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Saturday, February 21, 2009 

Can Someone Tell The Pinheads At The National Post That We Were BUSH BASHING - And NOT Bashing 'America'!!

George Bush was the worst president in the history of the United States. Worse than Nixon!

As free-thinking Canadians, many of us (myself included) make no apologies for slamming George Bush over the years. He was a dolt. He had no finesse. He was a threat to democracy. He allowed torture. He started a war that did not need to occur. He brought the world to global economic collapse. He deserves every bash that he receives.

So I look today on the internet and read a headline in the National Post that reads, 'So, can we stop bashing America now?' How bloody typical of the right wing National Post. In their typical reactive and unintelligent style, they tried to tell us that 'Bush bashing' was 'America bashing'! It wasn't. Were my good American friends at the Daily KOS 'America bashing' when they went after their own evil president?

I also slam Bush's good pal, Stephen Harper, here weekly. I suppose the National Post will try to tell you that I am 'Canadian Bashing'!


There's a difference between Bush/America bashing and Harper/Canada bashing.

In Canada, our nation is defined by the Crown. Her Majesty is that image that is Canada, and so by bashing one of her ministers, you are not bashing the nation.

In America, their iconography of the "great nation" is defined by the presidency. The American President is America.

However, I'm good with bashing Bush/Obama/Harper/Lizzy, etc. etc.

ADAM ... you wrote, "In Canada, our nation is defined by the Crown. Her Majesty is that image that is Canada"

That is SO COMPLETELY out to lunch with what Canadians believe, think and feel in the 21st century. Your words above are right out of the 19th Century. We NEED to be done with the Monarchy here in Canada. Soon .... very soon!!!

Bill Maher hates America too! ;-)


It might be "out to lunch with what Canadians believe," but we live in a nation that doesn't understand the basics of our democracy and will believe a prime minister who says that a coalition government is a coup.

since Iggy has such close ties to America it's necessary for his supporters to 'modify history' and decide that they really always loved America.
Now why not say how much you love the West and it was only Ralph they didn't like.


That's about the most disingenuous bunch of crap you could have written.

Most people are smart enough to recognize criticism of political leaders as opposed to slamming an entire country or region.

Klein was a short-sighted twit of a Premier who ran out of ideas in 1994. How he hung on as long as he did is a mystery.

As for Bush, about all he really accomplished in 8 years was to polish Nixon's reputation - just as Harper is slowly making Brian Mulroney look good.

If slamming a lousy politician for be a lousy politician is "hating their country/province/state/whatever" in your world, then you have a very limited understanding of how people see the world.

Interesting that you don't like Nixon. He was before my time and I always wrote him off as a thief. (he wasn't really a thief, just a paranoid A-hole). That is why I was so surprised to read Micheal Moore's praise of Nixon in his book "Dude, Where's My Country?". (I'm a HUGE Micheal Moore fan). I'll give you the full paragraph, which is on page 193:
'Nixon was more liberal than the last five presidents we've had. His administration opened a dialogue with China. He was instrumental in establishing affirmative action in hiring and protecting the rights of women. He was the first president to sign agreements on nuclear weapons control. Nixon was responsible for the 1970 Clean Air Act and created the Department of Natural Resources and the Environmental Protection Agency. He gave us Title IX to force tax monies to go to women's sports. He also attempted a type of welfare reform that would have guaranteed an income for the poor. Nixon still should have been run out of office, and the millions of dead in Southeast Asia will haunt him throughout eternity. But to think that he was the last "liberal" in office just makes me want to puke.'

I don't like nor do I hate Nixon, I am indifferent to the man's legacy, but this is an interesting piece of history. And when, like Obama, you consider that he inherited a screwed up war in a foreign country, it does put him in a different light.

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