Wednesday, January 31, 2007 

Iran Clock Is Ticking

Robert Parry has an insightful article in Consortium News concerning what he believes is a looming strategic attack by the United States or Israel on Iran's nuclear facilities regardless of what Congress wants.

"While congressional Democrats test how far they should go in challenging George W. Bush’s war powers, the time may be running out to stop Bush from ordering a major escalation of the Middle East conflict by attacking Iran."

Consortium News



Tories May Create New Northern Protected Areas - National Park

I am no fan of the Conservative Harper government. Period. But if rumours are accurate, I would welcome real meaningful measures that protect the environment.

An announcement, which sources said could come as early as today, might involve over than 100,000 square kilometres in the Northwest Territories. The announcement would include a new national park as well as areas protected under northern land claims agreements.

The new protected area would be larger in size than both New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island combined.



Premiers Cancel Meeting

Canada's Premiers have cancelled a face-to-face meeting in Toronto next week that was widely expected to once again put their differences over proposed changes to the national equalization program on public display.

Hamilton Spectator

Tuesday, January 30, 2007 

White House Pressured Climate Scientists To Lie

U.S. scientists have been pressured to make their writings on global warming fit with the Bush administration's skepticism on the topic, a U.S. Congressional committee has been told.

A survey by the Union of Concerned Scientists found 150 climate scientists had personally experienced political interference in their work over the past five years. The survey had 279 respondents.

At least 435 incidents were recorded, representatives of the watchdog group told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

"Nearly half of all respondents perceived or personally experienced pressure to eliminate the words 'climate change,' 'global warming' or other similar terms from a variety of communications," said Francesca Grifo.

The committee heard from former U.S. government scientist Rick Piltz, who said he quit in 2005 after coming under pressure to dampen findings on global warming.

Phil Cooney, the White House Council on Environmental Quality official pressuring him, went to work for ExxonMobil in 2006.

Progressive Americans are begining to show serious 'Bush fatigue'.

ABC News



Prime Minister Harper Continues Tory Patronage Tradition

The Conservative government is being accused of political cronyism after one of Stephen Harper's oldest and closest friends was named chief of staff to Citizenship and Immigration Minister Diane Finley.

John Weissenberger, a Calgary geologist who has assisted in several of Harper's election and leadership campaigns, was quietly appointed to the position recently.

After all of the rhetoric we have had from Harper on ethics in government, his actions simply do not match his words.

-Hill Times

Photo courtesy Calgary Herald.


David Suzuki Sets Off On Election-Style Tour

David Suzuki is launching an election-style, cross country tour this week - starting on the East Coast - to get Canadians to make the environment their top political issue in the lead up to the next federal election.

Suzuki plans to kick the tour off in St. John's, N.L., on Thursday with a public meeting that has already sold out.

Canadian celebrities will join Suzuki throughout the tour, with musicians such as Sarah Harmer and Anne Murray performing, along with TV personalities like Rick Mercer, and NHL players Andrew Ference and Robyn Regehr of the Calgary Flames.

-c news

Monday, January 29, 2007 

Two Chinese Boy - Blogging from the Peoples Republic of China

I love these guys. I have been wanting to post this for awhile and now is as good a time as any. Watch this. You will LOVE them! Dedicated to the Honourable Jason Kenney, Secretary of State for Multiculturalism.

Youtube 'Two Chinese boy'

Their blog from the Peoples Republic



City Of Miami Prepares For Celebration At Orange Bowl When Castro Dies

Talk about morbid. Talk about bad taste. The City of Miami is planning an official celebration at the Orange Bowl to occur when Cuban president Fidel Castro dies.

Discussions by a committee appointed earlier this month by the city to plan the event have even covered issues such as a theme to be printed on T-shirts, what musicians would perform, the cost and how long the celebration would last.

Ramon Saul Sanchez, leader of the Miami-based Democracy Movement, worries about how a party to celebrate a death would be perceived by people outside the Cuban exile community.

-Miami Herald



Canada's Banks = Pick Pockets In Business Suits

It is time for Canadians to just say NO to the bankers of our nation. They have nickel and dimed us to the point that it borders on criminal.

Is $19,000,000,000 (that's 19 Billion dollars) NOT ENOUGH PROFIT FOR YOU PER YEAR?

It may well be that the banks have finally 'killed the goose that laid the golden egg.'

Kudo's (big time) to Jack Layton for speaking out on the daily pick pocket activities of Canada's bankers. Shame on them!!!!

Halifax Chronicle Herald

Sunday, January 28, 2007 

Free Health Care Offered To Uninsured In New Orleans

I'm going to post an article from the Houston Chronicle about this weeks clinic to provide free health care to the thousands of citizens of New Orleans who have NO health insurance.

