Wednesday, September 30, 2009 

Justin Trudeau Claims That In Reality Ignatieff Does NOT Want An Election

It's Prime Minister Stephen Harper who wants an election, and not Michael Ignatieff says Liberal MP, Justin Trudeau.

“My suspicion is it (election) will be before Christmas,” Trudeau said later in an interview. And he said it is Prime Minister Stephen Harper who wants an election, and not his party leader, Michael Ignatieff.
The Record - Kitchener Waterloo

Finally ... an honest Liberal.

MEANWHILE .... Iffy slaps a gag order on his MP's about Coderre and Quebec ...

Progressive Bloggers


Will The Liberals Vote AGAINST $1 Billion For 200,000 Unemployed Canadians?

"The potentially fatal political wounds that Ignatieff has suffered this month are entirely self-inflicted."

"Everyone knows what was on Ignatieff's mind - he was trying to get the monkey of supporting the government off his back, and shift that burden to the NDP. But in doing so, he gave Jack Layton the balance of power and the opportunity to appear both relevant and responsible. And Layton has seized the moment, on the very strong pretext of supporting extended EI payments of $1 billion to 200,000 families. And by the way, how are the Liberals going to vote on that?"
The Gazette

The Liberal Party of Canada ... merely playing games! Calling for an election when they are desperately afraid of going to the polls ... well except for 'Iffy'!

But don't take just my word on it:

-Justin Trudeau Claims That In Reality Ignatieff Does NOT Want An Election!

-Outremont Outburst saps Liberal Support: Fuddle Duddle
-Ignatieff endangers foundations of Liberal unity


"These are dark days for the federal Liberals"

"These are dark days for the federal Liberals.

Michael Ignatieff’s honeymoon ended with a catastrophic row this week when Denis Coderre quit as Quebec lieutenant, blaming the Toronto gang around Mr. Ignatieff for his departure.

The Conservatives, who were neck and neck with the Liberals all summer, moved decisively ahead this fall after Mr. Ignatieff withdrew his support for the government, threatening an election that was only averted by the NDP.

You can feel the gloom on Parliament Hill, with Liberal staffers and politicians making black jokes and grimacing at their falling fortunes.

Scott Reid, who was director of communications for former prime minister Paul Martin, said the Liberals are actually doing worse than the polls show."

Halifax Chronicle Herald

-Iffy in Quebec Damage Control

-Une «comédie d'erreurs» du PLC - Le Devoir

-Federal Liberals touchy about Toronto

-Mr. "Narcissieff"

-Another 'Dion' as Ignatieff's blunders pile up?

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009 

Harper Gov't Pays $100,000 To Buy Back Priceless Silver On Loan To Canada From The Royal Family - Sold At Auction

In June, I told you how the Federal government goofed up in a big way. In their haste to liquidate publicly owned assets, someone in the Conservative government sold silver items that were on loan to Canada from Buckingham Palace and the British Royal Family.

Well, quietly and steadily, the Conservative government has now been able to buy back all of the silver that was on loan to us - and it only cost taxpayers $100,000!

Pssst ... don't tell the Queen of England!
-Ottawa Sun

Progressive Bloggers


Oh Oh .... Elizabeth May Says She May Take 'Legal Action'

"If the consortium of TV networks doesn't include Green Party Leader Elizabeth May in the highly-publicized TV leaders' debates in the next election campaign, she says she will call on Canadians to help reverse the move and is also threatening legal action."
Hill Times

Don't get me started .......

Progressive Bloggers

Cartoon by kind permission of
Graeme MacKay


British Columbia May Dump RCMP And Create Its Own Provincial Police

After incidents that involved pepper spraying an infant and a toddler and the killing of Robert Dziekanski, the Province of British Columbia may stop using the scandal ridden Royal Canadian Mounted Police and create their own provincial police force.

"The policing agreement between the province and the federal government expires in 2012 and will need to be re-negotiated. At present the RCMP has one-third of its entire force located in British Columbia. This amounts to more than 9,500 employees who police areas ranging from isolated Aboriginal communities and coastal villages to major cities such as Surrey.[...] One major change the province was seeking was to have the RCMP accountable for its conduct to the people and government of B.C., not just to the federal government in Ottawa, he said."
Vancouver Sun

Cartoon by kind permission of Jay Ward Productions ....

