Thursday, June 30, 2011 

Canada Day Long Weekend ...

Hope you all get a chance to kick back and enjoy the first nice long weekend of the summer!

Happy Canada Day canuks!

Monday, June 27, 2011 

Bus Sized Asteroid Will Pass Very Close To Earth Tonight

Later today, an asteroid about the size of a large bus will pass very close to our planet. Although it will not strike us, it will move through the paths of Earth orbiting satellites.

The closest it will come to the surface of Earth will be about 11,000 kms. In contrast, the Moon is 384,000 kms from Earth

NASA has announced that the Asteroid has passed us ... closer to Earth than many of our own orbiting satellites!!

The scariest thing about this asteroid is that it was only discovered hurtling towards Earth on June 22st ... a mere 5 days ago!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011 

At A Time Of Record PROFIT - Stephen Harper And Canada Post Want To Cut Worker Remuneration And Pensions .... go figure??

Canada Post is experiencing record profits. Current moves by the Harper administration to legislate an imposed contract on postal workers is an exercise in 'corporate branding'. Harper is determined to demonstrate to the corporate sector that he will not hesitate to hamper, hinder, and hurt working people to the advantage of big business.


Flooded Saskatchewan Community Looted After Evacuation

It's hard to imagine anything lower than what has happened in the flooded and evacuated community of Roche Percee, Saskatchewan. The village has been looted!

"The mayor of a flood-ravaged Saskatchewan village says he and other residents evacuated from their homes earlier this week have been hit by looters.

"They're taking my stuff and destroying my stuff and my friends and neighbours' stuff," said Roche Percee Mayor Reg Jahn.

Most residents of the village of 150 in the southeast corner of the province had to be evacuated after heavy rains and the release of water from local dams sent a wall of water over dikes on Sunday morning.

The community is in a valley and some homes were left completely under water, but others located at a higher elevation stayed relatively dry.

Among those who had to leave was Jahn, but he returned in a boat on Wednesday to retrieve some family photographs and other personal items.

Once inside the house, it was clear that someone had gone from room to room, ransacking the cabinets and trashing the place, he said.

A small safe that contained papers and some jewelry had been chiseled open and items were stolen, he said.

"I know my wife was totally devastated," he said. "It's a bad, bad feeling — kick you when you're down, eh?"

Jahn said he later learned that other residents have had their homes looted since the flood.

In one case, someone entered a house through a skylight and made off with a wide-screen TV."

CBC News

Friday, June 24, 2011 

Recall of the Saskatchewan Legislature Demonstrates Premier Brad Wall's Irrational ANGER Towards Organized Labour

Saskatchewan Crop Insurance workers are conducting a rotating strike because after 2 years of bargaining, they have been unable to reach a collective agreement with the Saskatchewan provincial government.

It just so happens that a lot of the province's farmland is under water as a result of spring flooding and heavy summer rains. In the midst of this scenario, Saskatchewan's Right wing Premier blew a gasket and has now decided that the people who check the forms for a crop insurance claim should be deemed as an essential service and the Legislature has been recalled to force them back to work and likely, impose a contract 'settlement' on them.

Brad Wall's letter to the Saskatchewan Government Employees Union borders on irrational:
"Call off this strike - at least until all claims for unseeded and flooded out acres are processed. During that time, the management of Saskatchewan Crop Insurance will continue to bargain in good faith and work to reach a negotiated contract settlement."

Even the Right leaning MSM in Saskatchewan is questioning Wall's irrational snit:
"Contrary to Wall's provocative assertions about protecting flood victims, crop insurance adjusters have no responsibility for health or public safety. In fact, we likely have never legislated back to work a bargaining unit that has so little responsibility for the public's well-being.

And having crop adjusters walking the picket line for slightly more than 24 hours doesn't constitute a provincial catastrophe.

The main duties for the province's 470 crop insurance adjusters' are to help farmers with three forms: the unseeded acreage benefit claims; the stored grain declaration; and the benefit establishment claim that counts the number of plants per square yard that have germinated.

