Tuesday, July 31, 2007 

70 Per Cent Of Canadian Households Online: CRTC

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) released its eighth annual Broadcasting Monitoring Report today and reported that 70% of Canadian households are connected to the Internet.

More and more, new media is becoming the norm for Canadians in the 21st Century.



British Army Ends Northern Ireland Mission At Midnight Tonight

"The British army will officially end its peacekeeping role in Northern Ireland on Tuesday after a 38-year presence that has involved more than 300,000 personnel and cost the lives of more than 750 soldiers."

Since the modern 'Troubles' started in 1969, a feature on the streets and roadways of Northern Ireland has been the large number of British troops needed to try and separate the factions.

With progress having been made to end the bloodshed, the military occupation seems about to end.

CBC Report


Bush Quote Of The Day

My friend, PoliShifter at Pissed On Politics has caught an amazing quote by President George W. Bush at his news conference with new British PM, Gordon Brown:

Quote of the Day

From Monday's press conference with Prime Minister Gordon Brown:

Jim Rutenberg: Mr. President, the Prime Minister has referred to terrorism as quote "a crime" and he's referred to in part as a law enforcement issue, so for you I'm wondering does that underscore any sort of philosophical difference when your 2004 campaign took issue with some what similar descriptions from John Kerry. And Mr Prime Minister, I've heard a lot about how you're approach to the United States will be the same as that of your predecessor but how will it differ?

President Bush: Um, Look, People who kill innocent men, women, and children to achieve political objectives are evil, thats what I think. I don't think there's any need to negotiate with them, I don't think there's any need to hope that they will change, the they are cold blooded killers and we better be cleared eyed when we'er dealing with them, and this Prime Minister right in the begining of his office got a taste of what it means to be in a world with these people that would come and attempt to kill innocent civilians of his country and he handled it well.

Look, we're dealing with a variety of a, methodologies to deal with them, one is intelligence, one is law enforcement and one is military. We got to use all assets at disposal to find them and bring them to justice before they hurt our people again.

"Um, Look, People who kill innocent men, women, and children to achieve political objectives are evil, thats what I think."
President Bush 7/30/07

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like Bush just called himself evil. He's killed more women, children, and men to achieve political objectives since taking office than the terrorists have killed in that same time, perhaps even all time.

Here's a Tip of the Hat to Pissed on Politics

Monday, July 30, 2007 

'Number Of Atlantic Hurricanes Doubled Over The Last Century': Study

As I have said before, no matter what the Climate Change deniers are saying, human activity is causing serious problems for our planets ecosystems. A report by the National Center for Atmospheric Research and Georgia Institute of Technology was published online Monday in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London which indicates that the number and severity of hurricanes has increased steadily over the last century.

"The researchers analyzed data from about the past 100 years, ending with 2005. They used systematic meteorologist's data derived from aircraft flights starting in 1944, satellite data from about 1970, and more sophisticated measuring methods for the subsequent years."

CBC News


'Bush On The Couch' - A Psychiatric Personality Assessment of President George Bush

Consortium news has published an amazing article by psychiatrist Justin Frank, author of Bush on the Couch. Dr. Frank conducts an 'at-a-distance leader personality assessment' to assess the potential dangers of President George W. Bush as he comes to the final stage of his presidency.

The results are chilling. The conclusion is that the President of the United States of America suffers from an aggressive personality disorder.
Dr. Frank suggests some possible countermeasures to constrain Bush.

-Consortium News

-National Security Presidential Directive #51

Progressive Bloggers

Sunday, July 29, 2007 

Majority Of Canadians Have NO Sympathy for Conrad Black

Calgary Right wing publisher, Ezra Levant is going to hate this. Too bad!

A majority of Canadians have little or NO sympathy for Conrad Lord Black after his conviction in U.S. Federal Court!

A poll conducted by Decima Research, for The Canadian Press, finds that 70 per cent of Canadians feel the American jury was correct in their verdict. The poll also shows:
-69 per cent would like Black to see jail time
-60 per cent said Black's Canadian citizenship should not be reinstated
-61 per cent believe his Order of Canada should be revoked.


Saturday, July 28, 2007 

When Those Who Report The 'News' Become The 'News' - Dueling Helicopters

The cut throat nature of live TV news competition can have UGLY results.

-CBC has more ....


Saskatchewan's Free Wireless Service Largest In North America

WINNIPEG -- Free wireless Internet service is now available in Saskatchewan's four biggest cities, making it the first province to launch a widespread, publicly funded network.
Joe Friesen
Globe & Mail
July 28, 2007

"Similar networks exist in other cities but aren't as widespread. We haven't seen a province that has got behind it and done it in four or five cities. This one is by far the largest wireless network at the provincial or state level in North America."
David De Abreu,
Vice-president Cisco

-The Globe & Mail
-Regina Launches FREE Wireless Internet Service!

Friday, July 27, 2007 

'Hey What Ever Happened To The Democrats Controlling Congress?' - Cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

Think back to how excited we all were when the Democrats won control of the U.S. Congress! Yesiree! We were finally going to get that 'Bully Boy' Bush under control!

Bully of the Beach - By Tom Tomorrow

Thursday, July 26, 2007 

Astronauts Were Drunk Before Liftoff: Report

Talk about drunk driving!!!

"NASA astronauts were twice allowed to fly even though they were intoxicated, a U.S. magazine reported Thursday.

