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Thursday, July 28, 2011 

If You Aren't Familiar With New Democrat Party Prez Brian Topp ... you soon will be

Brian Topp is President of the New Democratic Party of Canada. He is from Montreal and is fully bilingual. His experiences and political skill are impeccable. If you aren't familiar with him ... I have a sneaking suspicion that you soon will be. Brian is a great friend to Saskatchewan New Dems having worked here with Roy Romanow for years during the 1990's. Brian is a great friend and a true Canadian.

"OTTAWA—When Brian Topp was elected president of the New Democratic Party, he hoped to lead a policy renewal so that his party could show Canadians they were capable of forming the next federal government. He didn’t expect to have to lead the process for a new interim leader. But as Jack Layton is battling a new cancer and has stepped aside to focus on his health, political observers and those close to him say Mr. Topp is a strong leader who’s one of the “most stalwart” NDP staffers in the country.

“The party owes the public a careful think about what its priorities are and we need to be seen to be doing that so the public knows that they can trust us with a pretty big mandate, which is run the national government. So that’s what I was hoping and still hoping to work on as president of the party. I certainly wasn’t looking to work on a matter like this which is heartbreaking frankly,” Mr. Topp told The Hill Times Wednesday after the NDP caucus met to choose Nycole Turmel (Hull-Aylmer, Que.) as its interim leader.

“I’ve always found Jack Layton to be an inspiring man. I’ve been struck with what an incredible fighter he is. It was a privilege to sit next to him on Monday and see and feel his determination and I just really hope that this works out reasonably and in the mean time you do what you have to do,” Mr. Topp said."

Hill Times

-Brian Topp Elected President of New Democratic Party of Canada ...

Photo courtesy Jake Wright, The Hill Times

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