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Sunday, October 05, 2008 

'Taliban' Peter MacKay Open To Talks With Afghanistan Rebels

Remember when all of the Conservatives and right wing Liberals (who should be Conservatives) were attacking Jack Layton because he said we would probably end up talking to the Taliban - so why go through the deaths of Canadian men and women and move the talks up front! WELL ... the Conservatives went crazy and right wing Liberals were beside themselves.

So ... who was correct two full years ago!
Tories tried to portray New Democrats as being 'unpatriotic' and not 'supportive' of the troops.

We knew what we were talking about - we were correct - and you were WRONG!!

-CBC News
-CTV News

I haven't stopped by SDA about this, but I bet they are fairly silent on criticizing "Taliban Peter" MacKay.

Reading the CBC article, it's interesting, saying we are trying to win a seat in NFL/Labrador but we already know we are going to win St John's East with Jack Harris.
And how the article was written, "Jack pounced on....
I love how MSM use certain language for the NDP or omit important info.

Anyway, welcome aboard Taliban Peter

We will have to take a look ... the only reason that people like Layton and progressive Libs and others said that our mission in Afghanistan was folly was because the USSR put hundreds of thousands of troops into Afghanistan and got their asses whipped by the Mujahadeen forces .. many of who are now fighting with the Taliban. The USA armed the Mujahadeen with the best weapons available and guess what is killing Canadian troops now (?) the very same American made weapons.

We NEVER had a sniff of a chance of winning an insurgent conflict in the first place. All of that nonsensical bravado from Harper and General Hillier only managed to get almost 100 young Canadians killed.

Well leftdog, I have never been supported of this fake war about a oil pipeline. Considering that Afghanistan never invaded or attacked the states, we have been there 7 years, and not a pipeline in sight.
Even today, I was reading some comments on the Toronto Star online edition, and neocon commenters were still calling him Taliban Jack.

Oh, forgot to tell you, I got accepted on progressive bloggers.

Jan!! That is great! Good stuff!!

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