Aviation Week & Space Technology said a panel investigating the mental state of astronauts found that on at least two occasions they were allowed to fly while intoxicated, even though doctors and other astronauts reported the unidentified astronauts posed a flight-safety risk.

NASA would not comment on the magazine story, but will release the panel's report on Friday."



Green Party Support Growing - But NOT Concentrated Sufficiently To Win Seats

I will catch hell from Green Party supporters for what I am about to say. Let me start by saying that the Green Party of Canada has done well in growing its support into the 10% range. In such a 'traditionalist' society - which Canada is - it is difficult for a new political party to crack the way that Canadians vote.

The Green Party has made a bridgehead into Canadian politics, have dug in and are experiencing modest growth.

(Now for the part of this post that will have Greens ticked off at me.) A friend of mine mentioned to me the other day that with the 10% mark of support now being consistently held by the Greens, he fully expected them to win 10% of the seats in the House of Commons. --Time Out--! No ... in Canada's 'first past the post' approach, 10% of the vote will likely get you 0% of the seats available.

The NDP win seats because there are regions and specific constituencies where their vote count is concentrated sufficiently for it to translate into seats. The challenge for the Green Party is to find federal constituencies where they can concentrate their support to the point that it translates into a win and hence a Member of Parliament.

If I go to an electoral map of Canada, I still can't point to a region where I can say that the Green vote will be concentrated sufficiently to grab a victory.

That is the Green challenge. We know from polling that Canadians would like to see the Greens have a seat or two in the House of Commons. Fair ball. But where is the strategy to target a 'realistic' seat - (certainly NOT Central Nova) and then throw everything they have at it.

Okay Greens, let 'er rip!

Ottawa Citizen

Wednesday, July 25, 2007 

Senior Tory Staff Asked To Donate $1000 To Party

CTV reports: "Senior political staff in the Harper government say they are "not impressed" with a request from the Prime Minister's Office to donate $1,000 to the Conservative party ..."


Tuesday, July 24, 2007 

Suddenly Al-Qaida Is Everywhere!

Is it just me or is the Bush administration, their minnions and the MSM suddenly talking non-stop again about the threat to the 'homeland' by Al-Qaida?

-Bush: Al Qaeda Threatens America

-U.S. General: al-Qaida Making New Cells in US

-President Bush speaks about al-Qaeda and the war in Iraq

-Breakfast with bin Laden


MySpace.com Finds 29,000 Registered Sex Offenders On Site

Working with various State agencies who maintain offender registeries, MySpace has determined that it has 29,000 registered sex offenders signed up for the popular social networking site.

The sheer number of offenders, some of them convicted of serious crimes are a concern because of the number of underage users who are regulars on the site.

Associated Press

Monday, July 23, 2007 

Changes In Rainfall Man-Made, Canadian Scientists Say

CBC reports that a group of Canadian scientists will publish a report this week in the journal 'Nature', that states, "Human activity is changing rainfall patterns throughout the world, bringing more precipitation to temperate and northern regions while providing less to subtropical and tropical regions north of the equator"

No matter what the Climate Change deniers are saying, human activity is causing serious problems for our planets ecosystems.

-Brits brace for more rain in flood-ravaged England, Wales

-Floods, landslides in China kill more than 100

-Tennessee Valley Drought Worst This Century


George Bush Senior - 'What I Should Have Done ...'

Former President George Bush Senior tells us what he 'should' have done!

Posted on July 22, 2007 at my confined space
by tiki god.

Sunday, July 22, 2007 

Somehow it just seems that this is NOT a good time for well intentioned Christian missionaries to be travelling in Afghanistan trying to bring the Taliban to Jesus.

This type of activity in a war zone is neither wise, nor well advised.

Under the cover of providing humanitarian aid, there is very little likelihood that Muslims are anxious to receive active proselytizing. Surely to gawd, there are converts to be found in areas that are not considered to be delicate war zones.

Statistically VERY few Muslims EVER convert to Christianity because they will simply not embrace the 'three Gods in one Person' concept. Muslims consider that Jesus was an extremely important Prophet, born to a Virgin, but they do not acknowledge divinity or godhood to him. That concept is considered seriously in error to a Muslim. To a Muslim, there is ONE God - 'Al Lah' = 'The God'.

Governments involved in the Afghan mission should dissuade missionaries from going to Afghanistan. It is not helping to improve the situation and it puts their lives in serious danger.

-Voice of America


Plan For Nuclear Power Plant In Works For Alberta

Energy Alberta Corp is working hard to complete their site application for submission to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission for the construction of one and perhaps two nuclear power generators in Alberta.

Calgary Sun

Saturday, July 21, 2007 

Editorial Condemns Dangerous Aspect Of Opposition Saskatchewan Party

The Regina Leader Post Editorial provides a cautionary note to ANYONE who is considering voting for Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party in the next provincial election.

The editorial points out to the extreme right wing Saskies that a government simply CANNOT INTERFERE in the processes of Crown Prosecutors, Courts and the Judiciary as a whole. Wall seems to think that the Cabinet can tell Crown Prosecutors what they will do.

Even though many people in Saskatchewan want a change of government, there is an ongoing lack of comprehension for what governing means that is keeping voters nervous about a Saskatchewan Party government.

Regina Leader Post Editorial


CHENEY IS IN CHARGE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA while Bush undergoes medical procedure!!