While the forms are somewhat annoying and difficult to fill out, it's something farmers can do themselves. As happened last year, adjusters could do spot checks later. Given that the government also announced Wednesday that the deadline for all these forms would be pushed back to June 30, there is also no urgency.

Wall could have taken a more measured approach. He could have appealed to the better nature of people to do the right thing.

Instead, he chose to demonize union members as untrustworthy and to order them back to work - a move that was drastic, unnecessary and not all that politically wise.

After all, any calculated gain there is in showing a willingness to get tough with unions would be offset by the unease created among urban unionized voters. But Wall was clearly not thinking about the need for a big tent.

Instead, he let his anger get the best of him."

Acting In Anger Bad Policy
Regina Leader Post

Brad Wall's over the top snit is nothing but pre-election theatrics!

Thursday, June 23, 2011 

Exactly What 'Boom' Are You Talking About Premier Wall?

Part of Saskatchewan Party mythology is the statement that 'as soon as Premier Wall became Premier, the population of the province began to increase'. What they don't tell you are the facts. The facts are that prior to the arrival of Wall's government, the former New Democratic administration experienced a turnaround in population numbers mostly due to an increase in world oil prices.

Wall has invested a lot in population increase, equating it as a benchmark of his economic success in the province. But what is this? Saskatchewan's population has been decreasing after almost a full electoral term by Wall's Saskatchewan Party?

If you live politically by population 'increase' ... you will surely die politically by population 'decrease'. This should leave voters wondering what 'boom' it is that Premier Wall keeps referring to??

'Saskatchewan sees net interprovincial emigration'

More on Buckdog ....
-Sask job numbers tumble - 'What boom are you referring to Premier?'

Wednesday, June 22, 2011 

A Cyber War Is Going On That You May Not Even Be Aware Of ....

"The Internet may be about to get a little more chaotic than usual. Over the weekend, a group of hackers declared that they are initiating cyber warfare with governments and security companies around the world.

The group, Lulz Security, has claimed responsibility for a number of recent data breaches and have already attacked a number of United States government and corporate Web sites. Lulz Security also said it was working closely with another group called Anonymous, a loosely affiliated team of activist computer hackers. Although Anonymous did not put out its own statement about the attacks, the two groups have been communicating regularly on Twitter.

In a letter posted on a public Web site, Lulz Security announced its plan to attack more government sites and encouraged other groups and individuals “to open fire on any government or agency that crosses their path.” The undertaking is called “Operation Anti-Security.”

“Top priority is to steal and leak any classified government information, including email spools and documentation,” Lulz Security wrote in the letter. “Prime targets are banks and other high-ranking establishments.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation declined to comment on the letter."

Hackers Declare War on Government Agencies -NY Times


The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) was accused of bringing down a number of web sites after it raided a colocation facility in Virginia in search of servers being used to hack into CIA and other major institutions and corporations. The raids, which were coordinated with other law enforcement agencies and which led to the arrest of 19 year old UK national Ryan Cleary, were part of the investigation into hacking by the LulzSec Group which targeted US government departments, broadcasters and other large institutions. A report in the New York Times said publisher Curbed Network was reportedly forced offline while the hosting company, Switzerland based DigitalOne told its customers in an email: ‘The problem is caused by the FBI, not our company. In the night FBI has taken 3 enclosures with equipment plugged into them, possibly including your server – we cannot check it.’
Data Center Dynamics: "FBI grabs racks of servers in hosting facility hacking raid"

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 

LulzSec 'Mastermind' - 19 year old Ryan Cleary Arrested For Hacking CIA , Sony, Nintendo, US Senate Computers: UPDATED

UPDATE - June 22, 2011:




A teenage “recluse” who lives with his mother in Essex was being questioned by police last night on suspicion of masterminding an international computer hacking group. Ryan Cleary, the 19-year-old son of a college lecturer, is accused of being a “major player” in LulzSec, which has been linked with attacks on computers belonging to the police, the US Senate and the CIA.