As a Canadian who benefits from an incredible public system, this article proves, in my mind, the absolute failings of 'free market' style health care.

Canadian right wingers will try and argue that because we have waiting list challenges to overcome for some procedures, we should abandon the Canadian system. Hogwash!

For these families who cannot afford health care, this clinic brings charity that for many is demeaning. Here we have the richest nation on the planet unable to provide this fundamental human right to some of it's citizens, the right to not die because you don't have enough money to receive medical attention.

By Janet McConnaughey
Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- Hundreds of people still without health insurance in areas hard-hit by Hurricane Katrina lined up before dawn Sunday for the start of a week long event offering free medical care.

Bundled up against the chilly wind, people began arriving at 2 a.m. outside the tents and doublewide trailers offering free care in eastern New Orleans. By the time the first 50 had been called into the registration tent, they numbered in the hundreds.
Each person who wanted a medical, dental or eye appointment got a sheet of paper with a large number printed on it. "This is your ticket to see the doctor," a guardsman repeated, over and over. "Don't leave it in your car. Keep it with you."

-Houston Chronicle


Right Wing Thinking - Belief Trumps Knowledge

Michael Coren is the Toronto Sun columnist whose writings I love to hate. He’s the devout christian guy who wants to drop nuclear bombs on Iran. Remember?

In his latest column he states, “I believe that homosexuality is not normal and not natural.”

Okay stop right there. From Coren’s statement, you can determine exactly what is wrong with the ideology of the Christian Right. They have confused ‘belief’ in something with having ‘knowledge’ of something.

Believe: to suppose or assume; to have confidence in the truth, the existence, or the reliability of something, although without absolute proof that one is right in doing so:

Knowledge: acquaintance with facts, truths, or principles, as from study or investigation; general erudition: the body of truths or facts accumulated in the course of time.

Michael Coren believes that homosexuality is not normal and not natural and he has no concern for any facts, medical research or data that might challenge his fundamentalist premise.

Right wingers so often operate on beliefs over knowledge. The entire mess in Iraq happened because Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld operated on their beliefs rather then on any verification of fact.

You see the same blind faith when you see Christian fundamentalists completely ignoring the vast pool of scientific knowledge concerning evolution and embrace Creationism based on ‘belief.’

Ignorance is bliss, I guess. That being the case, Michael Coren must be completely blissed right out of it!!

Toronto sun

Saturday, January 27, 2007 

Peace IS Patriotic - Photos From Washington AntiWar Protest

Washington, D.C., USA - January 27, 2007

-clockwerks' photos
-Washington Post

Progressive Bloggers



Papa Bush Says Media Too Mean To Baby Bush

George Bush Senior is complaining that the media and press are being too hard on his little sonny boy.

I wonder how it feels when you are the President of the United States and your daddy has to come to your defense.

Perhaps the world might be a safer place if Bush Senior had ensured that his little boy received a better education. Perhaps little George should have been instructed adequately in the fields of history, geography, at least one social science and just a little bit of cultural awareness.


Progressive Bloggers



Massive AntiWar Protest In Washington Today

Thousands of protesters are gathering on the National Mall in Washington to urge the withdrawal of U.S. forces in Iraq.

Event organizers say Saturday's rally could draw hundreds of thousands of people. Civil rights leader Jesse Jackson and Hollywood actors Jane Fonda and Susan Sarandon are among those expected to address the crowd.

The protest will also include some active-duty military troops. One Navy sailor says he plans to speak at the protest on the National Mall. He's part of a group of active-duty personnel and veterans who favor a US troop pullout in Iraq.

The Pentagon says members of the Armed Forces can speak at such rallies, but they can't be in uniform and must make it clear they speak only for themselves, not the military.

-Hosted AP


Progressive Bloggers


Friday, January 26, 2007 

Parliament Reconvenes On Monday

Members of Parliament will return to Ottawa on Monday, January 29th when the House reconvenes.

I am looking forward to Question Period. The recent 'green awakening' of Stephen Harper and his band of tory tree huggers looks phony, smells phony and is phony.

It should be fun to have the kids back in action!

The Liberals have not had the rebound in the polls that had hoped for after their lengthy leadership exercise. The New Democrats are poised to keep the House working or to pull the plug. If they can put Harper's feet to the fire over Kyoto, equalization and the Canadian Wheat Board, then this Parliament may have a few months of life in it.

If Harper plays games with the 'green' file or reneges on his election promise on equalization, then he should be thrown out of power.

-CTV News
-Toronto Star


Cheney’s Daughter Questions Patriotism of Americans Who Disagree With Bush

It is bad enough that Americans have to deal with Vice President Dick Cheney and his war fevered rhetoric. Now they are being assailed by Cheney offspring.

