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Time for some summer relaxation ...

Will see you all on Canada Day ... time for some Saskatchewan summer R & R ...

Friday, June 28, 2013 

Right Wing Think Tank Calls On Brad Wall To Privatize Publicly Owned SaskTel

Progressive Bloggers

When the Right wing Saskatchewan Party lost the 2003 provincial election, a seismic shift in policy was sparked within its ranks .

Common wisdom in 2003 stated that the three term New Democratic government would fall. But to the surprise of most, the New Democrats triumphed and won a fourth consecutive term in government by forcing the Saskatchewan Party to come clean on their plans to privatize publicly owned entities in the province.

Shortly after their bitter defeat, the Saskatchewan Party denounced any plans of privatization. This complete reversal in policy traumatized them to the core of their being .... but it was the only way that they could lay the groundwork for their eventual election in 2007.

Premier Brad Wall finds himself stuck now with clear and concise party policy that precludes ANY privatization of public entities such as SaskTel, Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) and SaskPower.

And yet, every fibre in Wall's character screams to sell these public corporations and then find some way to funnel the proceeds into the coffers of his pals in the corporate (read 'Oil' here) sector by means of even more business tax cuts.

So what is Premier Wall to do with this policy millstone around his neck? It looks like the key is to ensure that a 'debate' starts on the notion of a least considering a massive privatization exercise.

Enter the Right leaning Frontier Centre for Public Policy. The FCPP is acting as a proxy for the Saskatchewan Party in its call for privatization of the provinces telephone / telecommunications Crown utility.

What's their rationale for the privaitzation sale? Well, they reason, SaskTel is worth billions and the proceeds of a sale could be used to ..... (wait for it) .... lower taxes. 

We've been there and done this before.

-Regina Leader-Post

-"Sask. Party spending the savings, selling the assets." -New Democratic Caucus

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 

Using Facts To Burst Sask Premier Brad Wall's Mythology On 'Record Job Numbers' .... (Updated)

(Click on graphic to enlarge ... ) 
- Graphic courtesy Regina Leader-Post

Progressive Bloggers  

Political parties on the Right in Canada do an incredible job of altering reality in the communications they send out to the public. No better example of that exists than in Saskatchewan under the administration of Premier Brad Wall.

Premier Wall and his Saskatchewan Party have constructed a perception of the province which insists that 'nothing happened economically under the NDP governments of Premiers Tommy Douglas, Woodrow Lloyd, Alan Blakeney, Roy Romanow and Lorne Calvert'.

To hear Premier Wall tell it ... Saskatchewan was a backwater, hick little place UNTIL the Corporate friendly folks in the Sask Party came to power ... 

"Erin Weir says Statistics Canada unadjusted employment figures indicate the last five years of NDP premier Lorne Calvert's term in office saw employment rise by 31,500 - the same number as in Brad Wall's first five years.

Given that Calvert started with a smaller base, that means employment rose by 6.6 per cent under the NDP and only 6.2 per cent under the Saskatchewan Party, argues Weir's paper, issued by the left-leaning Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. It is to be officially released Tuesday.

Miffed that the Wall government is citing "unprecedented" employment growth in Saskatchewan, Weir said it looks good only when compared with the 1980s and 1990s, when commodity prices were low and smaller royalties flowed into the province's treasury.

Dipping into figures gathered by Statistics Canada's survey of employment, payrolls and hours, Weir claims that payroll employment - which covers multiple jobs held by the same worker and job inside the province held by out-of-province residents - grew by 13.1 per cent under Calvert's NDP and 11.5 per cent under Wall and the Saskatchewan Party.

Weir's five-page essay also delves into debate, so far catching the interest of only economists and reporters, on the use of Statistics Canada's seasonally unadjusted and adjusted figures - and the tendency of politicians to use whatever set best supports their case.
Saskatoon Star Phoenix

Source: Statistics Canada, Labour Force Survey, CANSIM Table 282-0087 via the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives paper 'The Great Wall Ties Chairman Calvert's Five-Year Plan: Employment Growth in the New Saskatchewan by Erin Weir'

As is usual of the Right (in this case the Saskatchewan Party), when they can not dispute Mr.Weir's arguments and research, they attack him personally. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013 

It's Time For Some New Democrats To WAKE UP!!!!! - (Updated)

B.C.'s New Democrats have only themselves to blame for throwing away their chance to win the recent provincial election. 