He was held in a raid at his family home in Wickford following a joint investigation between Scotland Yard and the FBI, which was also aimed at finding the hackers who breached security at the games firms Sony and Nintendo.

It was alleged last night that Mr Cleary was online in the middle of hacking when he was held. The arrest came hours after an anonymous internet user claiming to be from LulzSec threatened to publish the entire 2011 census database, though this was later dismissed as a hoax. A Scotland Yard spokesman said a “significant amount of material” had been seized from Mr Cleary’s family home by officers from its specialist e-crime unit, and would now be subjected to forensic examination.

Mr Cleary’s family expressed disbelief that the self-confessed computer “nerd” had anything to do with hacking.

-Despite Arrest LulzSec Sails On


-Facebook LulzSec stuff

-The last LulzSec Press Release before Cleary's arrest (June 17, 2011)

LulzSect tweets say that Cleary is not the guy .....

-Ryan Cleary is Sony hacker

-LulzSec: "We Are Mildly Associated With Arrested Hacker"

-Authorities HOT on the trail of LulzSec hackers


National Aboriginal Day - June 21, 2011

First Nations singers / drum group - 'Iron Swing' from Sturgeon Lake, Saskatchewan ...

Monday, June 20, 2011 

Summer Solstice 2011 From Stonehenge ... First light

(10 minutes later)
First light over the horizon at Stonehenge for Summer Solstice 2011 ...

Top pic taken minutes ago and courtesy of John McLaughlin

-Solstices on Buckdog over the years ...


Canada's New $50 And $100 Bills

OTTAWA - Get ready to have a little more plastic in your wallet.

Starting in November, new polymer bank notes will start to replace paper-cotton bills that wear and tear more easily.

The first bills to go plastic will be the $100 notes. The $50 notes will follow next March. The rest of the plastic money will be in circulation by the end of 2013.

The polymer bank notes are more durable than paper money. The Bank of Canada expects the new bills to last 2.5 times longer than the paper ones.

They're also harder to fake than paper money. Some of the security features built into the new notes include raised ink, hidden numbers and metallic images in see-through windows.

The bills feel smooth and slightly waxy. They don't crumple easily, but they do crease when you try, and they don't seem to tear in half.

The new $100s look busier than the paper bills. There are now two portraits of prime minister Robert Borden — a large one on the face of the bill and a smaller, metallic one in the clear band running through the note, above an image of Parliament Hill's Peace Tower.

On the other side of the bill, there's an image of a researcher at a microscope, a strand of DNA and an electrocardiogram. There's also a bottle of insulin next to the words "medical innovation."

The $50 has an image of CCGS Amundsen — a research icebreaker — and a map of the North. The designs of the $20, $10 and $5 bills will be unveiled later. The colours of the new bills have not changed.

Winnipeg Free Press


Oh Great! Conservatives About To Fire 92 Auditors At Public Works Canada

Just as Public Works Canada is about to make $35 BILLION worth of military purchases, 92 auditors who safeguard our tax money from the fiscally irresponsible Harperites are being let go.

The Globe & Mail

-More Proof That Stephen Harper Is NOT A Fiscal Conservative

Sunday, June 19, 2011 

Conservative Senator Pamela Wallin IS Elitist And Arrogant

"Every senator in this caucus needs to decide where their loyalty should be and must be. The answer is simple; our loyalty is to the man who brought us here, the man who has wanted Senate reform since he entered politics, the Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper.”
Hon. Bert Brown
Conservative Senator
( .... maybe their loyalty should be to the People of Canada! ...)

The only person who ever voted for Pamela Wallin to be a Senator in the Upper Chamber of Canada's Parliament was Stephen Harper. So much for democracy you idiotic Conservatives! (... and you bloody Liberal Senators who still act like pigs at the publicly funded senate trough)!!