Daughter Liz Cheney had an op-ed published in the Washington Post that chastised Americans for not being loyal enough to President Bush and as a result are disloyal to America.

“Let’s be clear,” Liz Cheney wrote. “If we restrict the ability of our troops to fight and win this war, we help the terrorists. Don’t take my word for it. Read the plans of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and Ayman Zawahiri to drive America from Iraq, establish a base for al-Qaeda and spread jihad across the Middle East.”

-Consortium News
-Washington Post Article


Thursday, January 25, 2007 

Regina Animator Nominated For Academy Award

Canadian animator, Michael Thurmeier from Saskatchewan has been nominated for an Academy Award for the short animation film, 'No Time for Nuts'. The film features the time-travelling antics of Scrat the sabre-toothed squirrel and his acorn. The short film has the poor rodent teleported through time, from the French Revolution to the Roman Empire to the time of Michelangelo's David.

A complete version of the short film can be found here

Regina Leader Post



Is Harper Playing Politics With Saskatchewan's Equalization?

There is a very disturbing quote from Prime Minister Stephen Harper in today's Regina Leader Post. It is disturbing because if you read it carefully, it seems to indicate that the reason that Harper is hesitating to keep his equalization election promise to Saskatchewan is because that province has a New Democratic government.

"I've said repeatedly the government will honour its commitments," Harper said. "But we aren't going to be able to make the NDP a good government in Saskatchewan."

If Stephen Harper is playing around with money that rightly belongs to Saskatchewan, that was PROMISED to Saskatchewan because he doesn't like the political stripe of the provincial government, then he should come clean and spell that out clearly.

Let's see if someone in the Harper government ranks can clarify Harper's disturbing statement!

Regina Leader Post

Progressive Bloggers

Wednesday, January 24, 2007 

Miraculous Apparition of Michael Moore Appears In Biscotti

Buckdog is dedicated to bringing miraculous apparitions to the blogosphere due to the fact that 1 in 4 believe that the Second Coming will occur in 2007. (I am simply covering my ass).

1 in 4 Believe 2007 is 'Second Coming' Year

Jesus image in doggy door



A Political Junkie's Analysis of Bush's State of the Union Address

Okay political junkies, let me make your day! The New York Times has done a 'word 'analysis of key words George W. Bush used in the 2007 State of the Union Address as well as every other one he has done in his presidency.

New York Times

Tuesday, January 23, 2007 

Calvert and Williams Join Voices Over Equalization Fairness

The federal Conservatives are being accused of using equalization to woo voters in Central Canada, but the Premiers of Saskatchewan and Newfoundland & Labrador suggest such action will hurt national unity.

Two unlikely Premiers, Lorne Calvert and Danny Williams took their demands for Harper to keep his promises on equalization on the road Tuesday, creating "an alliance for accountability."

A crowd of 200 people at the University of Saskatchewan, heard Williams suggest it is clear that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has moved back from his pledge to remove non-renewable natural resource revenue from the fiscal program.

"Why would a prime minister break a written promise that significantly penalizes two provinces like ours?" asked Williams.

"I think we all know why he might do that. We are facing a federal election and in the end, equality among provinces takes a back seat to the electoral urgency of currying favour with the majority."

Saskatchewan and Newfoundland and Labrador have long argued to remove non-renewable resource revenue, which is one time only money, from the equalization formula.

"It's not a matter of Atlantic versus Central Canada or Prairie versus Central Canada," said the Saskatchewan Premier.

"We share this deep conviction that as you build the strength of our regions and our provinces, you're building the strength of the nation," said Calvert, who is expected to travel to Newfoundland next month in a show of solidarity.

Other provinces, primarily Quebec and Ontario, want that revenue included so that they can receive larger amounts under the formula.


Photo courtesy of CTV


Lies that Bush Told Americans One Year Ago in State of the Union Address

One year ago, President George W. Bush delivered the 2006 State of the Union Address. In typical fashion, it was nothing but rhetoric and platitudes. It was rubbish. See for yourself.

Here is an excerpt of what Bush said on January 31, 2006:

"I am confident in our plan for victory. I am confident in the will of the Iraqi people. I am confident in the skill and spirit of our military. Fellow citizens, we are in this fight to win, and we are winning.


The road of victory is the road that will take our troops home.

As we make progress on the ground and Iraqi forces increasingly take the lead, we should be able to further decrease our troop levels. But those decisions will be made by our military commanders, not by politicians in Washington, D.C.


Our coalition has learned from our experience in Iraq. We have adjusted our military tactics and changed our approach to reconstruction.