‘We're going to fight a positive campaign" .... that was the refrain inspired by BC NDP Leader Adrian Dix.  

So while the BC NDP fought their 'positive' campaign, their opponents savaged them mercilessly with aggressive print, radio, tv and online negative advertising.

Wake up! Are you blind to what is happening in Canadian politics?! 

At this time in our history, corporate interests, primarily those of the oil and financial industries, have decided that they are not prepared to compromise their position of power within the Canadian economy. They open their wallets to ensure that political victory goes only to those who serve their vested interests. 

To achieve this, Stephen Harper has nearly perfected a strategy that is intended to bring ‘perpetual Conservative government' to the nation ... a model based on the Alberta Conservative Party's 42 year hold on provincial power. That's the goal. Wake up and realize it. 

The oil industry is not prepared to listen to anyone who threatens their ability to maximize profit from the tar sands. They have no interest in the environment. They have no interest in the plight of working Canadians and their families. They are going to maximize the profit potential of their resource holdings and they are prepared to bankroll any political party that will advance this cause. 

 Harper's Conservatives have demonstrated that they are prepared to cheat electorally in order to win. Robcalls, illegal expenditures and donations ... they will do whatever they have to in order to win. When challenged, they deny and delay. Their war chest allows them to afford the best legal distraction and defence that money can buy. The rule of thumb for the Right in Canada has become ‘delay delay delay' as well as ‘deny deny deny'. Yet there are New Democrats who remain blind to what is transpiring here politically. 

"We're tired of negativity, Let's fight a positive campaign." That's what I hear from some New Democrats. This sentiment is naive and dangerous. It'll keep us in perpetual opposition while corporate interests (that finance the Right) continue to win elections, hold power and continue the erosion of the middle/working class.

I've previously used the analogy that it's like being a boxer who is held to Marquis of Queensbury Rules while our opponent is trying to kick us in the groin. 

B.C.'s New Democrats have only themselves to blame for throwing away their chance to win the recent provincial election. Let's hope that New Democrats in Manitoba and Saskatchewan wake up to the new political reality in Canada.


A month after his party suffered a shocking electoral upset, British Columbia New Democrat Leader told party members that he takes responsibility for the debacle. Adrian Dix faced the party's provincial council on Saturday, at a meeting to be almost completely dominated by a post-mortem of the May 14 election. 

"We had expected, we wanted, we were told we were going to win, and we didn't and that is a devastating and heartbreaking thing," Dix told the council. "It is a heartbreaking loss, and I am the leader of the NDP and I take fully responsibility for that loss." 

Dix said the New Democrats must embrace the lessons of the failed campaign -- a process that has been going on for weeks and will continue at least until a general convention in November, where he will face a leadership review. Though his political future has been the topic of much speculation since election night, Dix remained determined that he will stay at the helm unless members decide otherwise this fall.  

Progressive Bloggers

One last point that New Democratic provincial offices and provincial caucus offices across the country should make note of. When Stephen Harper became PM in 2006, there were 512 communication or 'information services' employees in the federal public service. At the end of the 2011/12 fiscal year there were 3865. 
The Right knows how to get their message out there!

Saturday, June 22, 2013 

Extreme Weather Event Causes Massive Flooding In Calgary Alberta ...


(Film footage June 21, 2013 courtesy Global Toronto ... )

Friday, June 21, 2013 

Fixing A War Crime From 1885 - The Bell Of Batoche Coming Back To Saskatchewan

Progressive Bloggers  

"It's been rumoured all week and now confirmed — the long-missing bell of Batoche will be returned. The bell will be given to the bishop of the diocese of Prince Albert, Sask., during a mass at the annual Back to Batoche Days festival on July 20 (in Batoche, Saskatchewan).

The announcement of the historical event for Canada's Metis nation was made on Friday — National Aboriginal Day — in Winnipeg.

And it comes far enough ahead of time that it gives Metis people from across the country "time to organize their journey home," stated a press release from the Union Nationale Metisse Saint-Joseph du Manitoba.

The union has been entrusted by the Catholic Church to be the guardians of the bell, once it is returned. There is no word on where the bell will be kept."