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Vice President Dick Cheney will serve as acting president briefly Saturday while President Bush is anesthetized for a routine colonoscopy, White House spokesman Tony Snow said Friday.

Story Highlights:

-President Bush will have a routine colonoscopy Saturday
-While he's anesthetized, his powers will be transferred to the vice president


UPDATE update UPDATE update UPDATE update UPDATE update

We have survived the terrifying experience of having Dick Cheney as the most POWERFUL human on the planet!!!

Friday, July 20, 2007 

How The News Works - Cartoon by Tom Tomorrow

This weeks Tom Tomorrow cartoon in 'Working for Change' is brilliant!!!

How the News Works - by Tom Tomorrow

Thursday, July 19, 2007 

Keep Conrad Black OUT of Canada!

Canadian citizenship "is an impediment to my progress in another more amenable jurisdiction."
Conrad Black

Dear Judge Amy St. Eve:
Conrad Lord Black of Cross Harbour legally renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2001. He insulted all citizens of the Great Dominion of Canada by calling his citizenship here an 'impediment'. However, Lord Black has now reapplied for his citizenship to be returned to him because his old impediment is looking pretty good now that he is a convicted felon in a United States Federal Court.

Your honour, I recognize that the opinion of one Canadian will have little impact on the decision you will render on August 1st, when you decide if Lord Black can leave the United States and return to Canada to await his sentence.

Please keep him in the United States. I don't want him here. If I and my fellow Canadians are an impediment to Lord Black, then we believe that his actions should match his words. He does not deserve to cross our common border.

Please do not allow him to leave your jurisdiction.

Yours sincerely,
An individual who does not perceive
Canadian citizenship as an impediment!


Bush's Wooden-headedness Kills

Historian Barbara Tuchman defined "Wooden-headedness" as the condition wherein a leader "assesses a situation in terms of preconceived fixed notions while ignoring or rejecting any contrary signs. It is acting according to wish while not allowing oneself to be deflected by the facts."

The Consortium News has an excellent article on how Tuchman's thesis applies to George W. Bush. The article is by Ray McGovern.

The Consortum News


WalMart Introduces 'Jesus' Action Figure

The fundamentalist movemment will be happy to know that you will soon be able to purchase your favourite 'Bible Based Toys' from your local WalMart Stores.

Isn't all of this Creationist, Jesus Camp, gay hating nonsense getting a bit tiring for non-fundamentalist Christians?

I mean surely to 'God' (!?!) when are all of you non-fundamentalists going to speak out and say very loudly that 'as a Christian, I do NOT believe that Noah took dinosaurs on the Ark'? When are you going to shout out 'My planet earth is not 6000 years old - it has been here for billions!'

As long as non-fundamentalists sit quietly in their pews at church, saying nothing about what the fundamentalist christianists are doing to your faith, well then, shame on you!

Postscript: Isn't there something in the 10 Commandments concerning 'Graven Images'?? As Monty Python says, 'we don't need to take all of the Bible literally - Just the naughty bits'!


-Wal-Mart and Jesus Team Up: Rolling Back Prices and Saving Souls

-A nice selection of 'faith based' action figures!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007 

Harper Will Not Intervene On Behalf Of Conrad Black

Stephen Harper told reporters that he will not interfere in normal immigration process with regard to Conrad Black's application to regain his citizenship in Canada. Remembering that Black called his Canadian citizenship an 'impediment' to his self centred and self serving egotistical aspirations.

According to a CBC report, "Immigration Minister Diane Finley has discretionary power to grant Black permanent residency on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. But even if Finley did allow Black to live in Canada again, his criminal conviction would likely stand in the way of regaining his citizenship."



Calvert And Stelmach - Is Regime Change Coming In Saskatchewan And Alberta?

Knickers Down had a thought provoking post the other day entitled, 'Winds of Political Change Blowing On The Prairies'

With the Alberta Tories at 34% in the polls, and the Saskatchewan New Democrats at least 20 points behind the Saskatchewan Party, we may be looking at an amazing regime change in these two oil producing provinces.

Both governments are operating in the midst of economic prosperity, but the desire for change in both provinces is palpable.

Both administrations are 'long in the tooth' and are dominated by aging Baby Boomers and all of the stagnation that goes with the boomer's lack of creativity, energy and vision.

The Alberta Progressive Conservatives have been in power since 1971 and have come to believe that they have a Divine right to govern. The dominating faction of leadership in the Saskatchewan NDP Caucus were elected in 1986 and are still fighting Grant Devine.

I am no Liberal so I really don't feel all that excited about a Liberal government in Alberta. I AM a New Democrat and the prospect of a Saskatchewan Party government in my home province makes me feel ill. However, both of these prairie Premiers have done it to themselves.

Regime change is coming.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007 

Alberta Conservatives At 34 Per Cent!

Yes siree! There is trouble in Tory land. The Alberta Progressive Conservative Party has been in power since August, 1971. Under the leadership of Premier Ed Stelmach, their polling numbers have fallen to only 34%.

-Globe and Mail

Progressive Bloggers

Monday, July 16, 2007 

Off To See The Lawyers

Buckdog will not publish today. I am off to see my lawyers on what will be a very interesting story in the days and weeks to come. Stay tuned!


