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Saturday, February 21, 2009 

Free Market Capitalism FAILS in Mighty Alberta

Over the years, we have had to endure an ongoing cacophony of vitriolic right wing nonsense from advocates of the 'unfettered free-market' - Reform 'type' individuals from Alberta. I am talking about the likes of Preston Manning, Stephen Harper, Stockwell Day, Jason Kenney, Rob Anders, Ezra Levant, David McLean .. etc etc etc.

Alberta is screwed like the rest of the world because of the ideology espoused by these irresponsible right wing advocates. While they and their ilk continue to go on and on about the evils of 'socialism', the economic model that they aggressively tout has been exposed for what it is .... and in Alberta of all places ... home of Canada's extreme right wing. And what comes to the rescue of these monolithic capitalist dinosaurs when they falter and fail(?) ..... the hard earned tax dollars of average wage earning citizens ... quess what (?) .... it's called 'socialism'!

-If The Free Market System Works So Bloody Well - Why Does The Private Sector Always Seem To Need Billions Of Tax Dollars To Bail The Bastards Out?

-Endless Deregulation Is The Cause Of Wall Street Disaster

-The Myth of 'Fiscal Conservatism'

The funniest part is that these blowhards still have the balls to sit around pontificating about how Chavez will surely bring down Venezuela with all his socialism. Meanwhile their own system sits in absolute ruin and their own governments dish out corporate welfare at a rate that dwarves any social inititive taken by Chavez or anyone else. They talk about how low oil prices will mean the end of the Chavez experiment. Um excuse me? what the fuck will continued low oil prices do to Alberta? Oops another boom wasted. You gotta admire their great big balls though.

They are simply stupid ... and getting more stupid by the day.
Look at this idiotic nonsense!

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