"A Conservative senator and an NDP MP got into a shouting match Sunday as passions flared over Stephen Harper’s push to reform the upper chamber. Hamilton-area MP David Christopherson, the NDP’s parliamentary reform critic, called Conservative-appointed Senator Pamela Wallin “arrogant and elitist” on CTV’s Question Period Sunday after she snubbed his idea of a national referendum on abolishing the Senate."
The Globe & Mail

-Elitist Undemocratic Conservative Arrogance on full display ....

-Pamela Wallin Leads Harper's 'Senators Tour' - Unelected and Unaccountable

Saturday, June 18, 2011 

Brian Topp Elected President of the New Democratic Party of Canada

"We're not going to stop until the job is done"!
Brian Topp
Newly Elected President
of the New Democratic Party of Canada

Canada's federal political scene just got more interesting with the election of Brian Topp as the new president of the federal New Democrats. Mr. Topp is the author of How We Almost Gave the Tories The Boot. He has been a strategist for the Federal New Democrats and served in key roles in Roy Romanow's administration in Saskatchewan. Brian is Executive Director of ACTRA Toronto and writes a regular blog at

Congratulations Brian! Your friends here in Saskatchewan couldn't be happier!

-Brian Topp élu président du NPD
-NDP News Release
-How We Almost Gave The Tories The Boot: The inside story behind the coalition

UPDATE - August 23, 2011
Layton's Advisor Front Runner for NDP Leadership ...

-BUCKDOG: If you aren't familiar with Brian Topp ... you soon will be!

Friday, June 17, 2011 

'Canada: Peace And Order Until The Next Hockey Match' - Taiwanese Animation

Here is another great Taiwanese animation ... this time featuring an international view of the Vancouver riots.

Thursday, June 16, 2011 

International MSM Latches Onto "Riot Kiss" Pic From Vancouver

-The Guardian - United Kingdom

-Herald Sun - Australia



The TRUTH About The Economy That Conservative Voters Are Too Stupid To Comprehend

With most of the capital in the economy having flowed to the top few percentage points of the population, the working middle class is simply not able to generate the spending that is needed to revive from recession. Harper's ongoing corporate tax cuts are actually making things worse and worse. But Conservative voters are too stupid to understand.


Just One Guy ......

I turned on CTV NewsWorld last night and watched footage of this guy throwing projectiles at Vancouver City Police and others in the crowd. This guy is someone's friend, son, neighbor or co-worker. Just one guy ... a guy who for some reason decided that violence is a legitimate expression of his anger or unhappiness .... just one guy ... in a mob of lots more guys.

Every violent mob is an organism made up of lots of individuals like this one guy.

Have a nice day Vancouver.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 

And As Parliament Debates The Use Of CDN Ground Troops In Libya, The MSM Reports On Layton's Travel Plans !??

Tbe MSM has an anti-New Democratic bias ... and it's showing. On a day when Canada's House of Commons is debating our ongoing military commitment in Libya ... especially the use of Canadian soldiers on the ground as cannon fodder .. here is what Canada's BIG newspapers are covering:

-Globe & Mail

-The Star

I dunno ... call me old fashioned. After the death of so many Canadians in Afghanistan, you would think that maybe a little attention just might be shown by our MSM to the possibility of even more deaths .. this time in Libya!


Federal New Democrat Caucus Proposes Amendment To Harper's Libya Motion Which Would Prohibit Canadian Ground Forces

The House of Commons today is debating the following motion, put forward by Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird:

No. 1 — June 9, 2011 — The Minister of Foreign Affairs — That, in standing in solidarity with those seeking freedom in Libya, the House unanimously adopted a motion in the Third Session of the 40th Parliament on March 21, 2011, authorizing all necessary measures, including the use of the Canadian Forces and military assets in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973; and given that the House unanimously agreed that should the government require an extension to the involvement of the Canadian Forces for more than three months from the passage of the said motion, the government was to return to the House at its earliest opportunity to debate and seek the consent of the House for such an extension; therefore the House consents to another extension of three and a half months of the involvement of the Canadian Forces in accordance with UNSC Resolution 1973; that the House deplores the ongoing use of violence by the Libyan regime against the Libyan people, including the alleged use of rape as a weapon of war by the Libyan regime; that the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development and the Standing Committee on National Defence remain seized of Canada's activities under UNSC Resolution 1973; and that the House continues to offer its wholehearted support to the brave men and women of the Canadian Forces who stand on guard for all of us.