Sunday, July 15, 2007 


Any Canadian who wants to stay up to date on progressive political thinking and writing in the USA needs to have a few regular american sites to check out. These are mine.

Bookmark some of these blogs and drop in to see what's up south of the 49th.



-Coyote Angry

-Daily Kos

-Did We Say That Out Loud?

-Fundie Watch


-Left In East Dakota

-Morning Martini

-Pissed on Politics

-Politics Plus

-Progressive American Patriot

-Red State Update

Or bookmark them all at Progressive American Blogs



Becoming Canadian Again - That's What Conrad Black Wants

Canadian citizenship "is an impediment to my progress in another more amenable jurisdiction."
Conrad Black

Ooops ... guess who wants his impediment back again!!!

What would it take for him to be honoured with Canadian citizenship again? Here is a quick FAQ that tells all.


-Black out as Tory in Britain's House of Lords: CBC
-Conrad Black May Regret Giving Up Citizenship: BUCKDOG
-Ezra Levant Defends Conrad Black: BUCKDOG

Saturday, July 14, 2007 

Iraqi Prime Minister says U.S. Troops Can Go 'Anytime They Want'

"BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) -- Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki shrugged off U.S. doubts of his government's military and political progress Saturday, saying Iraqi forces are capable and American troops can leave "anytime they want." One of his top aides, meanwhile, accused the United States of embarrassing the Iraqi government by violating human rights and treating his country like an "experiment in a U.S. lab."

Al-Maliki sought to display confidence at a time when pressure is mounting in Congress for a speedy withdrawal of U.S. forces. On Thursday, the House passed a measure calling for the United States to withdraw its troops by spring, hours after the White House reported mixed progress by the Iraqi government toward meeting 18 benchmarks.

During a news conference, al-Maliki shrugged off the progress report, saying that difficulty in enacting the reforms was "natural" given Iraq's turmoil.

"We are not talking about a government in a stable political environment, but one in the shadow of huge challenges," al-Maliki said. "So when we talk about the presence of some negative points in the political process, that's fairly natural."

Liberal Catnip has an interesting angle on al-Maliki's strategy:
"As for al-Maliki trying to assure those who favour troop withdrawals ASAP, he knows that as long as Bush is around that isn't going to happen. If he truly believes Iraq is ready to go it alone (which it never actually will since US troops are posed to be there for years as "support" for the government), he should put his money where his mouth is and just kick them out. He'd even win back al Sadr's support if he made such a move and that would definitely bring progress on the political and insurgency front. But al -Maliki will not be allowed to do that as long as his government has not passed the oil law in order to appease Bush and his war-profiteering buddies. Forget about the September "progress report". The turning point in this war will begin the day that oil law is passed since that's all this war has been about since day one."

CNN Online


Canadian Judge Rules Pot Possession Laws Unconstitutional

CBC is reporting on a case of particular interest this week. A Judge in Toronto ruled yesterday that Canadian laws concerning the possession of cannabis are unconstitutional.

A man appeared before the Judge for a minor possession charge. He argued that the federal government has only made it policy to provide marijuana to those who need it, but never made it an actual law. Because of that, he argued, ALL possession laws in Canada, whether medicinal or not, should be quashed.

The Judge AGREED! The case was dismissed.

Federal prosecutors and other assorted legal types will be scratching their heads on the ruling, wondering what to do to shore up this hole in the laws which maintain prohibition in Canada.

CBC has more.

Friday, July 13, 2007 

If You Support Conrad Black - Then You Do NOT Support Our Troops In Afghanistan!

Conrad Black rejected his Canadian citizenship and walked away from this great nation to advance his own petty self interest.

Yet at this very moment, Canadian Armed forces are in Afghanistan fighting for what they believe in. Can you imagine one of our soldiers holding Canada in such low esteem that they would reject their citizenship? Yet that is what his Lordship Conrad Black has done.

I went over to smalldeadanimals and read all of the right wing comments from those who strongly support Lord Black of Cross Harbour. I put it to them this way - if they support Conrad Black - a man who rejected Canada and rejected Canadians .... then what does that say to our troops who have NOT rejected their Canadian citizenship?

When Black rejected his Canadian citizenship, he rejected:
-Canadian Troops

.... for what?


Stephen Harper Told NOT To Talk Like Bush Anymore

We all know how much Prime Minister Stephen Harper loves George Bush's politics, world view, economics, fundamentalism and rhetoric. However The Strategic Counsel for Foreign Affairs has told him that he has to drop some of his use of 'Bush lines' if he wants to stop turning Canadians off.

CTV has the story:

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been advised to tone down his language on topics such as "fighting terrorism" and the "9/11 terrorist attacks" and to hold off on using phrases such as "cut and run" when discussing Canada's options in Afghanistan.
The advice is part of a public-opinion report prepared last month by The Strategic Counsel for Foreign Affairs"

Harper and his neo-Reformers who run the Conservative Party of Canada simply can't figure out why Canadians are not rushing to hand them majority government. Clearly they are too stupid to figure it out without high priced professional advice.


PROOF: Department of National Defence Monitored Canadian Anti - War Advocate! Who Else Are They Spying On?