Monday, September 28, 2009 

And As The Liberal Party Crumbles Around Them - Lib Bloggers Attack ...... Jack Layton!!

TO: Whomever it is that decided it was smart to have Liberal bloggers attack Jack Layton

FROM: Buckdog

WTF is wrong with you?

-your polling nunmbers are falling under Ignatieff
-you now have open warfare amongst factions of your party .. notably in Quebec
-Canadians do NOT want an election yet Iffy calls for one daily

On what planet does it seem like a good strategy, each and every day, to send your legions of Lib Bloggers out to attack ...... (wait for it .......) Jack Layton????

Simply Amazed!

Progressive Bloggers

-Bigcitylib Strikes Back

-A BCer In Toronto

-Far and Wide

-Bowie Blog


Big Troubles In Liberal Land

Michael 'Iffy' Ignatieff has 'a whole lotta' problems in Quebec! They are down in the polls, can't sustain Riding associations in seats that used to be solid in Liberal Inc, and now have open warfare going on between Iffy's Toronto mob and the Quebec syndicate. (And they want an election ......?)

-Coderre steps down as Liberal Que. lieutenant

Update: Ouch gets even worse for 'Iffy'!

Update: -Four More Quebec Liberals abandon Iffy!

-Coderre-Cauchon 'trench warfare' shows Grit wounds still raw in Quebec

-Connecting the Coderre dots

Progressive Bloggers


Tired Old 'Privatization' Solutions From Saskatchewan's Right

"Does anybody really think it's a good idea for a Crown corporation to be buying natural gas wells and playing around on natural gas markets with public dollars?"
Bruce Johnstone
Regina Leader-Post

Bruce Johnstone is the financial editor of the Regina Leader-Post, a paper that has decided to give Brad Wall's right wing government its subtle support and cheer leading expertise.

One of the key refrains from Saskatchewan's Right is that the province should not go 'back to the past' with the New Democrats led by Dwain Lingenfelter. Lingenfelter was a deputy Premier under Roy Romanow and has served in a number of key cabinet positions.

But what the MSM is not saying is that Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party are all about going 'back to the past' with their failed concepts of private operation of Saskatchewan utilities ... notably ... natural gas.

Saskatchewan is the largest producer of natural gas in Canada. Under 16 years of New Democratic administration, Sask residents enjoyed the lowest cost utilities (including natural gas) in the nation. It was guaranteed by the Calvert administration but was one of the first things dropped by the incoming Saskatchewan Party administration.

This past winter, on Brad Wall's watch, Sask residents paid the highest rates for natural gas in Canada. I suppose when you hate a Crown utility and you would like to turn your population against it, one way is to gouge your consumers and hope that they start demanding 'choices' from the private sector.

Now who’s looking at the past? Throughout the 1980’s, right-wingers like Maggie Thatcher and Ronald Reagan and Grant Devine pushed the privatization agenda. That idea is about 30 years out of date, Bruce.

If the NDP hadn’t stopped Devine in his tracks in the 1980’s, he would have completed his plan to sell off SaskEnergy to the private sector. Since that time, SaskEnergy has functioned as well as can be expected with the limited tools it has to hedge natural gas prices, and store natural gas supplies, to try to keep natural gas prices down in Saskatchewan. However, how much better a job could SaskEnergy do if it actually owned a portion of its natural gas supplies and could provide those supplies to Saskatchewan people at a reduced cost? This is an idea that is being used today across the globe. Mr. Johnstone should take note of the fact that 29 of the world’s 50 largest oil and gas companies are at least partially state-owned. Places like Norway and Brazil have strong economies built on public ownership of their natural resources. It’s an idea that works well, and protects people from being at the mercy of the world price.

Johnstone’s criticism is that if SaskEnergy owned a portion of its natural gas supplies, then it would probably start selling that natural gas to Saskatchewan people at less than the world market price. Well, duh! Isn’t one of the benefits of owning a commodity the ability to use that commodity to your own advantage? Why shouldn’t Saskatchewan natural gas, owned by Saskatchewan people in the first instance, be sold to Saskatchewan people at less than the world price?

Unfortunately for Wall, the gig is up and public sentiment in this province still leans strongly towards public ownership of key utilities. The Saskatchewan Party lost the 2003 election over the concept of Saskatchewan's crown corporations. In fact, they lost so badly, the party adopted a non-privatization policy which helped them go over the top and actually win the 2007 campaign.