-Battle of Fish Creek - Metis Defeat Federal Canadian Forces April 24, 1885
-Battle Of Batoche - 1885  
-Bell of Batoche - Wikipedia  

Thursday, June 20, 2013 

'Unfettered Free Market' Stock Exchanges TUMBLE At Hints Of A Slow Down To Taxpayer Funded Corporate Welfare Handouts!

(Click on image to enlarge ....)

Corporate welfare mentality is alive and well amongst some of the richest business entities in both Canada and the US. Even a hint that taxpayer support to the corporate world may be reduced, sends them into panic mode on North America's stock markets.

TORONTO (Reuters) - Canada's main stock index slipped on Wednesday after comments by the U.S. Federal Reserve that it could begin rolling back its stimulus program this year weighed on investor sentiment and caused declines across most sectors.
Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said the U.S. central bank expects to slow the pace of its bond purchases later this year and bring them to a halt around mid-2014.
Financial shares took the biggest toll on the market, while the gold-mining sector posted the sharpest decline, falling with the price of bullion.

 Progressive Bloggers

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 

"The office of Parliament's 'ethics' Commissioner has become a bad, sad joke." - Must Read Article By Francis Russell

Progressive Bloggers

"The office of Parliament's "ethics" commissioner has become a bad, sad joke. But the "new" relationship between the RCMP and Public Safety Minister Vic Toews is alarming for a First-World democracy.
Since her office was created in 2007, Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson has let dozens of Conservatives off the hook for ethics violations and made more than 80 secret rulings, according to Democracy Watch, a citizens' advocacy group."

-Full Article here from National NewsWatch


Sask Premier Brad Wall 'Displays Double Standard' ... Criticised By All Other Sask Political Party Leaders

Progressive Bloggers

Premier Brad Wall has really stepped into a big mess with his criticism of Federal Liberal Leader, Justin Trudeau. All leaders of Saskatchewan political parties have now made that perfectly clear:

Sask New Democrats

"Wall has criticized federal Liberal party leader Trudeau for accepting hefty payments for speaking at charity events, but provincial NDP Opposition Leader Cam Broten says the premier should look “inwardly.”
“The premier is so passionate about highlighting some of the mistakes that have been made at the national level, while at the same time, he’s overlooked that practice within his own caucus,” Broten said.
It was revealed Monday that one of Wall’s Sask. Party MLAs, Gene Makowsky, returned — after Wall blasted Trudeau — more than $2,000 in fees the former CFL player had received for attending charity events.
Broten said NDP MLAs don’t accept such payments, describing that as “common sense. “There’s also the issue of the premier receiving a salary from the Sask. Party for doing things like speaking at leader’s dinners,” Broten said.”

Sask Green Party

"Saskatchewan Green Party Leader Victor Lau said Makowsky’s situation shows the government may need a clearer code of ethics.“It was kind of funny that one of his own ended up also being caught up in this rhetoric,” Lau said, adding that while he also questions politicians taking money from charities, perhaps Wall should have avoided the national debate."

P.C. Party of Sask

"Rick Swenson of the provincial P.C. Party said he agrees with Wall about Trudeau, but added, “I’m always a little bit suspicious of Mr. Wall’s motivations. He loves the camera and any time that he can catch national attention.”

Sask Liberal Party

In a statement on its website, the provincial Liberal party called Wall’s “smear on Trudeau baseless and petty.”
“Wall’s comments read like they’d been pulled straight from Conservative Party talking points (and) it appears that Wall is now more interested in an entrance into federal politics as a Conservative than actually governing our province,” the statement continued."

-Regina Leader-Post

Tuesday, June 18, 2013 

One of Premier Brad Wall's Gov't MLA's scrambles to repay 'speaking engagement' fees ...

Progressive Bloggers

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has caused some problems for one of his caucus members with his attack on Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau for charging speaker fees while sitting as an MP:

"Sask. Party MLA and former Saskatchewan Roughriders offensive lineman Gene Makowsky has paid back more than $2,000 in fees he received this spring for appearing at charity events.
Makowsky returned the money this weekend after Premier Brad Wall made national headlines criticizing federal Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau for accepting hefty payments for speaking at charity functions."
Regina Leader-Post

So, in light of all of this ... the political columnist at the Regina Leader-Post lashes out at everybody:
-Murray Mandryk - Leader/Star Services: Trudeau, Wall adding to cynicism

Sunday, June 16, 2013 

Since Brad Wall Is On A Roll ... He Should Ask Stephen Harper To Come Clean With Canadians About The Duffy/Wright Affair...