"OTTAWA - Military officials kept an eye on an outspoken opponent of the Afghanistan war last year but in a report produced about the Ottawa man's public comments they determined support for the mission was still high and his criticism does "not seem to resonate" with the public and media. Defence department officials originally denied the documents, requested by the Ottawa Citizen under the Access to Information Act, even existed. But an investigation by the Information Commissioner revealed the e-mails and a report on the activities of left-wing defence analyst Steve Staples had indeed been compiled by the military."
David Pugliese
CanWest News Service
July 13, 2007
National Post

So - in the free and democratic nation of Canada, governed by the Conservative Party of Stephen Harper, if you are opposed to the War in Afghanistan, you may have the Department of National Defence spying on you! Isn't that bloody lovely!!

But deep down, am I surprised? Not really. Right wing political parties and their govenments are all about authoritarianism. They are all about forcing their will as much as possible on their fellow citizens.

They would be doing far more of it if they could.

Shame on Stephen Harper and his Government and his Party and all of the other right wingers who support him. Your days in power are numbered!!

National Post


Canadians See 'Unacceptably' High Casualties In Afghanistan: POLL

Canadians are becoming more nervous about our casualties in Afghanistan. A Canadian Press - Decima Research survey shows 67 per cent of those asked believe the number of casualties has been unacceptable, a five percent rise from a poll taken a month ago.

Only 25 per cent of those who responded said the number of killed and wounded was acceptable, in a survey taken following the most recent deaths of six soldiers in a roadside bomb attack.

Proponents of the war have tried desperately to tie support for Canadian military personnel with support for the mission. Canadians are astute enough to understand the difference.


Thursday, July 12, 2007 

Regina Launches FREE Wireless Internet Service!

Wireless users in Regina's Downtown, 'Old Warehouse' area and 13th Avenue business districts can now access the Internet free-of-charge using the Saskatchewan! Connected wireless network.

Saskatchewan! Connected means wireless users will no longer have to switch from service to service as they roam around the coverage area. It will also help to bridge the ‘digital divide' by providing no-cost

Internet access to residents living in close proximity to Regina's downtown core who may be unable to afford monthly rates for Internet services. Any existing desktop or laptop computer can be configured with a Wi-Fi adaptor for under $100 and then connected quickly and conveniently to the free service.

Provincial NDP Cabinet Minister Warren McCall made the announcement today in Regina.



US Military Report Says Progress In Iraq 'Satisfactory'

WASHINGTON — U.S. military and diplomatic officials give the Iraqi government a satisfactory rating on eight of 18 political and security benchmarks, a mixed rating on two and an unsatisfactory rating on eight benchmarks in a White House report prepared for Congress.
Fox News

Well isn't that good news! On the list of key indicators the White House uses to determine how things are going in Iraq, over half are listed as 'satisfactory'!


-White House News Release

Wednesday, July 11, 2007 

"Sun NOT Cause of Climate Change" Says Britain's Royal Society

Those who deny climate change need to go back to their drawing boards and dream up new lies to try and dispel the hard scientific evidence.

Britain's Royal Society has published new data and analysis which completely refutes those who say that rising temperatures on earth are not caused by human activity but rather are caused by changes in solar activity.




Why Marijuana WILL NOT Be Decriminalized In Canada

Canadian news watchers will be aware that there were two separate stories this week concerning Marijuana use in Canada:
-the Canadian Press reported that the number of people busted for pot possession has jumped by more than one-third in several Canadian cities.
-16.8% of Canadians said they smoked pot in the past 12 months

One of the first things that the Harper government did when they came into office was to toss out the proposed legislation that the Liberals were touting to lessen penalties for minor possession of small amounts of cannabis.

Personally, I believe that the Liberals had no intention of passing any such measure. If they were truly committed, they would have acted in a timely manner. Neither former PM Jean Chretien nor Paul Martin were interested in decriminalization.

The Liberals have had decades in power to do the right thing.

Back as far as 1969, Pierre Trudeau's Liberal administration initiated Canada's first serious inquiry into marijuana use in the nation. In June 1970 the Commission of Inquiry into the Non-Medical Use of Drugs (The LeDain Commission) delivered an interim report, calling for the decriminalization of marijuana..

Nothing ever came of the recommendations under subsequent Liberal administrations.

In 2002 the Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drug Use studied cannabis issue extensively in Canada for a second time. Once again, their unanimous recommendation was that cannabis be legalized in a regulatory framework similar to alcohol.

"We know our proposals are provocative, that they will meet with resistance. However, we are also convinced that Canadian society has the maturity and openness to welcome an informed debate."
- Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs, Cannabis: Summary Report September 2002.

"The decision to criminalize cannabis was made "without any apparent scientific basis nor even any real sense of social urgency."
- Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs, 2002. P. 274

"There has never, in history, been a good reason presented for marijuana being illegal," said Banks. "It's fundamentally important for people to understand that it's never been based on the facts. It's non-toxic, it's not addictive and has no provable, long-term irreversible effects."
Senator Tommy Banks, Deputy Chair of the Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs.
Edmonton Sun
July 16, 2003

Nothing ever came of these recommendations either.

The issue of decriminalization brings the wing-nuts out of the woodwork. Police unions see it as a 'job security' issue and loudly condemn ANY thought of law reform. This scares the crap out of law makers. They do not want to go head to head with rank and file police union members.

The right wing rank and file drag out their idiotic logic and proclaim that marijuana is a 'gateway' drug - 'use of cannabis leads directly to heroin addiction.'

There is also a 'Cheech & Chong' factor in the existing decriminalization movement. Whacked out proponents talking to reporters at the most recent 'Smoke-In' do not portray a positive message in the debate for the 6:00 evening news.