But what do you do when you are ideologically bound to privatization? Well, for starts, you get friends in the MSM to start harping and demanding privatization.

Nice try ...

Progressive Bloggers

Brad Wall Plays Games With Natural Gas Prices For Sask Consumers

Saturday, September 26, 2009 

BUSH GO HOME! Security Costs For George Bush In Canada Costs Taxpayers $500,000!

"Keeping George W. Bush safe on the Canadian speaking circuit is on track to cost the RCMP more than half-a-million dollars this year, as taxpayers foot the bill regardless of whether they buy a ticket to any of the former U.S. president's exclusive events. [...]

Government figures reveal the RCMP's security tab for Mr. Bush's first two Canadian speeches this year each ran more than $100,000. Given that he has three more events scheduled next month in Edmonton, Regina and Montreal, this year's cost to taxpayers for his (Bush's) visits is on pace to exceed $500,000.

Security for Mr. Bush's March event in Calgary cost the RCMP $124,000, while a May appearance in Toronto ran up $108,000. In contrast, the security bill to protect Mr. Clinton, who strolled down memory lane on the same stage at the same time as Mr. Bush in Toronto, was far less at $12,000."

Globe & Mail

Friday, September 25, 2009 

Columnist Apologizes For Backing RCMP Officers Who Killed Robert Dziekanski

"I apologize for sticking up for the Mounties who Tasered Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver International Airport in October 2007. He died soon after. More than that, I am sorry for suggesting in print that Mr. Dziekanski and his mother, Zofia Cisowski, had some culpability in his death; he for acting bizarrely, she for failing to do more to locate her son before he went berserk after waiting mistakenly for hours in a Canada Customs office in the terminal. [...]

But worst of all is the way senior Mounties have done all they can to keep the bright light of public scrutiny from shining on the Dziekanski death. Their initial response to the incident was less than frank. They tried to block a comprehensive video taken at the scene from being made public. They resisted an inquiry, whitewashed their own findings and, as we learned this week, kept 18,000 documents -- some highly damaging -- from being seen by the formal inquiry and from the public.

Senior Mounties who helped perpetrate a cover-up should be sacked. Likely the four officers should be fired, too, although Canadians might want to wait for the Braidwood report before urging that. And the RCMP itself should apologize formally for its role in all this. Next the force needs to be remade from top to bottom, stressing its responsibility and rectitude. Only then will it have any chance of repairing its tarnished reputation."

Lorne Gunter


The Way Iggy-Libs Are Treating Dion Says A Lot About The Current Leadership Of The Liberal Party

"He (Stephan Dion) deserves better than to have his back stabbed by the likes of Denis Coderre, a party apparatchik whose contributions to Canada are minimal compared with those of Dion. But Coderre apparently has the ear and the support of Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, which greatly enhances his ability to make mischief in the ranks of the party's Quebec wing. And Coderre seems to think, according to our columnist L.Ian MacDonald, that Dion should have the decency to disappear before the next election and leave his riding open for a "star candidate."

This is the kind of nastiness that gives party politics a bad name - and rightly so. For all his errors as leader, Dion has long been a stalwart defender of national unity. He rallied to the Liberal cause in the dark days following the 1995 referendum precisely to fight the very real threat of national dissolution. His three open letters to separatists demolished the arguments of those who would tear the country apart and his Clarity Act stiffened the spines of discouraged federalists and infuriated their foes."

Montreal Gazette Editorial
September 25 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009 

Liberal / Tory .... same old story .....

"We've turned into one big appointment society. It's a perfect democratic deficit storm."
Sheila Gervais

Former National Director
Liberal Party of Canada
Former top Liberal official blasts party's lack of democracy

"Mr. Cauchon was the Chrétien-era justice minister who spearheaded legislation to legalize same-sex marriage and decriminalize marijuana. He is something of a symbol for progressive Liberals who believe their stance on social justice issues is one of the few things that distinguishes their party from Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives."
Joan Bryden

Yup ... got that right!! You don't need much else to see that Iggy is determined to move the Liberal Party to the 'Right' end of the political spectrum. What's most surprising, however, is the sheer number of so called 'progressive' lib bloggers who are marching in lock step with him ... just like lemmings.