Along the way, we have benefited from responsible criticism and counsel offered by members of Congress of both parties.

In the coming year, I will continue to reach out and seek your good advice. Yet there is a difference between responsible criticism that aims for success and defeatism that refuses to acknowledge anything but failure.


(Bush was full of crap in 2006 - He is still full of crap in 2007)
Oh by the way, here are some highlights of his 2007 State of the Union Address.



Phony Email Claiming 'Castro Is Dead' Contains Virus

If you receive an email in the next day or so proclaiming 'Castro is Dead' DO NOT OPEN IT - it contains a virus.



Canada's 'New' Government - Not So New Anymore

Dear Director of Tory Communications:
Enough with the 'Canada's New Government' intro to every single stinking news release that you guys put out.

Yeah yeah yeah, you squeaked through the smallest of minority government wins EXACTLY one year ago today. And yes you decided that from a communications stand point you had to ensure that Canadians were aware that there had been a change of tenant at 24 Sussex Drive.

That being so, you have prefaced every communications piece and every speech by Stephen Harper with "Canada's new government blah blah blah blah blah."

It is tiresome. It is old. Enough is enough.

Stop it. If you don't, we are going to mock you every time you use that phrase.


Progressive Bloggers

Monday, January 22, 2007 

Canada's Lost Year - 'How the Harper Government Has Disappointed Me'

The one year anniversary of the election of Harper's government (in my opinion, one of the worst governments in Canadian history) - occurred on January 23, 2006.

On the eve of that black day, I want to challenge all of my blogging colleagues (Lib - Dipper - Green - Unaffiliated) to tell us how the year has gone from your progressive point of view.

On January 23rd, 2007, we can expect the blogging tories to be singing Harper's praises - rather then let them have the only voice on the topic,let's beat them to the punch!


Northern Summit To Address Alarming Declines In Caribou Herds

Experts are warning that people in the far north face serious hardships if measures aren't taken to slow alarming declines in the Barren-ground caribou herds.

The summit, spearheaded by the government of the Northwest Territories, will focus on what can be done over the next four years to protect the herds.

It will include hunters, outfitters, scientists, and local, provincial and territorial government leaders.

Regina Leader Post

Sunday, January 21, 2007 

Harper Says 'I'm Green' - 6 Out Of 10 Disagree

The contrast in Tory policy from "so called green house gases" to "Look at me - I'm green" has left Canadians with their tongues planted firmly in their cheeks.

These Conservative opportunists will say ANYTHING in an attempt to get re-elected.

60% Say Tories NOT Sincere


Sheriff Andy Of Mayberry VERSUS The Patriot Act

Wisdom for today comes down to us from a more innocent time.

Andy Griffith VERSUS the Patriot Act


Progressive Bloggers

Saturday, January 20, 2007 

Regina Stones Gig Largest Canadian Concert Ever

The Rolling Stones concerts which took place at Mosaic Stadium in Regina on Oct. 6 and Oct. 8 are the top grossing Canadian concert events of all time by music industry trade magazine giant Pollstar.

Regina also ended the year in the top-10 list of North American concerts produced last year, and is now considered one of the top-grossing concerts of all time in North America -- an astounding feat for a city of under 200,000 in a province of under one million.

-Regina Leader Post
-Youtube Stones in Regina #1
-Youtube Stones in Regina #2

Photo: October 6th, 2006 - Taylor Field, Regina, Canada



The 'Greening' of Stephen Harper - yeah right

Does anybody out there really believe that ubber free enterpriser Stephen Harper has actually had an environmental awakening or is this simply a reading of the polls by a nervous PM who wants to keep his job.

In view of earlier comments made by the PM (ie. "so called green house gases") there is no doubt that these guys are as phony as a 3 dollar bill.

Bruce Johnson has a good article in today's Regina Leader Post where he asks some hard questions of the Harper regime:

"The Tories are going to need more than Baird's pit-bull-in-a-china-shop approach to convince Canadians that the Harper government is serious about the environment, specifically climate change and Kyoto.

The Tories have done much to undermine their position as effective environmental stewards since taking office a year ago.

They've cut the EnerGuide for Houses program to save a measly $45 million a year, withheld $20 million in federal funding for clean-coal and polygeneration research projects in Saskatchewan and thumbed their noses at Canada's Kyoto commitments."

Regina Leader Post

Progressive Bloggers

Friday, January 19, 2007 

Methodist Ministers Try To Stop Bush Library

Most universities in the United States would be greatly honoured to have the personal papers of a former president housed in a Presidential Library on their campus. Not so in the case of President George W. Bush.

A group of Methodist ministers from across the country have launched an online petition drive Thursday urging Southern Methodist University to stop trying to land George W. Bush's presidential library.

