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Monday, June 02, 2008 

Harper's Conservatives Survive Confidence Votes As Liberals Absent The House

"OTTAWA–Despite a chorus of bad publicity over the Maxime Bernier affair, the Conservative government waltzed through a series of confidence votes Monday.

Rows of Liberal benches remained vacant in a series of votes on controversial immigration reforms that are part of a larger budget-implementation bill.

All opposition parties have excoriated the Conservatives for the immigration changes, but the Liberals continued their months-long practice of abstaining on key votes.

The Liberals were taunted and laughed at by their opponents as only a handful of their members showed up for a set of 114-83 votes that took the legislation one step closer to becoming law.

But Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion noted that the political gift of Bernier's resignation would never have happened if, several weeks ago, he'd brought down the government as some in his party urged him to do."

Alexander Panetta
The Star

I doubt you will get many comments. The Liberals who agree with you are too ashamed to say anything and the rest are in hiding.

Canadians seem to be blindly following the US lead towards a Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum U.S. type two party system. Even though the Liberals are gutless and care nothing for anything except getting elected most Canadians see them as the only alternative instead of voting for other parties. It is sad to see otherwise intelligent Canadians duped into making democracy into a game where the choices are both enough to make you puke.

There's a Twilight Zone unreality to this whole government.
It's like that year of Dallas that was only Sue-Ellen's bad dream.

I'm hoping that we're all in this same zone and when we wake up, it'll be all fine and dandy.

Harper gives nightmares to most of the nation. Time to wake up!

It was *Pam's* dream, though, not Sue-Ellen's (the lush). You're probably too young to remember all the details, david toronto. ;-)

And why are they hiding now?

Sticking their head in the sand and their ASS in the air.

Do think someone will mistake their Ass for a head? Or will they think their head is an ASS?

just tired of it all.

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