Progressive Bloggers

Wednesday, September 23, 2009 

Iggy-Libs Afraid That Democracy May Break Out In Outremont Nomination Fight

"Room must be found for Cauchon"
Bob Rae

Joan Brydon - The Globe & Mail

Iggy-Libs are desperately trying to stomp out an outbreak of democracy in the Liberal Party of Canada. Stay tuned ...........

Progressive Bloggers


Michael Ignatieff - "I'm the Leader of the Opposition - I've got no position to clarify!"

"Whaaaaa? Mr. Ignatieff has reversed himself so often on so many issues you could call it the Iggy Shuffle. First he criticizes Israel, then he supports Israel. First he criticizes the budget, then he supports the budget. First he denounces deficits, then he urges more spending. First he threatens an election, then he backs down on an election.

You put your right foot in,
You put your right foot out,
You put your right foot in
And you shake it all about.
You do the Iggy shuffle
And you turn yourself around,
That's what it's all about."

The Iggy Shuffle


Liberal Hair Pull Going On In Quebec

"One of the incumbents on Coderre's hit list is none other than Stéphane Dion, a former leader of the party. Coderre thinks Dion should have the decency to disappear. Dion thinks Coderre and Ignatieff should treat him, as a former leader, with more respect. And he's right - they owe him, big time."

Liberals Hurt Themselves Fighting Over Quebec Ridings
Montreal Gazzette

Iggy only wants Liberals ... who are not TOO liberal!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 

Fox News Staff Caught Inciting 'Tea Baggers' At Sept 12th Rally

On Friday, Media Matters released a video showing a Fox News producer, dressed in green, stage-managing a protest crowd in front of Congress on September 12th. The video -- which shows a producer waving her arms in the air, encouraging a crowd of protesters to make noise for a live shot -- it provides some of the clearest evidence yet of Fox's central role in manufacturing anti-Obama dissent.

-Daily KOS has more ....

H/T to Tomcat at Politics Plus ....


Iggy-Libs Tell Dion To Give Up His Seat In Quebec

Iggy's political pit bull in Quebec, Denis Coderre is ticking a lot of lifelong Liberals off with his strong arm tactics. It's being reported that even former Liberal Party Leader, Stephan Dion has been told to abandon the thought of running in the next federal election.

"The controversy is a harbinger for other difficulties in the Quebec wing of the party. Coderre has pressured some long-serving MPs with safe seats to resign, according to a number of Liberal sources. They told CBC News the party wants those seats for star female candidates as part of its renewal process.

The sources said former party leader Stéphane Dion, along with Bernard Patry, Raymonde Folco, and Lise Zarac, have all been asked to step aside." [...]

Several Liberals, who would not speak publicly, told CBC News that Coderre's style and approach to the Quebec election strategy is too divisive. They said the leader should strip Coderre of his responsibilities in Quebec before it threatens party unity. Coderre could not be reached for comment.

CBC News

Monday, September 21, 2009 

Saskatchewan New Democrats Win Two By-Elections

Progressive Bloggers

The Saskatchewan New Democrats have won two provincial by-elections. One of the wins went to Dwain Lingenfelter, newly elected Leader of the Saskatchewan NDP. He took Regina Douglas Park Constituency. The New Democrats also won a seat in Saskatoon Riversdale, where first time candidate, Danielle Chartier will take her place in the Legislative Assembly as an MLA.

The Saskatchewan Liberal Party did not run a candidate against Lingenfelter in Regina. Unofficially, many Liberals encouraged their supporters to vote for the Saskatchewan Party candidate (who formerly ran for the provincial Liberals). The strategy did not work as Lingenfelter took over 50% of the vote in Douglas Park.

In Saskatoon, the Liberal candidate nearly came fourth behind the Green Party candidate. It should be noted that the Liberal Party of Saskatchewan is dead ... (well maybe 'the living' dead), considering that they won 0% of the vote in Regina and 2% of the vote in Saskatoon. RIP.

-CBC Saskatchewan
-NDP By-Election Sweep - Saskatoon Star Phoenix
-Regina Leader Post

Photo courtesy Regina Leader Post


Noah Evanchuk Wins Palliser New Democratic Nomination

Noah Evanchuk will contest the Federal Riding of Palliser for the New Democrats in the next federal campaign. Evanchuk practices law in Regina and is part of a group of Saskatchewan New Dems who are driving a lot of change and bringing tons of new ideas into how we do politics. Remember that name ...

Palliser is currently represented by a Conservative - the former Mayor of Moose Jaw, Ray Boughen ..... stay tuned ....!