The petition, on a newly created Web site, says that "as United Methodists, we believe that the linking of his presidency with a university bearing the Methodist name is utterly inappropriate."

"Methodists have a long history of social conscience, so questions about the conduct of this president are very concerning," said one of the petition's organizers, the Rev. Andrew J. Weaver of New York, who graduated from SMU's Perkins School of Theology.


Progressive Bloggers



Some Liberals Are Thin Skinned Over Bourque

I like Pierre Bourque. Lots. His news agreggator is bookmarked on my computer and I visit the site a number of times daily. For a news junkie, Bourque is the 'fact fix' that gets you through the morning, then the afternoon, then the evening. He brings cutting edge and breaking news forward 365 days a year - I noted updates even on Christmas Day.

Mr. Bourque has roots in the Liberal Party. He ran for Parliament in the 1993 Canadian election as a Liberal candidate in the Montreal riding of Rosemont.

Those of us who follow Bourque get to see a glimmer of what he is thinking by the headlines he gives to stories on his aggregator.

Like most Canadians, I believe that Mr. Bourque was caught off guard by the scope and depth of the Liberal Adscam scandal. For someone who has been a dedicated Liberal, Adscam must have been an unfortunate eye opener.

Some Liberals, however, have turned a blind eye to the whole nasty affair and continued on as if nothing happened. That does NOT appear to be the case with Pierre and you can detect just a hint of that in his choice of headlines. The Liberal Party of Canada is not getting a free ride from Bourque, and that is as it should be.

The clicker here is the way that some Liberals have now decided to mount a campaign of criticism against Mr. Bourque. Some of their language is nasty and a bit over the top.

This thin skinned approach demonstrates exactly the point I believe Pierre is trying to make to Liberals. 'You do NOT have a divine right to govern this nation!' If you want to have the trust of Canadians then you must earn that trust and you must keep that trust. Period!

I applaude Pierre Bourqe. I have no time for Libs who are trying to portray him as having gone 'tory'. I highly doubt that.

Bravo Pierre. Keep doing what you are doing.

Thursday, January 18, 2007 

Black Seeks to Block Guilty Plea By His Old Company

Financial Post Columnist Barbara Shecter, writes the following in the January 18, 2007 edition of the National Post:

"Quoting from Alice in Wonderland, Conrad Black has asked an Ontario court judge to turn down an attempt by his former company, Ravelston Corp., to plead guilty to criminal fraud in the United States.

One 40-page filing begins with a legal quote about the presumption of innocence, followed by a passage from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland in which the Red Queen urges: 'Sentence first -- verdict afterwards.' "
-More BUCKDOG on Conrad Black



Jason Kenney Can't Tell Me What It Means To Be Canadian!

The last person on planet Earth who is going to tell me what it means to be a Canadian is Jason Kenney, (former Reform MP, former Alliance MP, currently Conservative MP, former CEO of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation).

Mr. Kenney may well be the Secretary of State for Multiculturalism but I hold his extreme right wing politics in utter contempt.

Kenney said, "For me Canadian identity means establishing clear, fixed reference points rooted in our values and our history. The four biggest values are our freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law."

While these all sound fine and well, I need to flesh out exactly what he means.

Does 'freedom' include so called 'property rights'? The right to pollute or store nuclear waste on your own property. Democracy, does that mean dropping farmers off a Wheat Board election as the Tories have done?

Do not take Mr. Kenney's pronouncment at face value. Critique it, dissect it and make sure that you know what you are getting from him. My Canada is not a Bush style, 'free market rules all' kind of place.

Be wary!

Read More


'Jesus' Image in Doggie Door Saves Pets

A California couple planned to get rid of their destructive pets, but they suddenly changed their minds when an apparent image of Jesus appeared in their home's doggie door.

Many are proclaiming it to be a miracle even greater then the image of the Blessed Virgin in the grilled cheese sandwich.

Considering that 1 in 4 Americans believe that Jesus will return is 2007, perhaps the doggie door apparition is the first of many revelations we will be given in the days and weeks to come. Buckdog will go to any length to bring you apparitions as they appear.

Jesus Appears in doggie door

Progressive Bloggers


Wednesday, January 17, 2007 

Harper's Foreign Policy Falls Short

I am no fan of the Harper government. Since taking power, the Conservatives have handled the foreign affairs file terribly. I have a number of complaints:

As turmoil ensued during the invasion of Lebanon (remembering that innocent Canadians were killed), Harper called the war a 'measured response'!

Conservative MP's, Jason Kenney and Rob Anders had not heard that the Cold War was over and seemed prepared (for ideological reasons) to jeopardize trade with China.