Progressive Bloggers  

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is on a roll. His challenge of Justin Trudeau's speaking fees (while sitting as an MP) garnered lots of attention. Enough attention that Mr. Trudeau has since reconsidered his original stance.

So .. Premier Wall .. you're on a roll. Pick up the phone and call your old friend, the Prime Minister.

Ask him how Nigel Wright's 'cheque' went from being an 'honourable act' to requiring his rapid departure from the PMO.

Surely Canadians have a right to know what happens with our tax money ... you know the wages paid to Duffy ... Wright ... and even Harper himself. 

Go on .. phone him .. the number is 1-800-622-6232 ....

Saturday, June 15, 2013 

Wall Hits Liberal Nerve ....

Progressive Bloggers

'If you throw a rock into the dark and hear a yelp .. you hit the dog.'
Old Sask CCF populist political wisdom

-Saskatoon Star Phoenix: 'Wall calls for Trudeau to pay back $20K speaking fee.'  

Note: for the record ... I have no horse in this race. I simply enjoy good old fashioned Canadian politics. 

  -Justin Trudeau to 'make it right' with charities that paid him to fundraise


Conservatives Heading For A BIG Fall With Harper .... Brad Wall Could Change All Of That ...

Progressive Bloggers

I know Brad Wall. Not extremely well, but like a neighbour that you wave to as you come and go on your street. He's friendly. Nice family. The lawn is mowed. 

I don't like his politics. He took his political apprenticeship with the disastrous Progressive Conservative administration of Grant Devine  ... many of who were convicted of fraud and breach of trust after two terms in the 1980's. Wall has the kind of politics that holds firm to the belief that 'if it's good for the corporate world, by golly, it's gonna be good for everybody..'

Premier Brad Wall's key political tool in Saskatchewan politics is that it is hard not to like him as a person even if you disagree with his agenda and his actions. He has a sense of humour and at times makes himself the butt of a joke. You don't find many politicians who can achieve that. I tend to be a bit hard on him on this blogsite ... but he deserves it.

Now ... my point. 

I am not sure if Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has his eye on a move to federal politics. In the last number of months he has stuck his toe into national political waters in a manner that makes me think that he just may be contemplating such a move. 

-He jumped on Thomas Mulcair over Canada's problem with the 'high dollar' impact on manufacturing that economists call 'Dutch Disease'.
-He has angrily gone after President Barrack Obama on the XL pipeline issue .. including speaking engagements in the US to advance his pro-pipeline position.
-He has shocked a lot of Conservatives by recently changing his position on abolishing the corrupt Canadian Senate.
-His  participation in the 2013 Bilderberg Conference on 'EU/North American Trade' in the UK.
-He has now taken a strip off of Federal Liberal Leader, Justin Trudeau for his exorbitant and outrageous demand for speaking engagement fees while sitting as an elected Member of Parliament.

Is Brad Wall looking at a move to Federal politics? Well ....

It appears that Stephen Harper is in trouble up to his neck. Unlike Wall, Harper is neither friendly nor engaging. He is rigid, cold, calculating and humorless. The fact that the 'office' of the Prime Minister of Canada is now under criminal investigation by the RCMP surely must leave a lot of Conservatives wondering where this is all going to end. 

As an old political hack, I can tell you where it is going to end. Like the fall of the once massive Mulroney majority, the Conservatives are headed for opposition under the leadership of Stephen Harper. 

What could change their fortunes? Well .. a new leader ... the right leader just might be able to breathe fresh air into the stale, dank backrooms of the Conservative Party of Canada.

But who? Well ... John Baird is too angry. Jason Kenney is too nasty. Peter McKay is too self absorbed .. Jim Flaherty is too sickly ... Bernard Lord is too chicken ... so who?

Well, if the knives are going to come out at the Conservative Convention later this month in Calgary, there are a lot of individuals who would do worse as Conservative Party leader than Brad Wall.

Stay tuned!

Friday, June 14, 2013 

Stephen Harper's Speech To UK Parliament Called 'Not-Prime Ministerial' ... more suitable for “a meeting of the parliamentary Conservative party.”

Progressive Bloggers

Harper speech to UK Parliament ‘not prime ministerial’...