-Louis Riel Trail
-Evanchuk for Palliser


"That's what Ignatieff told us.

TDK ... calls Iggy on his BS.


The Iggy-Libs 'Have Put Nothing On The Table' For Canadians

""He's put absolutely nothing on the table. It's just empty rhetoric," a top Liberal who supported Mr. Ignatieff (Etobicoke-Lakeshore, Ont.) in both of his leadership campaigns told The Hill Times last week. "It's not enough to say, 'That in good times we're going to bring forward the progress...' If he goes into an election and doesn't really have anything substantive to put on the table, we're looking at a massacre."

Throughout the summer months, the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party ran neck and neck in public opinion polls and, in some cases, Liberals were even slightly ahead of the Conservatives.

An Angus-Reid online poll released last week showed that the Conservatives were leading the pack with 36 per cent support followed by the Liberals with 29 per cent, the NDP 17 per cent, the Bloc 10 per cent and the Green Party seven per cent. This poll showed that 58 per cent of Canadians oppose forcing an election while 31 per cent support it. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 per cent 19 times out of 20."

The Hill Times
September 21, 2009

Progressive Bloggers

Friday, September 18, 2009 

Liberal Lemmings

I am not a Liberal. Thank God. I, however, do have a few extended family members who are Liberal supporters, but I love them anyway. We all have times when we must put up with stupidity from family members simply because they are family.

I am also a member of 'Progressive Bloggers'. It is a wonderful blog aggregator, probably the best political aggregator in Canada. I share space with other New Democratic bloggers, with a few Green bloggers and with a swack of Liberal bloggers.

Over the last couple of weeks, the non-Liberal prog bloggers have been watching our Liberal colleagues, running around like demented chickens anxious to lose their political heads. "Call an election!" ... "Call an election!"

This seemed like mere posturing because, poll after poll, Liberal numbers have been tanking and running well behind the Conservatives. Liberals certainly are NOT poised to improve their seat numbers in the House of Commons if an election were held now, and yet, they are demanding an election.

At first I assumed that it was mere political bravado ... "bring it on dude!" ... "let's go"! In the world of politics, such phony posturing is quite normal and acceptable. But something is different about Liberal calls for an election this time around. These guys actually WANT an election and believe that they will win government. Regardless of the polling numbers, regardless of the absolute lack of public agreement for an election at this time, Liberals are blind to reality and sincerely want to go to the voters.

It is almost as if a 'lemming' mindset has grabbed hold of them.

These normally conscious, articulate, intelligent Lib bloggers seem to have thrown common sense and political awareness out the window in exchange for a one shot electoral throw of the dice that could very likely see Stephen Harper finally win a Majority government.

What's up with that? ..... I think I know.

Liberals are not used to being in Opposition. It is not a role and position that they are comfortable or familiar with. Historically, we are well aware of the fact that Liberal governments have dominated this nation throughout the 20th Century.

But at the moment, Liberals are being asked by the nation to wear the Opposition role, and Liberals simply will not accept the role that our democracy has assigned them. Too bloody bad. Deal with it.

And smarten up .......

The people of Canada, collectively, are smarter than the Liberal camp. You cannot win a government at the moment, and you risk giving Canadians what they have rejected two elections in a row .... a Stephen Harper Majority.

Progressive Bloggers

Comments have been closed ... this is my say ... on my blog ....

Thursday, September 17, 2009 

Dear Employment Insurance Recipient - Here is what Liberals REALLY Think About Your Plight!

Dear EI Recipient;

While the New Democratic Party of Canada is working hard to try and improve Employment insurance provisions for you from the Harper government, I would like you to take a moment and read what LIBERALS actually think about your plight.

In a Liberal blog called 'Far and Wide' you will read the following Liberal Party interpretation of your unfortunate circumstances:

"Not only do we further expose the NDP, but the Liberals take away this EI issue, should we go to an election. It's a classic squeeze play, and the final end product will be an even more embarrassing statement, should the NDP vote confidence AGAIN on the next occasion. Rather than using this paltry EI nonsense as validation, people are left scrambling with new rationalizations. Meanwhile, the Liberals project strength and resolve, no sense whatsoever that we fear an election- an interesting posture, given the recent trends."

In short, the Liberal Party of Canada does not give a hoot about the situation of Canadians who have lost their jobs and livelihood during this recession. All they care about, is trying to play political games for their own political benefit.

