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Thursday, October 16, 2008 

Grading Buckdog's Election Predictions!

On the day before the vote, I made a number of predictions. So ... how did I do?

-Harper and the Conservatives will win a reduced minority government. He will lose a few seats (most likely in Quebec but a few scattered here and there).
Well, I was right about another Harper minority. I thought he would lose a few more seats to the Bloc than he did so his minority was not reduced but slightly increased.

-The Liberals will lose a few seats also, but will retain Official Opposition ... which they will perform dismally once again.
Yup! I was correct on this one. No government (majority or minority) for Dion!

-The New Democrats will win a few more seats (mostly in British Columbia - but also in southern Ontario).
Yes sir! Fairly accurate on this one - although I thought they would do a bit better in B.C. but never expected an NDP seat in Edmonton!

-The Bloc will pick up a couple of seats from the Conservatives in Quebec.
Right again. Although in honesty, I thought the number of Bloc seats would increase from 2006 but in reality the total number stayed the same.

-The Green Party will be 'a mile wide and an inch deep' and will not win a single seat anywhere in the nation.
Absolutely! I could be unkind and mock some Green bloggers who were predicting the 'break through' that would give them some seats in the House of Commons. If I learned anything this election, it was how aggressive and unreasonable Green supporters can be. Why is that .... I think it has to do with a 'self righteous' streak that exists in their ideology. Because they essentially have good intentions for the planet and the environment, they have little patience with anyone they perceive is blocking their way. A degree of maturity is needed in this party.

So ... by and large ... it would be hard to have been more accurate than I was! (Talk about a 'self righteous' streak that exists in my ideology. eh!) ;)


Well done. I too predicted that the Greens would win nothing. It really is a shame that a party with more than six percent of popular support is not represented in the house. That's our 'democratic' system for you. By the way, I do not mean to offend you, but by in large the NDP did not have a very good campaign. Sure, it started out ok, but they were way too repetitive, to the extent that I, an NDP supporter most of the time, could not even stand to hear Jack Layton talk anymore. I just couldn't take hearing about the stupid kitchen and boardroom tables, and the 50 billion dollar tax cut. Say something new, for god sake. Enjoy your weekend.

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