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Thursday, August 03, 2006 

Harper! Hands Off the Canadian Wheat Board!!

Demonstrating once again that they are driven by right wing ideology, the Harper government is preparing to kill the Canadian Wheat Board. Prairie farmers have benefited from the single desk marketing of the CWB for decades. It is farmers who should decide the fate of the Board, not the Federal Tories.

The Harper government is using crafty language to outline their position. They will tell you that they do not want to kill the CWB, they merely want to give farmers more ‘choice’ by adopting a dual marketing system. They are hoping that for the Canadian public, a ‘dual’ system, where farmers can opt in or out of the Board, will sound reasonable. The only problem is that since the CWB itself does not have facilities to move, hold and store grain, the large multinationals will be the sole buyers and sellers of grain commodities produced in the West.

The Canadian Wheat Board sells grain to more than 70 countries and returns all sales revenue, minus the cost of marketing, to Prairie producers.

Recent studies on the issue of a dual market system, especially one recently
commissioned by the Government of Alberta, consistently indicate that the Canadian Wheat Board would not survive in a dual marketing situation.

Farmers want to vote on the future of the Board. Stephen Harper’s response has been to hold private, ‘by invitation only’ meetings to create the impression that they are consulting with producers. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Holding meetings to determine the future of the CWB where only the dual marketing point of view is represented is an insult to both farmers and the democratic process. (I thought, as a Westerner, Harper would at least hold farmers in higher regard). However, it appears the decision has been made and nothing is going to get in the way of the Federal Conservative’s ideology. They want the Canadian Wheat Board to be gone and that is that.

The future of the Canadian Wheat Board must be decided in a vote by all farmers, not just by Stephen Harper.

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The Wheat Board is an unfair monoply....althought it doesn't affect Atlantic Canada nearly as much as the West. It's from a bygone era that helps keep third world farmers poor and our farmers subsidized. The CWB is an integral part of our "cycle of dependence" foreign aid policy and is therefore....EVIL!

You clearly do not understand what the Canadian Wheat Board is all about! Are you saying that it is a way to subsidize Canadian farmers? I suspect that you have no knowledge of this topic/

"Demonstrating once again that they are driven by right wing ideology"

Because after all, they were elected by Canadians on a left-wing platform . . . </sarcasim>

The CWB is a predatory, monopoly that doesn nothing for the farmer. It reduces them to the lowest common denominator regarding their wheat and barley.

If it's such a great thing, why is it that only Western Canada is affected with this diseased hold-over? How can it be that the farmers of wheat and barley in Ont and Que "manage" to survive?

Let the strong find better markets and the weak go to Cargil, Wheat Pool or Pioneer to sell their grain.

That is, after all, what those companies do.


Well lance, what do your neighbours involved in agriculture around Delisle think - do the majority agree with you? No way! And I remind you that Harper is holding a minority government after only 34% of Canadians voted for his sorry lot. He has NO mandate to be making such large changes to Canada without a majority.
Even your opinion seems to be drive more by ideology than by practical common sense.

Leftdog....I suggest you take a look into just how our foreign aid works....we give third world nations "gift certificates". In essence, our foreign aid recipients can only use that aid to buy from our companies. In another example, ee only provide spare parts for bakeries our aid has paid for if they buy wheat from the CWB, if they use their own produce, we get pissed. This is all due to the extremely small but influential farmer's lobby. At the same time, THE CWB IS ABSOLUTELY FUCKING INSTRUMENTAL in the continuation of our domestic agricultural tariffs that prevent the poor people of the world from improving their own lot.

Its a cycle of dependence...and you lefties are right at the center of it.

You sir, are supporting poverty.

For the most part around Delisle, hay, canola, and peas seem to be the crops that people grow.

Not Wheat and barley.

So, yes, they have made their choice and it isn't to stay with the Wheatboard.

My MP is CPC member Carol Skelton, she won via the rural ridings.

My MLA is SP Randy Weeks.

There are three unrelated factoids about the politics in my area. Think the people really buy your 1950's ideology? They've been there already.


OT: Leftdog, is this a saskblog?

If so, email me about being added to the Saskblogs blogroll if you desire.

lance at catprint dot ca


Leftists often live under the fallacy that EVERYONE agrees with them -- despite strong evidence to the contrary.

My experience is that producers are 50/50 on the wheat board.

If Harper would recognize that Canada is a democracy and not some kind of authoritarian Conservative state, we could let farmers vote and decide.

I guess leftdog must have slept through the federal election where a majority of rural ridings voted for the canidates who were running on the platform to get rid of the Canadian wheat board.

"If Harper would recognize that Canada is a democracy and not some kind of authoritarian Conservative state, we could let farmers vote and decide."

Nice retort. Its so typical of you to resort to rhetoric whenever your arguments get trashed.

what do you propose, a referendum to determine the future of the wheat board ?

the wheat board was created to keep the price of grain down during the war effort so farmers couldn't gouge the consumers. it was supposed to be a temporary program just like income tax, and unfortunately we still have both haunting us today.

""He has NO mandate to be making such large changes to Canada without a majority.""

Says who?

If the WCB is such a great idea, why aren't Eastern farmers screaming to get aboard?

The Canadian Wheat Board is a joke. Ever see a farmer get fined or even prison for selling his goods to someone other than the wheatboard. Getting rid of it is a great idea.

If Harper would recognize that Canada is a democracy and not some kind of authoritarian Conservative state, we could let farmers vote and decide.

Like there was a vote to invoke the wheat board in the first place?

It's roots date back to 1905, and made sense at the time, but in this day and age where every farmer controls his operation as a business, uses comlicated software, etc, he now knows that what the wheat board does could easily be done himself.

The CWB issue is not about democracy its about basic human rights. Democracy does not trump human rights.

The wheat belongs to the farmers that created it and they should be free to sell it to whomever they wish. It doesn't belong to the abstract concept of a 'majority of farmers' anymore than it does to the government.

As far as letting farmers decide what to do with the CWB that seems to be the intention of the Harper government. Completely seperating it from government and government interference as well as priveleges. The farmers that want to use it will be free to do so just like the ones who don't will no longer have to.

The future of the board will quite literally be in the hands of farmers. Just what you asked for pup.

Of course that's not what you actually wanted, you wanted farmers to be able to tell other farmers what to do through a form of dictatorship based on tyranny of the majority. And then tell government what to do based on your special group/victim status.

Well like the Stones say " you can't always get what you want."

Enjoy the concert.

Oh yah, and that bit about surviving in a dual market. What about Manitoba Pork? Saskatchewan Pork? Alberta Pork? And the Ontario wheat board? They're all doing quite fine after having lost thier monopoly buying powers.

'The CWB issue is not about democracy its about basic human rights.'

Lord love a duck...you are kidding, right? CWB is a human right!!!!! A right to MAKE farmers sell thru a government agency. Maybe in a communist country, but not here Bucko.

I think the best point made in this thread is why Ontario farmers aren't clamouring to join the wheatboard. You would think they would be having demonstrations every day in Ottawa DEMANDING to be a part of this great and democratic organization.

the CWB is also incredibly secretive, it is easier to get information from CSIS than it is from the CWB. although this is a bit of an exaggeration, ive heard people say it would be easier to get files on the JFK investigation than files from CWB. what is it they are trying to hide i wonder ?

The CWB is not a real farmers friend. Watch this to learn about the CWB :


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