Yours sincerely

... Saving the Liberals from themselves .....


Saving The Liberals From Themselves ...

Progressive Bloggers

"The Conservatives have widened their lead over the Liberal Party, a new poll suggests, as federal election speculation continues. The EKOS poll, commissioned for the CBC and released Thursday, shows the Tories with 35.1 per cent support, followed by the Liberals with 29.9 per cent. The New Democratic Party followed with 16.5 per cent, the Bloc Quebecois with 9.6 per cent and the Green Party with 9 per cent."
CBC News

Clearly, Iggy needs more practice before Libs let him loose on the campaign trail ....

Massive Liberal Flip-Flop!!
In spite of Libloggers insisting that the NDP is proping up Harper ... IGNATIEF AND THE LIBERALS WILL NOW PROP UP THE CONSERVATIVE MINORITY!

Cartoon by kind permission of
Graeme MacKay

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 

Rahim Jaffer's Anti-Drug Ad

"Jack Layton and the Ottawa NDP have publicly supported the legalization of marijuana. In fact when asked about marijuana Jack Layton called it a wonderful substance which Canadians should be free to smoke at home or in a cafe. Edmontonians understand how difficult it is to make sure our children make the right choices especially on serious issues like drug use. The Conservative Party supports drug free schools and getting tough with drug dealers who sell illegal drugs to children. Don't let our schools go up in smoke..on October 14th vote Conservative."
Rahim Jaffer
Radio Ad

(in the final days of the 2008 Federal Election)

-The New Democratic Party went on to defeat Rahim Jaffer just a few days later for his Federal constituency in Edmonton, Alberta.
-Jaffer went on to be arrested for drunk driving and possession of cocaine.

Progressive Bloggers


test post ... do not adjust your set .....

.... test .... test .... technical difficulties are temporary ..


"You Lie, Boy"!

South Carolina Republican Congressman, Joe Wilson:

-belonged to the Sons of Confederate Veterans
-led a 2000 campaign to keep the Confederate flag waving above South Carolina’s state Capitol
-denounced as a “smear” the true claim of a black woman that she was the daughter of Strom Thurmond, the ’48 segregationist candidate for president.
-Heckled President Barack Obama while he spoke to Congress

Scratch an anti-Obama 'screamer' and you will find a racist!

-President Jimmy Carter has an opinion

-Boy Oh Boy - NY Times

-YouTube - Joe Wilson Heckles President Obama

Tuesday, September 15, 2009 

Liberal Staffers Are Always The Best Dressed Protesters That Money Can Buy!!

"The rain finally left Ottawa sparkling, the humidity evaporate - one could say that the air around Parliament had cleared. There was Jack Layton walking up Parliament Hill to meet with Stephen Harper, and behind him stood scores, at least three, Liberals all dressed in their golf shirts and Mexx suits and red blouses with signs of encouragement. Of course the media got it all wrong (don't they always?), and reported that these were protesters, but have you ever seen such a finely tailored group of protesters?"
The Wheatsheaf

-Liberal Astroturf - Northwestern Lad


Perrins Report Tells Sask Party Govt To Look At ALL Energy Options - Not Just Nuclear - Chaos In Sask Party Ranks

Dan Perrins was commissioned by Premier Brad Wall's government to conduct an abbreviated schedule of public consultation and to then prepare a report concerning the viability of constructing a nuclear power reactor for Saskatchewan.

The 'public consultation' process was widely criticised because nuclear power generation was the only option presented. Voices that advocated for wind or solar power generation were dismissed outright.

However, what is this.... ? The Perrins Report was released this morning with the following key recommendation:

“The overwhelming response to this public consultation was that nuclear power generation should not be a choice for Saskatchewan, whether it is intended to serve the needs of Saskatchewan people only or for a combination of Saskatchewan people and other provinces and states.”[...]

“I recommend the Government of Saskatchewan develop a consolidated report on all power generation options and make this report available to the public.”
Recommendation #1,

Clearly, this was NOT the result that Premier Brad Wall's Office wanted to hear. In fact, this mornings 'Right' leaning radio talk show, (featuring Rush Limbaugh wannabe, John Gormley) came out swinging at New Democratic Party leader, Dwain Lingenfelter in order to avoid the findings of the Perrins Report! It seems that the Saskatchewan Party brain trust has decided that the best political strategy is to just ignore the Perrins Report and to go on the attack against Lingenfelter.