It’s time to recognize what the problem is here. Until such time that an orderly method of producing, processing, packaging, marketing and TAXING marijuana can be found, nothing will happen, and Canadians will continue to be arrested and retain criminal records for a practice that fully 1/5 of our fellow citizens conduct.

Welcome to Prohibition in Canada. The popularity of the Speakeasy continues!

“The law is a ass — an idiot.”
Charles Dickens

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 

Pope Benedict Slams All Other Christian Churches

'If you are not a Roman Catholic, you are not a real Christian' says a document prepared by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, released by the Vatican.



Former Conservative MP Supports Saskatchewan's Fight With Harper

Bill Casey, former Conservative Member of Parliament from Nova Scotia, has come out strongly in support of Saskatchewan Premier Lorne Calvert in his equalization dispute with Stephen Harper.

-Regina Leader Post


Canada Leads Industrialized World In Marijuana Use

The 2007 World Drug Report by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has found that Canadians use marijuana four times more than any other developed country, with 16.8 per cent of those between the ages of 15 and 64 having used cannabis at least once in 2006.

The world average is 3.8 per cent.

National Post


Stephen Harper and the 'BIG LIE'

Prime Minister Harper's recent attack on Saskatchewan, calling us 'ungrateful' was an example of how the Federal Conservatives are fabricating a 'big lie' and then spinning it endlessly.

The Regina Leader Post has a column today that nails Harper with his dishonesty to the people of Saskatchewan.

"... the Conservatives' own budget documents clearly demonstrate that Saskatchewan's $1,685-per-capita transfer in the budget was third-lowest in the country -- slightly ahead of B.C. ($1,589 per capita) and Ontario ($1,636), but behind Alberta ($1,699).

The truth be told, Lorne Calvert and Saskatchewan have far less reason to be "grateful" over Harper's budget generosity than Conservative propaganda would suggest. But whether Calvert is or isn't grateful is irrelevant, anyway.

However, when the leader of the nation calls one of the country's premiers an ingrate because rightly, that premier is not buying the federal government spin, it begins to feel like propaganda from another era."

[...]"This takes us back to the "big lie".

In modern pop culture, the term has been used by everyone from the "newspeak" in author George Orwell's 1984 to French author Thierry Meyssan's mad conspiracy theory book that suggests the Bush administration was really behind 9/11.

Actually, though, the term was first coined by none other than Adolf Hitler, in his 1925 autobiography Mein Kampf, to mean a lie so large it is simply accepted as the truth.

It was then redefined by Hitler's propagandist Joseph Goebbels to mean the principle of lying big and sticking to the lie. In Goebbels's view, it meant never admitting fault or accepting blame and never leaving room for alternative views or conceding anything good about your enemy and to keep repeating your view until people believe it.

Really, isn't this pretty much what Harper and the Conservatives are doing with their "biggest winners" rhetoric, followed by the portrayal of Saskatchewan and its NDP government as ingrates?"

Murray Mandryk
The Leader-Post
Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Monday, July 09, 2007 

Seeing Al Qaeda Around Every Corner - The White House Continues To LIE!!!

The United States went into Iraq based on the LIE that there were weapons of mass destruction which were about to be used on the West. The LIES from Bush and the White House continure:

"As domestic support for the war in Iraq continues to melt away, President Bush and the United States military in Baghdad are increasingly pointing to a single villain on the battlefield: Al Qaeda. Bush mentioned the terrorist group 27 times in a recent speech on Iraq at the Naval War College in Newport, R.I. In West Virginia on the Fourth of July, he declared, “We must defeat Al Qaeda in Iraq.” The Associated Press reported last month that although some 30 groups have claimed credit for attacks on United States and Iraqi government targets, press releases from the American military focus overwhelmingly on Al Qaeda.

Why Bush and the military are emphasizing Al Qaeda to the virtual exclusion of other sources of violence in Iraq is an important story. So is the question of how well their version of events squares with the facts of a murky and rapidly changing situation on the ground."

The New York Times
July 8, 2007

The full New York Times article.


The Climate Change Denial Industry

"There is no "solution" to global warming. No one knows how to stop the Earth from warming, because no one caused it -- it's a natural phenomenon, just like it was natural when the Earth warmed out of its various ice ages."
Ezra Levant
July 9th 2007
Calgary Sun


Sunday, July 08, 2007 

Live Earth Concert - PHOTOS

Here is an assortment of photos from the concerts held around the world on July 7th, 2007:

-Live Earth Photos - ABC News

-Live Earth Site - photos!

-Live Earth photos - CBC

-Live Earth Photos - spinner.com

Saturday, July 07, 2007 

Standard Conservative Responses To Health Care Reform - by Tom Tomorrow


RCMP Gets New Commissioner - 'May The Force Be With You'

The RCMP needs change - badly. Pension fraud, questionable shooting incidents, infants being pepper sprayed. These guys have some serious image problems.

Well the RCMP have a new Commissioner to try and sort this mess out. May the force be with him!

Monreal Gazette

Friday, July 06, 2007 

Live Earth Concert - Live Video Feed

Here is the line up for the Live Earth Concert which starts Friday night around the world:

Sydney, Australia
Crowded House, Ghostwriters, Jack Johnson, Toni Collette & The Finish, Wolfmother.