NDP foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar has proposed the following amendment:

That the motion be amended by replacing everything after the word "that" with:

in standing in solidarity with those seeking freedom in Libya, the House unanimously adopted a motion in the Third Session of the 40th Parliament on March 21, 2011 authorizing all necessary measures, including the use of the Canadian Forces and military assets in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973; and given that the House unanimously agreed that should the government require an extension to the involvement of the Canadian Forces for more than three months from the passage of the said motion, the government was to return to the House at its earliest opportunity to debate and seek the support of the House for such an extension; therefore, with the objective of protecting civilians, the House supports another extension of three and a half months of the involvement of the Canadian Forces in accordance with UNSC Resolution 1973; the House supports an increase in Canada's humanitarian assistance to those affected by the crisis and efforts to strengthen Canada's support for the diplomatic efforts outlined in UNSCR 1973 to reach a ceasefire leading to a Libyan-led political transition, and supports the government's commitment to not deploy Canadian ground troops; that the House deplores the ongoing use of violence by the Libyan regime against the Libyan people, including the alleged use of rape as a weapon of war by the Libyan regime and supports Canada's participation in the international efforts in investigating, preventing and prosecuting these alleged crimes; that the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development and the Standing Committee on National Defence remain seized of Canada's activities under UNSC Resolution 1973, and appreciates the government's full and continued cooperation on committee meetings and the sharing of information in accordance with the highest levels of transparency practiced by our partners in the operation; and that the House continues to offer its wholehearted support to the brave men and women of the Canadian Forces who stand on guard for all of us.
David Akin


What 'Boom' Are You Referring To Premier Wall??

If you listen to Saskatchewan's top salesman, Premier Brad Wall will try and convince you that the province is simply booming under his stewardship. What is not mentioned is the fact that for February, March and April, jobs and employment actually decreased in Saskatchewan. There was a slight reversal in the month of May with a paltry 2400 jobs created (mostly tax funded positions hiring University students on their summer break).

Wall's promises of a so called 'boom' has petered out. In its wake, Saskatchewan finds itself wondering what all the 'unfettered free-market' hype was about.

Speculative property values have driven up rental costs and left lists of houses unsold with over inflated prices. Promised growth in the economy has been paltry at best.

The Saskatchewan Party's all out war on organized labour has brought on strikes with the province's teachers and health care workers.

You really have to wonder, what 'boom' is Premier Wall referring to in his overly theatrical speeches?

Monday, June 13, 2011 

Monty Solberg Is, Was And Always Will Be, A Big Right Wing 'Fraidy Cat'

I dunno .. just seems to me that comparing the New Democratic Party to axe murderers might be a bit over the top ......

Who's Afraid of the NDP .. ME! - from the depths of a Right wing mind!


The First And Only Time I Have Ever Agreed With Margaret Thatcher's Camp: "Sarah Palin Is Nuts"

"Sarah Palin is definitely not the new Margaret Thatcher, or at least not in the opinion of Maggie’s staff. When the Governor told reporters that she would like to meet the Prime Minister during her world tour next month, a Thatcher aide reportedly said, “Lady Thatcher will not be seeing Sarah Palin. That would be belittling for Margaret. Sarah Palin is nuts.” American conservatives were outraged, European liberals were pleasantly surprised. But why would the woman who forged perhaps the most important transatlantic political romance in modern history (when he died, Thatcher called Ronald Reagan “one of my closest political and dearest personal friends”) reject the advances of the most archetypal of contemporary American conservatives? We might presume that the aide was talking out of turn, that he had “gone rogue”. But the “nuts” jibe actually reflects a profound cultural difference between the British and American right. Beyond a dislike for taxes and deficits, the two have less and less in common as each year passes."
the Telegraph