This panicky knee jerk reaction by the Sask Party is obvious. There is going to be anger in the ranks of the Right Wing Saskatchewan Party who are determined to bring nuclear power to the province. Having done everything possible to try and sway the public hearings towards the nuclear option, Wall Inc. are going to have a hard time pacifying their own ranks and their comrades in the nuclear industry!

-No Case For Nuclear Power - Lingenfelter
-Sask Residents Fear Nuclear Power - Perrins Report
-CBC Saskatchewan has more .....

Monday, September 14, 2009 

Patrick Swayze - 57 -Dies Way Too Young

He was one of the good ones ..........

-Vancouver Sun


How Much Does The War In Afghanistan Cost Canadian Taxpayers? Harper Won't Tell You - It's A NATIONAL SECRET!

We live in a democracy. Supposedly, we are trying to bring our style of government to the people of Afghanistan. We know the human cost of the War to Canadians every time we read about the death of another soldier. But what is the financial cost? It must be pretty bad ... because Stephen Harper and his Conservatives will not tell Canadians how much of their money is being spent in the Afghan War.

If the Conservatives were the Opposition right now, (and hopefully they soon will be), can you imagine how they would be going mental if the government of the day refused to disclose the cost of the War to taxpayers? Yet when they are in the government benches, they act in an arrogant, dictatorial manner.

Shame on Stephen Harper for once again, not being honest with Canadians.

-Vancouver Sun

Sunday, September 13, 2009 

Susan Boyle's 'British Invasion'

Internet singing superstar, Susan Boyle arrived in America to the same kind of fanfare that marked her appearance on the world stage a few months back. It is rare to find anyone without an opinion on Ms. Boyle ... either you love her unique singing talent or you don't. I think she's great! She reminds me of someone who should be at my family's weddings, funerals and other events.

She has recorded an album that will be released in November but if you are interested here is a sneak peek of one cut .. a slow, moody song by the Rolling Stones called 'Wild Horses'.

-Daily Mail Online

Saturday, September 12, 2009 

The Real Lessons of 9/11

"On this eighth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, it’s worth reflecting on how even a mildly competent U.S. President might have prevented the terror attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people and drove the United States into a spasm of revenge that has wasted untold blood and treasure.

The evidence of George W. Bush’s incompetence has emerged from official investigations, court cases and memoirs from key insiders but often has attracted less attention than the speculative arguments from conspiracy theorists about the 9/11 attacks being “an inside job.”

Ironically, it was the evidence of Bush’s stunning incompetence that gave momentum to the so-called “9/11 truth movement,” which argued that the U.S. government couldn’t be that inept and that therefore the Bush administration must have been complicit in the attacks."

Consortium News

Wednesday, September 09, 2009 

Sask. Party Government Has Rejected All Other Options For Future Energy Needs In Favour Of Nuclear Power Generation

It is becoming very clear that in spite of what they say publicly, Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party government have rejected all other possible alternate energy options in favour of nuclear power generation for the province's future energy needs.

The New Democratic Opposition has insisted that alternate energy sources should be given equal study. Saskatchewan has abundant solar and wind potential that the Wall government is not giving any serious consideration to.

"...the Wall government has no intention of examining green energy options or conducting legitimate public consultations regarding the energy future of Saskatchewan.
Trent Wotherspoon
NDP Finance Critic

"The Wall government took a full year and spent well over $3 million to study one controversial energy option - nuclear,” Wotherspoon said. “Surely common sense would dictate that more time and input should be allowed to examine a variety of alternative energy sources than the Sask Party currently has in mind.”

The all-party committee was announced last spring after the NDP proposed the formation of an Energy Development Partnership (EDP) to examine a variety of energy options and conservation programs, not simply the nuclear discussion the Sask Party had initiated. While the formation of the EDP was rejected, the Wall government agreed to conduct public hearings and hear from various experts in alternative energy fields. Wotherspoon is concerned the Sask Party is backing away from the spirit in which the committee was formed.

“We agreed to reach across the floor of the legislature and work together as MLAs to examine the best and most cost-effective energy options for our future,” Wotherspoon said. “However, the tactics of the Wall government have made it almost impossible to conduct these hearings in any reasonable or productive way.”

