign affairs surrenders certain 'freedoms' when he or she takes on the role as Canada's spokesperson to the world!

During the Diefenbaker Conservative government, one of his cabinet ministers had a girlfriend who was an East German spy! He had to resign. It contributed to Diefenbaker's defeat.

Not only has Bernier shown very bad judgement with this situation, but the Prime Minister's stand is completely out of line!!!


This kerfuffle over nothing shows how desperate the Liberals are try to gain some cheap points. As I seem to recall there was a certain young lady from Montreal who caused quite a stir in the media when she was appointed Governor General. Michaelle Jean supposedly had ties to the Quebec separist movement yet the Prime Minister at the time decided her past was exactly that...her past. Too bad today's Liberals want to peer up every skirt they can find to fabricate some deep conspiracy theory. Ms. Jean has turned out to be a gem and was one of the only things that Johnny Cretin (not a typo) did right.

David .. exactly! "Munsinger"!Canadians aren't even aware of our history of Tory Cabinet Ministers having affairs with East German spies and other questionable 'girlfriends'.

Anyone who considers this a mere 'kerfuffle' are completely ignoring the potential danger to a nation if Ministers of Foreign Affairs are involved with individuals who have an intent that is not appropriate. Whether that is the case here or not is irrelevant - Minister Bernier has ONCE AGAIN shown very poor judgment and Harper and his MP's are going to defend their own no matter what! This is going to have electoral consequences for the Conservatives ... and it should!

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