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Thursday, August 30, 2007 

Maxime Bernier Lectures South Korea For Talking To Taliban

Canada's new foreign affairs minister, Maxime Bernier has chastised the South Korean government for negotiating with the Taliban to secure the freedom of 19 kidnapped missionaries.

"We do not negotiate with terrorists, for any reason," said a statement from Bernier's office.

At some point, the right wing politicians who form the government of Canada are going to realize that 'victory' in the field is not going to be possible in the Afghanistan guerrilla war. That being the case, what is Bernier's 'Plan B' if dialogue is not considered as a possibility in their strategy book?

Intransigent ideological positions (which is what the Harper government is all about) are not wise and can only result in more bloodshed.

-CBC Reports
-More CBC

Bernier, standing up for sock-puppets-for-Bush everywhere. I wonder if "we" would change "our" minds on negotiating, if it was a large number of Canadians in the custody of the Taliban, or other captors? Or would we see the same laissez faire of the Khadr affair on a larger scale?

I'm sure the S.Korea government felt great shame at Canada's/Bernier's stern and manly chastisement and immediately dropped negotiations.

Bernier did not summon the South Korean Ambassador to his office and tell him about Canada's not negotiating with the Taliban. He merely issued a statement to that effect and it went into general circulation in the media stream.

All the press did was relay what the Minister said. The press reiterated the point that's been known for several years.

By the way, I describe the cabinet as so many trained seals. The sock puppet is Harper.

This all goes back to Harper and the Canadian right wing's reactionary labeling of Jack Layton as 'Taliban' Jack even though President Hamid Karzai has been in ongoing talks with the Taliban for some time now.

The right wing does not seem to understand that they have moved into a situation where perpetual war in Afghanistan could occur if something does not happen to move the process along. The Taliban will not be defeated in the field of battle because they are an insurgent force - the Taliban cannot defeat NATO forces if they choose to dig in and stay. So a stalemate occurs and some sort of TALKS will be required.

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