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Sunday, June 19, 2011 

Conservative Senator Pamela Wallin IS Elitist And Arrogant

"Every senator in this caucus needs to decide where their loyalty should be and must be. The answer is simple; our loyalty is to the man who brought us here, the man who has wanted Senate reform since he entered politics, the Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper.”
Hon. Bert Brown
Conservative Senator
( .... maybe their loyalty should be to the People of Canada! ...)

The only person who ever voted for Pamela Wallin to be a Senator in the Upper Chamber of Canada's Parliament was Stephen Harper. So much for democracy you idiotic Conservatives! (... and you bloody Liberal Senators who still act like pigs at the publicly funded senate trough)!!

"A Conservative senator and an NDP MP got into a shouting match Sunday as passions flared over Stephen Harper’s push to reform the upper chamber. Hamilton-area MP David Christopherson, the NDP’s parliamentary reform critic, called Conservative-appointed Senator Pamela Wallin “arrogant and elitist” on CTV’s Question Period Sunday after she snubbed his idea of a national referendum on abolishing the Senate."
The Globe & Mail

-Elitist Undemocratic Conservative Arrogance on full display ....

-Pamela Wallin Leads Harper's 'Senators Tour' - Unelected and Unaccountable

Pamela sure doesn't have a mandate no matter how many times she says it - appointed to represent the people but says no, I represent Harper.

Supposedly she is a 'Saskatchewan' Senator ... living high of the hog to represent me! There is nothing that Pamela Wallin can do to make me think that she is worthy of the special privilege she has been given by Harper. Personally she is a disgrace to this province.

Tomorrow morning, our local extremist right wing radio open mouth guy will be singing her praises and attacking New Democrats for daring to question this pampered elitist freeloader.

Someone commented on the G&M story that senators should be paid a token $1 per year. I agree with this. If senators are serious about serving the Queen in the Senate, then they should feel as if it is their privilege and not expect to receive remuneration for their services to the Queen.

Short of meaningful reform or abolition of the Senate, I would support reducing each senator's salary to $1 per year.

Since no one really knows what the Senate does, it should be abolished, if there is some justification for it, three rules, must be a candidate offered by the provincial government, must be over 65 years old, must retire at 75, and must receive no pension or travel budget, we have this great thing called the internet now, Skype you bastards.

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