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Thursday, February 28, 2008 

Preston Manning Hosts A Conservative 'LOVE IN' Over Next 3 Days In Ottawa

"Preston Manning is gathering conservative activists, thinkers, strategists and pollsters from across the country to Ottawa for a conference and trade show aimed at building relationships to win future campaigns. Sensing a lack of conversation among conservatives in Canada, the former Reform Party leader says he wants to "strengthen the democratic process" - elect more right-of-centre governments - through a two-day conference that begins with a reception tonight and ends Saturday.

[...] Prime Minister Harper, who served for a brief time in Mr. Manning's Reform Party caucus, may drop in at tonight's reception. And other well known Conservatives, such as former premiers Mike Harris of Ontario, Ralph Klein of Alberta, New Brunswick's Bernard Lord and Nova Scotia's John Hamm, will speak, as will "near-Conservatives," including Action Démocratique du Québec Leader Mario Dumont and Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall."

Globe & Mail

Schedule of events ... (note Stephen Taylor from Blogging Tories involvement).

Look at the list.

Harris saw his end coming straight at him and he was driven out of office a haunted man.

Lord had a career.

Manning is beyond words and his political legacy is nothing.

Klein has had his day.

Hamm is finished.

Harper makes me bilious.

What a love fest it will be with all these former and near-former politicians.

They've all had their day--just like museum pieces.

Buckdog, I see this as a election training/readiness workshop, as they do talk about in their communication that they will be doing communications, door-to-door campaign strategies and so on.
What is missing about the analysis on this 2/3 right-wing love in, is that because it isn't considered an "political expense", it isn't considered a part of the contributions to the party, and thus they get all the "fixings" but don't have to pay for the "turkey" so to speak. In fact, I would suggest that it becomes a tax writeoff, for the funders.
We need to follow the $$$ here.

Hey it should be good if Brad Wall speaking at that.

Why are my Saskatchewan tax dollars paying for Wall to travel to Ottawa and talk with a bunch of has been right wing extremists! I think I'll do a 'freedom of information request' and find out what this little political junket is costing the people of Saskatchewan!

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