Globe & Mail columnist, Jeffrey Simpson wrote the following in his January 16th article:

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper now says his "new" government has restored Canada's place in the world. It's a curious claim. All governments puff up their accomplishments. So Mr. Harper's boast can be dismissed as the usual political puffery. Except that, whereas in other areas the government has indeed been active -- and changed policy and/or made a difference -- it's hard to see what's new and better about this government's foreign policy. Relations are supposed to have improved with the United States, and the softwood lumber dispute was resolved. Good, but as British Prime Minister Tony Blair long ago discovered, trying to influence the Bush administration is a thankless task.

On various bilateral issues - passports for crossing the border, the Maher Arar file, Canadians born in other countries who can't work on U.S. defence contracts- there's been no progress. Canada is even threatening to launch a trade action against U.S. agricultural subsides. (Good luck). [...]

This week, Trade Minister David Emerson is finally leading a delegation to China. What used to be called the Middle Kingdom became the Lost Kingdom for the Harper government, which seemed intent on ignoring the world's fastest growing economy. Mr. Emerson, a British Columbian and a former business leader with a sense of the world, was frustrated, to say the least, by the government's non-approach. It took him a year to get to China such were the blinkers the government wore. [...]

We shouldn't really be surprised at the bragging, for that comes with politics, or with the generalized lack of interest in things international. This government barely campaigned on foreign questions, and likely reckons they won't much influence the next election."

Harper's Caucus needs an attitude adjustment when it comes to foreign affairs. If we act in a 'holier than thou' manner, we will win few friends and lose influence as serious players on the world stage. If the neo-Reformers in the Caucus (Kenney, Anders, Day and Harper) continue to start the Cold War up again, Canadian trade will suffer.

More Buckdog on Harper's Foreign Policy



Conservatives AGREE To Wheat Board Vote

The Regina Leader Post contains the following story today:

"After months of refusing to promise farmers a vote on the future of the Canadian Wheat Board's wheat monopoly, federal Agriculture Minister Chuck Strahl has promised a second plebiscite."

This is good news indeed because the vast majority of prairie farmers WILL vote to continue the single desk marketing aspect of the Canadian Wheat Board.

The Conservative Party of Canada was determined to force their own vision onto farmers in contravention of the Act. (They could have saved themselves a lot of grief if they had not been so undemocratic on this issue).

Regina Leader Post

Tuesday, January 16, 2007 

Bush Prepares State Of The Union Address For Next Week

George Bush will deliver his State of the Union Address next week to a Democratic Congress.

Coming on the heels of his proposed Iraqi Escalation and his disastrous financial performance, it should be interesting.

Approval ratings for the President are some of the lowest that have ever been recorded, approaching the levels of Richard Nixon prior to his resignation. Bush is one bad President. The United States Congress needs to kick his ass - hard.

-CBS News
-USA Today



Life Sentence Possible for Adultery in Michigan

Because right wing state legislators have no idea what they are doing, Michigan's second-highest court stated that technically, anyone involved in an extramarital fling can be prosecuted for first-degree criminal sexual conduct, a felony punishable by up to life in prison.

How did Michigan manage to pass such puritanical legislation? Well, the State government wanted to prosecute a defendant in a drug case as a sex offender for taking sexual intercourse as payment for illegal drug sales.

The State made use of an obscure law that made any sexual penetration during the commission of a felony the same kind of sexual offense as rape and molestation, regardless of whether the sex was consensual or not. Among the many crimes Michigan still recognizes as felonies, is adultery, although no one in Michigan has been convicted of that offense since 1971.

Legislatures often write laws badly, even laws with good intent. The Michigan legislature should revisit this provision in its penal code immediately. They should repeal the Bill and then hang their heads in shame for being complete and utter reactionary idiots.

-detroit free

Progressive Bloggers


The Promise - Harper's Broken Promise - WHY?

Harper promised to remove natural resources (which are one time resources - once pulled out of the ground, they are gone) from the formula used to calculate equalization.

Here's the broken promise.

Harper needs to explain to Saskatchewan and to Nfld & Lab, WHY???

Monday, January 15, 2007 

Fidel Castro In Very Grave Condition

HAVANA (Reuters) - Cuban leader Fidel Castro is in serious condition after a series of three failed operations on his large intestine for diverticulitis, or inflamed bulge in the intestine, complicated by infection, the Spanish newspaper El Pais reported on Monday.

Castro, who has not been seen in public since last July and whose illness is being treated as a state secret, suffered a serious infection that worsened to peritonitis, the newspaper's Tuesday edition said, citing two medical sources at the Madrid hospital where a surgeon who visited Castro works. The report was posted on the newspaper's Web site on Monday.

