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Friday, August 31, 2007 

Sask Party Apologists Come To 'Lambchop' Wall's Defence

"If you throw a rock at a wolf howling in the woods and you hear a 'YELP,' - you hit the wolf!"

John Gormley was a Conservative Member of Parliament from Saskatchewan in Brian Mulroney's first term government. With roots back to the Devine Conservative administration, Gormley has made his show on News Talk Radio an ongoing commercial for the right wing Saskatchewan Party.

Daily, Gormley runs an 'over the top right' wing show that is celebrated by Conservatives and their ilk, most especially, the crew at smalldeadanimals who podcast Gormley, Monday to Friday.

The Saskatchewan NDP launched a campaign this week to remind voters how the Saskies have flip flopped on major policy issues such as privatization and free market health care. The right wing is so upset about the ad campaign, they have had to send in their big guns ... enter, John Gormley!

Saskatoon Star Phoenix

You're getting off lightly. We've got Michael Coren and his self-righteous smarm on the airwaves in Toronto. Worse than that are his CTS TV talk(?)show and his Saturday Sun column.

Guess who talks more than listens to his guests?

David - I am too familiar with Coren from his Saturday Sun bit - you are right, you do have it worse. Our Gormley actually has a sense of humour. At least he doesn't want to nuke Iran like Coren -nor does he believe that Noah's Ark is factual history!

Two things: have a look at his TV program if you know someone who subscribes to CTSTV and see what I mean about talking more than listening.

Regarding Noah's Ark: Wasn't it a long swim for the kangaroos?

Poor kangaroos .... how did they ever manage! I'll have to ask Mr. Coren next chance I get!

John Gormley is the best!!

Agree disagree just pick up the phone!!

Leftdog, the rightwing have a radio show but do the Leftwing have one?

Not as far as I know. maybe you know?

You think Gormley's show is in ANY WAY balanced? ... the editorial policy is totally right wing schlock and bumpf.

If you don't share his opinion you get 8 seconds then then he pushes the button to cut you off. If you agree with him - he'll chat at length.

The John Gormley show is an extension of Saskatchewan Party communications.

(You think Gormley's show is in ANY WAY balanced?)

well no when it comes to the callers your right, anyone who disagrees with him gets less air time.

(the editorial policy is totally right wing schlock and bumpf.)

yes his editorials are right wing but what do expect from someone who is rightwing.

(The John Gormley show is an extension of Saskatchewan Party communications)

well I don't think so because HE IS NOT A member of and Party has not been for a very long time. He just gives advice to the Saskparty on the radio.

He lets some NDP callers have more air time like (Francis a CCFer from way back)

If you Listen to the show alot you know who I am talking about.

I love the 'shame lady' - I cheer for her every time John plays the tape of the spanking she gave him! :)

"Shame shame shame!
Shame on you (John Gormley) for disturbing the community again today! Shame on you!"

I LOVE her - she's the BEST!!

Shame shame shame!
Shame on you (John Gormley) for disturbing the community again today! Shame on you!"

I like when he plays that too!!

I don't agree with you most of the time Leftdog because were of the opposite political spectrum but you seem to have a good Sense of humor. So I Commend you for that.

When individuals come from opposite ends of the political spectrum, humour IS a great way to try and communicate.

Heheh. We'll be putting the Shame Lady to bed soon.

She became famous the day after the 2003 election. She phoned the station the night of the 2003 NDP win and left her 'message' on Gormley's answering machine.

Rumour has it she actually phoned the show a month or so ago.


Not so fast ... after Brad Wall brings in Health Premiums and a means test for Senior drug plan - she will have reason to phone in with some more 'shame shame shame'.

When Wall was last in government, the guys he learned from created a branch at Social Service (the Special Investigation Unit) to investigate 'fraud' - one year they spent about $600,000 to recover $240,000 in benefits. This is the type of crap that Saskatchewan residents can expect if Wall gets in.

Then he will come up with some bizarre agriculture program to create a false economy in the rural areas and wage earners will fund it.

I can understand that some rural people want that - however, there will be appropriate push back.

Brad has never earned a dollar in the private sector - he worked for crooks and then he bankrupted the country hoedown hall of fame.

Yup! He is definitely unique!!

$600K to collect $240K of lost revenues....sounds just like the NDP operations within the crown corporations.
I will do everything within my power to ensure crap like that does not occur if the SP wins.

Why are you not doing the same leftdog with your NDP compatriots?

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