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper made a stop in London to speak to both Houses of Parliament Thursday, one shadow cabinet minister was annoyed by Harper’s partisan tone. John Spellar, the Labour party’s shadow minister for foreign and commonwealth affairs, told iPolitics Friday he found Harper’s address to the members “distinctly partisan,” saying parts of the speech would have been more appropriate for “a meeting of the parliamentary Conservative party.”

Thursday, June 13, 2013 

NEWS FLASHBACK!!! Conservative MP blows by Hill security check

Progressive Bloggers

A little retro story for our Conservative friends ... especially those with conveniently short term memory ....

Conservative MP blows by Hill security check

Tory MP Pierre Poilievre is in hot water again, this time for bypassing a security check at Parliament Hill because he didn’t want to wait in line.

The Star


Thomas Mulcair Feels Wrath Of Rookie Gate Attendant On Parliament Hill ....

Progressive Bloggers

It's sort of comical watching the Conservatives go through contortions trying to equate difficulties the Leader of the Official Opposition experienced this morning with a new employee (working the gate on Parliament Hill) with their numerous ethical, legal and moral sins. 

To hear the Conservatives tell it, Mulcair's traffic difficulty is equal to Conservative sins such as: 
-the missing $3.1Billion tax dollars 
-the $90,000 mystery cheque to Senator Mike Duffy 
-the mysterious resignation of Nigel Wright from the PMO 
-Speaker Scheer's blatant disregard and defiance of the Chief Electoral Officer 
-the whitewash of the Senate Report on Mike Duffy by Senator Tkachuk  

Equivalency?? No way!

Dear Conservatives .... show us the $90,000 Nigel Wright cheque!!

CTV News

 OTTAWA - The RCMP says there's enough evidence to start a criminal investigation into the $90,000 the prime minister's chief of staff gave to Sen. Mike Duffy to cover bogus housing claims.


I have to take a shot at Justin Trudeau over his earlier interpretation of Lib Senator Marc Harb's troubles ...

Progressive Bloggers  

Last weekend, in an interview with Global News, Trudeau suggested that Harb's troubles were "an honest mistake or a misunderstanding of the rules."

"For me, there’s a real difference between what Mac Harb is going through and what Senators Duffy and Wallin seem to have on their plate," he said adding that Harb could be allowed back into the Liberal fold once the matter is cleared.

Unfortunately for taxpayers AND for the Liberal Party Leader, Senator Harb's situation is far, far worse than poor old Justin anticipated .....

Senator Mac Harb owes $231K in expenses

 H/T to

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 

Toronto Talk Radio 640 AM Host Calls Ontario NDP Leader Horwath A 'Whore' On Morning Talk Show

Progressive Bloggers

Here’s the transcript, via this blog:

Lou Schizas: Just to get back to our previous quick quotes on Andrea Horwath. I think whore is the operative syllable there. 

John Oakley: Well, well let’s not take it that far.

Schizas: What do you mean? She was bought.

Oakley: Alright, bought and paid for. Alright, it’s a pejorative.

Schizas: Alright, Sorry, I’ll take the hit.

Oakley: That’s alright.

Schizas: I’ll take the hit.

The exchange took place on the The John Oakley Show during a panel with Buzz Hargrove and Catherine Swift, who apparently did not call Schizas out on his comment after Oakley’s soft chiding.
Schizas is a business correspondent and joins Oakley for his a “Happy Capitalism” segment.
We’ve left a message with the station for comment and awaiting their reply.

Lou Schizas has neither retracted his comment nor offered an on air apology. The very worst kind of nasty 'Conservatism' ooozes out of every pore of his being. Toronto radio listeners should tune these folks out .......

NOTE: This vile radio program has a 'comment' page where you can tell them  what you think of their 'broadcasting standards'.


UPDATED: Canadian News Reporter Saša Petricic Arrested In Turkey ...

Progressive Bloggers

No details are yet available other than Mr. Petricic's tweet above that turned up about an hour ago .... stay tuned for more info when available ...

"CBC confirmed that Petricic was arrested “and may be one of many journalists who were.”

The broadcaster said it is investigating"

-The Toronto Star has now picked up this story ... 


Tuesday, June 11, 2013 

Candid Camera - 'PM Harper May 2011 Election Night Behind The Scenes' .. YouTube

Stephen Harper imitating Joe Clark - John Diefenbaker - Brian Mulroney. This appeared on YouTube on the evening of June 11, 2013. No idea who posted it.