-Chicago Tribune
-New York Times



HILL TIMES: Harper Suspects Defeat Of Next Budget

There is an interesting interview with Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the January 15th edition of the Hill Times. The interview was conducted by Angelo Persichilli and actually became testy at one point:
"Mr. Harper, I don't want to know when you want an election. I want to know when you expect one.

"Well, I will say what I want too. We have a bill before Parliament. It's Bill C-16 and that will set an election for October 2009. [Ontario] Premier [Dalton] McGuinty and I are from different stripes, but one thing I agree with is to set a fixed date for an election. The opposition could, of course, defeat us sooner. I don't expect them to defeat us sooner than the budget, but I'm telling my people that they could defeat us on the budget and I'm telling my people to be ready. I don't want an election, I don't think that the Canadian people want an election.

The Hill Times


BUSH: "Iraqi People Owe Americans Huge Debt Of Gratitude"

If you were not yet convinced that President George W. Bush suffers from delusions, consider the following statement. During an interview yesterday, he said Iraqis should be thankful for all the United States has done for them since the invasion nearly four years ago. "We liberated that country from a tyrant. I think the Iraqi people owe the American people a huge debt of gratitude. That's the problem here in America: They wonder whether or not there is a gratitude level that's significant enough in Iraq. [...] "I think I am proud of the efforts we did," Bush said.



Sunday, January 14, 2007 

Saddam's Co-defendants Executed

Iraq has executed Saddam Hussein's half-brother and the former chief of the Revolutionary Court, says a prosecutor.

Barzan Ibrahim, Saddam's half brother and former intelligence chief, and Awad Hamed al-Bandar were hanged at dawn on Monday, said Munqith al-Faroon.

-CTV news



American Bloggers FURIOUS With Iraqi Escalation

President George Bush promised a different approach in Iraq.

That was a lie.

What he did was simply more of the same. More troops, more war, more innocent civilian deaths, more coffins coming home to the USA.

Political bloggers are up in arms and many are absolutely furious with Bush and Cheney.

Here is a little sample:

-F#&k You, Sir
-The Biggest "F#&k You" Of All
-Good Evening & fuck you my fellow Americans...
-Hardblogger : Deconstructing Bush's speech on the deconstruction of Iraq



Trying to Market Dion In Saskatchewan - Yikes!

If there is a true wasteland for the Liberal Party in Canada, it must surely be Saskatchewan. Alberta is not much better, but in Edmonton, the provincial Liberals are the Official Opposition Party. In the Saskatchewan Legislature there isn't even one elected Liberal. David Karwaki, Leader of the Saskatchewan Liberals, has tried two times to win a seat; both unsuccessfully.

The last Liberal government in Saskatchewan was the Ross Thatcher administration from 1967 - 1971. Saskatchewan people have a hate - hate relationship with the Liberal Party.

The only glimmer that the Grits have in Saskatchewan is Ralph Goodale who represents the affluent south Regina area as Member of Parliament and Gary Merasty who squeaked thru by a few votes to win in the far northern riding of Desnethe - Missinippi - Churchill River.

Stephane Dion was in Regina on the weekend. In typical fashion, the handful of local Liberals were paraded out in an attempt to ensure that there was at least a few faces for the photographers and national media. It was a pitiful affair.

CTV covered the Liberal leader's media scrum. "Dion said he believes there is the capacity to mandate a 10-per-cent biofuel content in gasoline by 2010 rather than the five per cent the Conservatives are currently proposing. That won favour with Lonny McKague, an farmer from Ogema, Sask., who said he considers himself a Liberal supporter. If the truth be told, Mr, McKague was actually a Liberal Party candidate in the Souris Moose Mountain Constituency.

There is NO possibility for a Dion breakthrough in Saskatchewan. Ralph Goodale will likely win his seat (as he usually does). The next election will be fought by and large between the New Democrats and the Harper Conservatives. Anyone who leans Liberal (outside of Goodale's Riding) who wants to stop Stephen Harper will VOTE for the New Democrats.

You see, a vote for Stephane Dion in Saskatchewan will help to elect Stephen Harper.


Progressive Bloggers

Saturday, January 13, 2007 

Military Snooping Into Americans Financial Records

American citizens are slowly but surely losing their traditional rights and freedoms under the Bush administration. Now that Bush can bug your phones, and since he has decided that he can open your mail, he has now decided that he needs to look into your financial records.

The Pentagon has been using a little-known power to obtain banking and credit records of hundreds of Americans and others suspected of terrorism or espionage inside the United States, part of an aggressive expansion by the military into domestic intelligence gathering. The C.I.A. has also been issuing what are known as national security letters to gain access to financial records from American companies, though it has done so only rarely, intelligence officials say.