Saturday, June 11, 2011 

Harper Hypocritical Over Use Of $11,000 Hour Jet For Personal Reasons

“As they pad their expense account and look out the windows of their $11,000 per hour Challenger jet flights, they think that everything is going pretty well. They just don’t get what real life is like for ordinary Canadians.”
— Stephen Harper in 2005, referring to the use of government jets by Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin and his government
Calgary Herald Editorial

Thursday, June 09, 2011 

Harper In Boston For NHL Game: "all the Conservative party reporters were taking photos - I'm sure it was a good photo-op for them."

Conservative hacks are desperately trying to spin it that Stephen Harper flew to the NHL Playoff game in Boston at taxpayers expense 'to represent Canada'. American media at the event claim it was more like a 'Conservative Party photo op'. Nice! Keep up all of the 'fiscal conservatism' Harper!!

"BOSTON (NEWS1130) - Devastated by a 4-0 loss to the Bruins in Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final in Boston, Canucks superfans The Green Men did leave TD Garden with another unique experience.

As soon as the game started, someone came down to where Force and Sully were sitting behind Boston goalie Tim Thomas. Speaking live on the News1130 Evening Show, Force says she told them Stephen Harper was in the crowd, and asked "if they'd like to meet him, because he wants to meet you!"

"Absolutely, I've never met Stephen Harper," replied Force. In the second intermission, the Green Men were walked over by security to the Prime Minister's section in the arena. Force says Harper was waiting in his seat.

"He chatted with us for about three minutes, all the Conservative party reporters were taking photos," he explains. "I'm sure it was a good photo-op for them."

News 1130

-PMO In Damage Control - maybe he should have stayed home ...

Wednesday, June 08, 2011 

I Hope Stephen Harper Enjoyed The Stanley Cup Playoff Game That He Jetted Off To At Taxpayers Expense

Prime Minister Harper is once again proving the myth that he is a 'fiscal conservative'.

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper is being accused of wasting taxpayer dollars for his decision to use a government jet to attend the Stanley Cup finals in Boston on Wednesday."

Globe & Mail


"Proud" Preston Manning Will Address Reform Party (er .. I mean) Conservative Party Convention On Friday

"He's the undisputed godfather of Canada's new Conservative majority, and Preston Manning admits to taking some personal pride, a full quarter-century after crafting his 1986 manifesto for a Western Reform Movement, from last week's formal installation of a distinctly Alberta-anchored, Reform-rooted national government under his one-time acolyte and policy chief, Stephen Harper.

"I want to be careful about taking credit," said Manning, who will turn 69 on Friday, the day he will address the triumphant Conservative party's national convention in Ottawa on the state of conservatism in Canada.

"There's been a lot of people involved," added the Reform party founder, now head of a Calgary-based think-tank called the Manning Centre for Building Democracy. "But I take some satisfaction."

The historic Conservative election victory on May 2 prompts natural reflection about Manning's legacy in Canadian politics, now thoroughly transformed by the Reform movement that first decimated the post-Mulroney Progressive Conservatives before giving rise, after years of struggle and Manning's own exit from electoral politics in 2002, to the reunited, centre-right party that Harper has steered, at last, to majority power."

Vancouver Sun

-Congratulations, Preston Manning - It's your country now: The Tyee

Tuesday, June 07, 2011 

The Final Morphing Of 'The Conservative Party' Into 'The Reform Party'

Don't kid yourselves, the final morphing of the 'Reform Party' ... into the 'Canadian Alliance Party' ... into the 'Conservative Party' ... back into the 'Reform Party' is almost complete. There will be a last ditch effort by a few 'Progressive Conservatives' to prevent the final transition but the deal is done. Reformers will rule.