Tokyo, Japan
Linkin Park, Rihanna, Rize, Kumi Koda, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Michael Nyman, Ayaka.

Shanghai, China
Sarah Brightman, Winnie Hsin, Anthony Wong, 12 Girls Band, Joey, Huang Xiao Ming, Soler.

Johannesburg, South Africa
Angelique Kidjo, Joss Stone, Danny K, The Soweto Gospel Choir, UB40, Zola.

Hamburg, Germany
Chris Cornell, Snoop Dogg, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Katie Melua, Reamonn, Jan Delay, Lotto King Karl.

London, United Kingdom
Genesis, Beastie Boys, Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paulo Nutini, Black Eyed Peas, Corinne Bailey Rae, Duran Duran, Foo Fighters, James Blunt, Pussycat Dolls, Metallica, Spinal Tap, Snow Patrol, Keane, Kasbian.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Lenny Kravitz, Jorge Ben Jor, Macy Gray, Pharrell, Vanessa Da Matta.

Washington, D.C.
Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood.

East Rutherford, N.J.
The Police, Alicia Keys, Fall Out Boy, Bon Jovi, Melissa Etheridge, Kanye West, Dave Matthew Band, Akon, Kelly Clarkson, John Mayer, Roger Waters, Smashing Pumpkins, K.T. Tunstall, Keith Urban, AFI.

If you want to watch online, here is the video feed.





Our 'NO CLASS' Prime Minister Attacks Saskatchewan

Proving that he is no statesman, and further demonstrating his notorious mean streak, Stephen Harper is now verbally attacking the Government of Saskatchewan.

To start, Harper flew to Saskatchewan on the taxpayers back to 're-announce' a bio-fuel project that has been announced a number of times since it was first disclosed in the spring budget. The real reason that taxpayers paid for this pathetic Prime Minister to travel to Saskatchewan was so that he could attend a Conservative Party fundraiser in Kenaston.

Harper used the partisan event to attack the government of Saskatchewan.

This is our Prime Minster. He has no class. He is a mean spirited right wing ideologue. He should be held in utter contempt!

-Regina Leader Post, July 7th


Thursday, July 05, 2007 

Stephen Harper Displays Nasty Streak By Snubbing Two Premiers In Two Days

There is a nasty streak in our Prime Minister. He has demonstrated it numerous times since he was elected to the highest office in the land.

Nothing exemplifies this more then the snub he did on Nova Scotia Premier Rodney MacDonald and Saskatchewan Premier Lorne Calvert this week.

Harper travelled to both provinces with major announcements but did not invite the respective premiers, nor did he even advise them as to what it was he would be announcing.

Harper made a major navy announcement in Nova Scotia and a biofuels incentive program in Saskatchewan.

This is not behaviour befitting a Prime Minister. He needs to go soon.



Use Of Pepper Spray 'Pathetic': Says Expert

The RCMP have made a formal apology for the pepper spray incident that occured on the Sechelt Reserve in B.C

Not all law enforcement officials agree that the use of pepper spray on infants and children was warranted.

Alan Chad, an expert in combat and tactics who teaches police SWAT teams and military forces around the world, said the police officer was wrong to use the spray.

He said the officers on the scene should have gauged that a crowd full of children celebrating was not the type to start a riot.

"Let's remember this is a community where there's family involved," Chad told CBC News. "This is not a situation with a mentality of a riot, so it's still an inappropriate use of force.

" 'Pathetic' is the word I'm using."

Chad said talking and negotiating would have been a better way to defuse the situation.

The Union of BC Indian Chiefs have called for an independent investigation of the incident.

This story is important because is exemplifies the shift to an authoritarian mindset in this country. On some of the blogs discussing this event, I have read comments from people who feel that it was totally appropriate to pepper spray children. Even the initial RCMP comment on the incident faulted the parents of the infant and toddlers who got a face full of pepper spray.

That is bullshit!


Wednesday, July 04, 2007 

Show Us Where You Blog - A Photographic Challenge

You are looking at my little blogging nook where Buckdog is created, published and thrust upon the world daily.

I would like to challenge all of my blogging associates on Blogging Dippers, Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, SaskBlogs and Progressive Bloggers and all other unaffiliated bloggers to snap a shot of where you do your stuff and post it here for others to see.

Note my little Buckdog mascot, Epi (a Pembroke Welsh Corgi) who is sleeping in the lower left of the photo.

Okay folks, show us where you do it!!!! We want to see your photos! The challenge is on!


RCMP Come Out With Lame Ass Excuse For Pepper Spraying Infants and Children

An RCMP spokesperson apologized for pepper spraying an infant and other children on the Sechelt Reserve in B.C., but said the officers acted in self-defence to stop the angry crowd.

The incident began when one officer claimed he saw 10 young people 'carousing' in the back of a black pick-up truck, and attempted to stop the truck and give them a warning. Although the RCMP has helped the band celebrate in the past by blocking roads on the reserve, an officer with the force was unfamiliar with the 40-year-old tradition and tried to intervene, said RCMP Staff Sgt. Brad Zalys.

"All he was doing was trying to be concerned about the safety of the children and make sure they were sitting down [in the back of the trucks]," he said.