House of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer Decides To Uphold And Reward Ongoing Conservative Party Electoral Misdeeds

Andrew Scheer, Speaker of the House of Commons, is WRONG to let two Conservative 'candidates' sit in the House of Commons in spite of an Elections Canada ruling that they should not be allowed to vote or receive remuneration as a result of violating the Canada Election Act in the last election. SHAME!!!  

Hill Times


... if I hear one more bloody Conservative say .. 'We Support The Troops' ..

Progressive Bloggers

Injured soldier who testified about struggles given discharge notice

"An injured Canadian soldier who testified about his struggle for health benefits has been notified that he will be discharged in six months, despite assurances from Defence Minister Peter MacKay that he would suffer “no ramifications” for speaking out."
CTV News

More ...  
-The Ongoing Myth That Stephen Harper 'Supports The Troops' ...

Monday, June 10, 2013 

Behold The Sheer Arrogance Of An Unelected Conservative $enator ... (Calls $enate Scandal A Mere 'Bump In The Road')!!

Progressive Bloggers  

"Things were done that were improper, but everybody's trying to make these things into major scandals. They are not. These are bumps in the road. [...] The Liberal party survived. We will survive." 
Conservative $enator Dave Tkachuk 
(Former Principle Secretary to 
Sask Premier Grant Devine)

The only person who ever 'voted' for Dave Tkachuk to sit as a $enator was Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney when he appointed him to a huge patronage reward in the Canadian $enate. 

Saskatoon Star Phoenix

-Saskatchewan $enator David Tkachuk Has Long History With Corrupt Conservative Governments

Sunday, June 09, 2013 

The New Ottawa CFL Team Maybe Should Be Named The 'Ottawa Scandals' Instead Of the 'RedBlacks' ....

Progressive Bloggers  

Considering what's been going on lately in the nation's capital with the 'Senate Scandal' and various other Conservative Party of Canada misdeeds ... perhaps there is a more fitting name for the new Ottawa CFL franchise ....

"The worst-kept secret in Canadian football doesn't need to be kept any more, as the Ottawa expansion franchise set to start play in 2014 officially announced that they'd chosen "RedBlacks" (and "Rouge et Noir" in French) as their name at an unveiling ceremony Saturday. RedBlacks had been the leading candidate for the new team's name since at least January, and it was reportedly firmly chosen in April, so there wasn't a lot of suspense here. The various logo leaks (including that of the final logo the team chose, which appeared online at the end of May) meant that part wasn't particularly suspenseful either. However, the Ottawa ownership group was still able to put on an impressive event, and they received strong support from the fans in attendance. They also showed they're cognizant of the importance of recognizing the history of Canadian football in Ottawa, and that's going to be crucial to this franchise's success over the long run."

(H/T to M.  Rubrecht)

Friday, June 07, 2013 

House Of Commons Speaker Andrew Scheer DEFIES The Canada Election Act And Allows Two Ineligible Conservative's To Sit As Members Or Parliament ....

Progressive Bloggers

'The [Canada Elections] Act provides that an elected candidate who fails to provide documents required ... may not continue to sit or vote as a member until the corrections have been made.'
(Excerpt from a letter from Elections Canada to Speaker Andrew Scheer .. a letter that Speaker Scheer has been sitting on for weeks!!!)

Shame on you Andrew Scheer! Your partisan streak is showing! Are you that afraid of the PMO????


-Letter from Elections Canada that Speaker Scheer has decided to Ignore and defy!!

Thursday, June 06, 2013 

Here's a few reasons why Stephen Harper is going to skip out of Friday's Question Period .... UPDATED -

Progressive Bloggers

PM Harper failed to appear in the House of Commons this morning for Question Period ..... surprise surprise ;)

In his place ... 'Sparky' Polievre spoke for the PMO while the trained seals in the Conservative backbench tried to shout down questions from the Official Opposition. Welcome to 'democracy' in Canada .. 2013!


-PM's former chief of staff controlled secret Tory fund

-Pamela Wallin could pay back another $20,000 in expense claims
-Conservative MPs used like 'trained seals,' Rathgeber says
-Backbenchers support Rathgeber’s bill  

-Liberals want auditor general to investigate prime minister’s office too

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