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Sunday, February 22, 2009 

Harper Is NO Obama!

"This week we saw Harper up against Obama and the difference was obvious from the first moment on. Harper wanted to avoid the crowds and head to his private office. Obama insisted on going back out to wave to the crowds that had gathered.

When they walked together, Obama took big easy strides and appeared confident looking up and down at the marble work in the corridor. Harper appeared fidgety, and waddled along beside him like a duck out of water.

The difference is reflected in the popularity polls. The latest poll shows 82% of Canadians approve of Obama’s handling of the economy, while only 26% of Canadians agree with how Harper is handling things.

The image we still have of Harper on the economy goes back to the leaders’ debate in the last election when Harper sat motionless and silent, a smile plastered on his face, while Gilles Duceppe, Jack Layton and Stéphane Dion hammered Harper on the economy.

Image is everything for Harper. Who else has his own hairdresser, Michelle Muntean, paid out of public funds, who follows him around everywhere making sure every hair on his head is in place for that special ‘helmet-head’ look he wants. Obama wears his hair cut short, so short he doesn’t need a comb, never mind a hairdresser.

Harper is cold and predictable. Everything he does is planned ahead of time, right down to the last detail."

Richard Cléroux
Westmount Examiner

Cartoon by kind permission of
Graeme MacKay
at mackaycartoons.net

You described Mr. Harper perfectly well.
I can't bring myself to call him PM and was basically embarrassed to see him beside Obama.
Very uncomfortable.Maybe the blue sweater would have helped.
He could have offered some Red Rose or Lipton's and a Tim Horton's donut, or taken Obama there for a taste of Canadian,eh?

" . . . like a duck out of water. . . ."

No other phrase depicts Harper as throughly as that duck reference.

He's never been comfortable and it plainly shows.

Someday, we'll get a real prime minister and until then, I won't use the term when referring to SH.

And to think, we thought Stockwell Day was bad as a party leader. Harper's worse!

Harper's discomfort with the masses speaks volumes. His absolute disdain for the public betrays that he is a man who would rather govern from the backrooms than in the open.

While most pol's would fare poorly in comparison to Obama - Harper fares worse than most. His 'cold' eyes are no match for Obama's warmth.

I have no use for Harper, but the statistic which cites "82% of Canadians approve of Obama's handling of the economy" floors me.

The US stimulus package seems to have done very little to fix the root causes of the economic crisis - overconsumption, and deregulation and I consider handing money to companies like GM to be the equivalent of handing it to a meth addict.

I had second thoughts about leaving that comment about Tim Horton's but I associate the Conservatives with that sort of style. Tim Horton's and I guess Starbuck's rather than choosing something local like an Ottawa shop that serves say: Labrador tea,fair traded and organic coffee and some "red fife" bread and sweets and goat cheese.
But I do give credit to whoever helped create that fabulous luncheon menu served up to Obama and kudos to all those who made it possible: the fishermen(women),the gatherers,the producers,etc.
Sorry, if it seems as tho" I wandered off topic a bit but it reminds me how "fit" Obama seems and how lacking in fitness Mr. Harper seems.

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