Banks, credit card companies and other financial institutions receiving the letters usually have turned over documents voluntarily, allowing investigators to examine the financial assets and transactions of American military personnel and civilians, officials say.

The F.B.I., the lead agency on domestic counterterrorism and espionage, has issued thousands of national security letters since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, provoking criticism and court challenges from civil liberties advocates who see them as unjustified intrusions into Americans� private lives.

But it was not previously known, even to some senior counterterrorism officials, that the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency have been using their own noncompulsory versions of the letters. Congress has rejected several attempts by the two agencies since 2001 for authority to issue mandatory letters, in part because of concerns about the dangers of expanding their role in domestic spying.

CNN Money Matters



Stern Reaction To Harper's Wait Times Plan

The very next time you hear some Tory or other right wing groupie tell you what a wonderful job PM Stephen Harper is doing in keeping his election promises, stop them in their tracks and laugh very loudly in their face.

The recent slight of hand that the Harperites have concocted with regard to surgical waiting times is a joke. It is such a blatant fib that we simply can’t let it go unchallenged.

While I have a reputation for slamming the honesty and integrity of these political fraudsters, listen to what others have to say on the newly announced Conservative plan:

"We have no problem with another study, but what happened to Harper's earlier promise of wait time guarantees for ALL patients in the five areas he identified, three of which, cancer, cardiac and eye surgery are now repeated here for children?"
Toronto Sun Editorial
January 13, 2006

"Saskatchewan Health Minister Len Taylor scathingly describes federal funding of a project to cut surgical wait times for kids as "a pittance" and "an unwelcome intrusion" into provincial jurisdictions. [...]
"Clement and Harper are so anxious to get some positive coverage on a national wait-time guarantee program that they propose, without consultation with the provinces, that they're now trying to find little ways of getting their foot in the door so they can say, 'We're putting some money behind our commitment,' when in fact the commitment really is engage the provinces because we're responsible ultimately for delivering the programs and not all of the provinces have the capacity to do that," Taylor said.

Regina Leader Post
January 13, 2006

And just to refresh your memory, here is what Mr. Harper and his horde of Tories promised you before the last election:

"Harper said Canadians will choose the composition of the next Parliament. Should Conservatives lead that Parliament, the Conservative Party will pursue the following five priorities:
* Clean up government by passing the Federal Accountability Act;
* Provide real tax relief to working families by cutting the GST;
* Make our streets and communities safer by cracking down on crime;
* Help parents with the cost of raising their children; and
* Work with the provinces to establish a Patient Wait Times Guarantee."

Photo courtesy Hamilton Spectator


Friday, January 12, 2007 

bomb bomb bomb - bomb bomb Iran

Alright all you music lovers - time to sing along, follow the bouncing ball!

bomb bomb bomb - bomb bomb Iran



Harper Uses Jiggery Pokery To Renege on Wait Times Guarantee

On January 2, 2006, Stephen Harper laid out his 'five Key Priorities for Canada' as he campaigned to win the election and form government. His fifth priority was: "Work with the provinces to establish a Patient Wait Times Guarantee."

On September 20th, 2006, Buckdog carried a post that pointed out Harper's total lack of action on the waiting times 'priority'.

It is clear now that the Prime Minister has reneged on the 'Key Priority' - BUT to cover his butt, he has come up with an innovative smokescreen, that being a project supposedly aimed at studying ways to reduce wait times for children's surgery. In typical Tory style, the program has been announced catching the provinces off guard. Ontario claims that there has been no prior consultation so it is logical to assume that this program is a rushed measure to politically fill the gap on the waiting times promise. More Harper jiggery pokery??

-CTV News
-CPC website
-'Jiggery pokery' defined


Buzz Hargrove Wants Canada To Keep Polluting

Canadian Auto Workers President, Buzz Hargrove has written to NDP Leader Jack Layton to say he and his union members had been "taken aback" by the tough comments on emissions.

"If this issue is not handled delicately and thoughtfully, we could see thousands of auto workers' jobs destroyed," he said in an open letter requesting a meeting with Layton.

But Layton said the plan being pushed by the NDP is the same "Green Car" strategy that the CAW supported when it was introduced in a joint appearance by Layton, Hargrove and representatives of Greenpeace in July 2003.

CAW News Release


Photo courtesy CBC.

Thursday, January 11, 2007 

Up to 200 US Deserters Possibly in Canada

According to the Air Force Times, the Pentagon has registered approximately 8,000 deserters since the invasion of Iraq in 2003. While many of them are living underground in the United States, the War Resisters Support Campaign estimates that there are "as many as 200 or more military personnel in Canada today."

Toronto Daily News

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