New Democratic Opposition

Progressive Bloggers

Tuesday, September 08, 2009 

George W. Bush Coming To Saskatoon

He suspended Habeus Corpus and removed the civil liberties of every American citizen. He lied "on at least 532 separate occasions" about the presence of 'weapons of mass destruction' in order to start a war against Iraq. His government engaged in torture and other war crimes. He was the most hated American president since Nixon.

He is coming to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, sponsored by an oil company .... and Saskatchewan's extreme Right wing is simply gushing!

And by the way ... Canadian taxpayers are forking out $500,000 to cover security costs for Bush while he is in Canada!

-Questions That George W. Bush Will NOT Be Asked In Saskatoon Today

Monday, September 07, 2009 

Labour Day .... 'Built By The Hands Of Working Men And Women'

The world we live in - the things we enjoy ... have been built by the hands of working women and men! There are those who would repress working people ... take away the rights they have won such as safe working conditions, freedom of association, fair wages and freedom from abusive behaviour!

Happy Labour Day .... (AND to my American friends ... Happy Labor Day)

-My good friend TomCat has a great USA/Labor Day post today .....

Friday, September 04, 2009 

The Liberal Party Of Saskatchewan Is NOT A Real Political Party

There are two byelections underway in Saskatchewan for seats in the Legislative Assembly - Regina Douglas Park Constituency and Saskatoon Riversdale.

The New Democrats, Green Party and Saskatchewan Party all have candidates competing in both seats. The Liberal Party of Saskatchewan is only contesting the Saskatoon seat with a former Saskatchewan Party candidate. They are not running a candidate in Regina. (Although it should be noted that the Saskatchewan Party candidate in Regina Douglas Park was once a candidate for the Liberal Party).

Confused? Don't be. The Liberal Party of Saskatchewan is not a real political party. They are suffering from a major personality disorder that is obvious to all but themselves. There are only 2 possible reasons why the Liberals are not contesting the Regina Douglas Park constituency:

1) No one will put their name forward and run for the Liberals in Regina
2) The Liberals and Saskatchewan Party have met and agreed to try and unify the 'non-New Democrat vote' in an attempt to defeat Dwain Lingenfelter, newly elected Leader of the Saskatchewan New Democrats. (If true, this proves the old axiom ' "Liberal/Tory ... same old story).

For the record, there are NO Liberals in the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly and they have not formed government here since the 1967 provincial election.

The Saskatchewan Liberal Party is a joke. It is a farce. It is not a real political party. Until Saskatchewan Liberals choose a competent, knowledgeable and articulate leader like John Murney or Alan McIntyre to lead them, they will remain a subsidiary of the Right Wing Saskatchewan Party.

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... Former Prime Minister, Stephen Harper

That kinda has a nice ring to it .... doesn't it???

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009 

Afghanistan for Dummies

"I’m going to ask for my money back. I’ve seen this Afghanistan movie before. The first time, Vietnam was in the title. And our protagonist, Gen. Westmoreland — sorry, I mean McChrystal — sees the situation as serious but salvageable. As Westmoreland did with President Lyndon Johnson, McChrystal is preparing to tell President Barack Obama that thousands of more troops are needed to achieve the U.S. objective — whatever that happens to be.

As in Vietnam, uncertainty about objectives and how to measure success persist in Afghanistan."

Afghanistan for Dummies
By Ray McGovern
September 2, 2009

FLASHBACK - 3 1/2 YEARS AGO: -Did We Not Learn Anything From the Vietnam Experience?

-I Wonder If Some Day I Will Write A Post With The Title: 'Did We NOT Learn Anything From The Afghanistan Experience?"

Tuesday, September 01, 2009 

Convicted Murderer - Colin Thatcher Releases His Memoirs Today - 'I Was Framed!'

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He's the son of a former Liberal Premier of Saskatchewan. He was an elected Conservative Member of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly. He was a Cabinet Minister in the Grant Devine Conservative government. He was convicted of 'being responsible for the death of' his estranged wife, days before she was to receive a large divorce settlement. He has lost every legal appeal that he launched. His name is Colin Thatcher. His memoirs were released today. He claims that a massive conspiracy by the entire Saskatchewan judicial, political and police worlds, set him up and framed him.

-Regina Leader Post
-Thatcher: The Master Manipulator - Murray Mandryk

CBC Digital Video Archives - The 1983 Murder of Joanne Wilson (Thatcher)

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