Staff Sgt. Zalys admitted that relationships with the band are "very strained" right now, and apologized for the damage done to the children. Fourteen people, six of them children were hospitalized, with infant Kayden Mayers the youngest casualty. Doctors at St. Mary's Hospital in Sechelt had to freeze 7 month old Kayden's eyeballs to check for serious damage.

"It's very unfortunate these kids got sprayed," he said. "I certainly apologize to the mother for that. It wasn't the intent of the members to spray the infant or the child in any way."

In typical fashion, the RCMP will launch an 'internal' investigation into what happened. Don't hold your breath for anything approaching justice to come from this internal review.

You can let the senior officials of the RCMP know what you think about this incident with this online comment form.



Editorial Slams RCMP For Pepper Spray Incident On Reserve

I am still fuming over the incident where RCMP officers pepper sprayed a 7 month old infant, a toddler and 13 others OVER A TRAFFIC OFFENSE!!

According to today's editorial in the Province, I am not the only one who is outraged!!

"... the video then shows an infant in the arms of its mother with its head "in a cloud of pepper spray" and "everybody covering their faces." The astonishing outcome of this melee was that 15 adults and children, including two children under two, had to be treated at the local hospital for exposure to pepper spray."

The Province
More on this ...


Happy 4th of July!

Buckdog wishes all our American friends and readers a Happy July 4th!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007 

RCMP Spray Infant With Pepper Spray!

What is it with the RCMP and pepper spray!

Members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police used pepper spray on a mother and her baby!!

Witnesses say officers turned on a group of people celebrating a youth soccer victory, arresting the coach of the soccer team.

Chief Stan Dixon said Tuesday there were eight or nine 13-year-olds in the back of the truck, showing off the trophy they won from a tournament over the weekend.

Fifteen adults and children, including two children under the age of two, were treated at St. Mary's Hospital for exposure to pepper spray. Chief Dixon said he suspects the officers weren't familiar with the band's tradition of celebrating soccer victories, which he said they've been doing since the 1960s.

I don't give a shit if the Mounties feel that they were justified because some guys were standing up in a truck celebrating a sports victory.

There is something terribly wrong when we have yahoo cowboys playing 'tough guy cop' and an infant gets a face full of pepper spray.

I blog a lot of different stories that I find interesting. But this one is bullshit!!! I am pissed off! We should all be pissed off!

Here is the logic of the officers as I see it. 'In order to ensure that the boys standing in the back of the truck celebrating their soccer victory did not get injured, the RCMP pepper sprayed 15 other people! This simply reeks of mindless adherence to the letter of the law without ANY attempt at investigation prior to confrontation and with careless regard for infants, children and mothers! The Royal Canadian Mounted Police SHOULD feel ashamed.

-RCMP Simply Don't Get It!!
-Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs News Release
-CBC has more coverage


Conrad Black May Regret Giving Up Canadian Citizenship

"Black, who gave up his Canadian citizenship in 2001 during a messy legal battle with then-prime minister Jean Chretien in order to get a seat in Britain's House of Lords, is awaiting a verdict in Chicago on his fraud and racketeering trial. He has not been convicted of any crime but faces decades in jail. [...]

If Black is convicted, McNabb said he is more likely to be sent to what is termed a low-security prison, which is not as secure as a medium or high security one, but still has barb wire and is a controlled environment.

It's also a place where Black would mix with people from all walks of life, including white-collar criminals, drug dealers and murderers. Violent offenders often get transferred to low-security prisons from medium-or high-security ones after demonstrating good behaviour.

As a Canadian, Black could have requested a transfer to a Canadian jail if convicted in the United States - and possibly serve a lighter sentence like his former partner and star prosecution witness David Radler is expected to."


Lots more on His Lordship - Conrad Black!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007 

Ezra Levant Defends Conrad Black - Greed Is Good And Should Not Be Punished

"Watching two days of Conrad Black's trial is a demoralizing experience for anyone who loves America and loves the law."
Ezra Levant

WARNING: (Get your barf bags out before you read this one)!

Calgary Sun

Sunday, July 01, 2007 

Iran Launches International English News Channel

The Islamic Republic of Iran will launch a new satellite English television channel "PRESS TV" effective July 2nd. Spokespersons for the new channel state that the new satellite service hopes to break the Western hold on the world's media by presenting an alternative view on global news.

It will go on air, Monday, July 2nd with an official launching by President Ahmadinejad and other high ranking officials.

-Jerusalem Post



CANADA: My Home And Native Land!!

A Children's Canada

Together We are Canada!
My name is British Columbia
The jewel of the West Coast.
Forestry and fishing are
The things that I do most.

Hi, I am Alberta
A wild west kind of place
With cattle and oil and mountains
And lots of open space.
I am Manitoba
And I’m Saskatchewan
We’re the golden prairies
Where fields of grain grow in the sun

Hi, I am Ontario
The home of government
To me each year the leaders
Of our democracy are sent.
Bonjour, I am Quebec
Here French is my language too
When I want to ask “how are you?”
I say, “comment t’allez vous?”

Newfoundland, New Brunswick
And Nova Scotia -- those are we,
We are Atlantic Provinces
The three musketeers of the sea.
I’m Prince Edward Island
And I know I may be small
But without me all the rest of you
Would have no potatoes at all.

The Yukon, Nunavut and North West
Territories are up north.
Through ice and cold and polar bears
Few brave souls venture forth.
Together we are Canada
One nation strong and free
With sharing, friends and happiness
Forever we will be!

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