Winnipeg Free Press

Monday, June 06, 2011 

New Democrats Online - BOOKMARK IT

A lot of politicos are missing the Progressive Bloggers aggregator. Well, in fact a lot of the bloggers who run through the Prog Blog site are alive and well and blogging on New Democrats Online.

While I don't expect to see New Democrats Online in the sidebar of Liberal bloggers, why not at least bookmark it ... and hey .... check it out! ;)

-New Democrats Online

... and TWITTER feeds put your right in the middle of Canadian politics ...


The Wiener Was Weiner's!!

The wiener was Weiner's.


Harper Still Giving A $6 Billion Tax Cut To Banks And Big Corps - Yet Won't Tell Us Where He Will Cut Billions From The Rest Of Us

I had hoped that Stephen Harper would nix his mega billion dollar tax cut to the banks and large corporations. But oh no ... Right wing Voodoo is still in vogue. Conservatives will tell you that these tax cuts to the corporate sector 'will create jobs'. Nonsense. To date, large Canadian corporations simply sit on these 'windfall' gifts from Harper with retained earnings now at the $500 Billion dollar mark. Nothing in these tax cuts requires Big Business to create jobs ... yet Harper and Flaherty would have you believe that they do.

In the meanwhile, get ready for massive cuts to federal spending that comes to average Canadians. They didn't even have the courtesy to tell us where they are going to hit us.

-Official Opposition On The Budget

Saturday, June 04, 2011 

Everything You Wanted To Know About Progressive Bloggers Version2.0 But Were Afraid To Ask

(Click on image to enlarge) .....

Scott's DiaTribe

Friday, June 03, 2011 

Vox Populi

'STOP HARPER' placard gets young senate page turfed from Speech from the Throne.


Michael Coren: The Most Despicable Columnist In Canada

There is no more hateful, hurtful columnist published in Canada than Michael Coren.

-He openly advocated a nuclear attack on Iran in the pages of the Toronto Sun.
-He is now minimizing Ratko Mladics mass murder of civilian Bosnian teenage and adult male Muslims

The hatred that Michael Coren disseminates SHOULD be a crime. Here is what he is defending.

Shame on the Toronto Sun for continuing to publish this venomous idiocy!


Congrats To Regina Boy And New Speaker Of The House Of Commons: Andrew Sheer

Congrats to Andrew Scheer, Member of Parliament for Regina Qu'Appelle, the new Speaker of the House of Commons and first MP from Saskatchewan to ever hold that honoured position.

-Globe & Mail

Thursday, June 02, 2011 

Why Is Stephen Harper Going To Open Seven NEW Military Bases Outside Of Canada's Borders???

A couple of major questions come to mind with the announcement that Canada is about to massively expand our military presence around the world. Firstly, why do we need to spend Billions of tax dollars on an ever increasing Canadian Military?

Also, if Harper wants to trim Billions in spending from the Budget, (yet is about to spend more tax dollars on top of the Billions already spent on Canada's military.), where are all the cuts going to come from?

"Canada is looking at setting up bases around the world to better position the military to participate in international missions, Defence Minister Peter MacKay confirmed Thursday.

The Canadian Forces does "prudent planning," MacKay told reporters, taking into account the ability to participate in international missions.

"As we look out into the future what we obviously try to do is anticipate where and when we will be needed, but it's difficult with any certainty to make those plans, without talking to other countries, without doing internal examinations," he said.

"The focus of the planning, let's be clear, is our capability for expeditionary participation in international missions.... We are big players in NATO. We're a country that has become a go-to nation in response to situations like what we're seeing in Libya, what we saw in Haiti..."


"The Canadian Forces are preparing the establishment of seven military bases worldwide supply that will allow Canada to respond quickly in all regions of the planet, learned Le Devoir. The army is preparing his return to a particular country in the Persian Gulf, Kuwait, to supply more easily the new training mission in Afghanistan, which begins in August."
Le Devoir

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