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Friday, February 13, 2009 

Harper's 4 Per Cent Solution

News that the Harper Conservative's have only released 4% of the total funds promised for infrastructure projects over the last two years has everyone wondering what the hell is going on?

Allow me to lay out three possible reasons for the Tories complete inaction:

1) They are incompetent as an administration and don't have a clue what they are doing.

2) They are so geared towards approving funds ONLY for projects in constituencies that they hold or hope to hold, that they have bogged down with micro-political management.

3) They had NO intention of ever delivering on the money they promised in the first place, hoping to win a headline or positive news story going into last fall's election.

Your pick .... which one of these reasons is it?

-Ottawa Citizen

I don't believe Harper's people could manage the annual budget for a church picnic--let alone a nation.

You forgot option 4)all of the above.

It's number 1.

And I agree with Torontonian.

For point 2, indeed, some Tories love micro-management. Mostly they are frightened about what government does, and a content to ignore it into a state of paralysis (when they do touch something, the results are often ridiculed even by our right-leaning media, so the tories have learned to sit on their fingers). But I'm pretty convinced that they don't care for any of their constituencies. Constituencies, to the typical tory, are just a means to the ends of getting elected, and once elected, just forget about the people until the next election, when, to get elected, you just have to show a parakeet pooing on Ignatieff, and claim Jack Layton is in league with Raoul Castro.

any party that would block day care funding which real world programs in the states have returned as much as 17 dollars for the poorest children tells me it doesn't care, have commons sense or some other agenda... keep woman at home? i'm not sure, but soon women will have less choices when the funding put in place by liberals runs out. more will spend less time with their children or be forced on welfare. At the same time Obama sees this type of funding a cornerstone of economic recovery. And don't get me started on the erosion of women's rights, and attacks on pay equity. (As if every woman is in a union.)

Check out Harper's Record:


And what kind of pm misleads the public about the way the parliamentary system works?

I'm not generally a negative person, but it's hard to not be angry with this administration.

I have to agree with gingercat on this one. It's all of the above!

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